I was Invited to the Wedding of Former Fiancé Despite my Engagement Being Annulled. I Couldn’t Refuse, so my Brother’s Friend Accompany Me Translation

52. The Laughter of a Former Maid (3)


“Before that, he was staring at Phil with a slightly scary expression. But while brushing one of the horses, he muttered while laughing, ‘What a moron.’ I wonder if they had a fight today? Even though I’m happy that they are here…”

“Actually, they’ve always been on good terms like that.”

When I said that, my daughter laughed in relief.

Alves and Phil had always been really close to each other.

However, there were times when Lucia was about to be involved in danger.

It seemed that Lucia didn’t realize it at all. Alves was concerned about Phil. During her childhood, he’d often monologue to himself, “What do I do?” or “What does Lucia think?”

Still, despite the various issues he had, Phil was a very steadfast person. Above all, because of him, Lucia was laughing happily.

Alves had stated firmly—

“—No matter what happens, I’m on Lucia’s side.”

With the excuse of pouring them more tea, I wondered if I should go check up on them.

When I was seeing how much hot water was left, my daughter, who was watching them, gasped.

“Mom, a lot of knights have arrived!”

My daughter shouted.

I rushed to the window and saw dusty smoke rising from the other side of the road.

“…I wonder if it’s a pursuit. There’re quite a lot of people there.”

My daughter, who had become accustomed to seeing knights, beamed.

I sighed.

“Please ask Alves if he needs help.”

“Okay, I understand!”

My daughter ran off.

Alves was about to welcome the knights. My daughter approached him and was told to fetch more water. My daughter quickly left.

Should I inform the two people in the living room?

Although, they should be able to see what was happening from where they were. Therefore, getting started on wrapping the sweets to take home was better.

When I left the kitchen with a basket filled with sweets, the kind Alves and the knights often used for their lunch boxes, I saw Phil and Lucia heading towards the front door…

When I rushed after them, I found a surprising number of horses and knights in the front yard of the Ragulen family mansion.

“What a spectacular sight. It’s as if the Ragulen territory has become a barracks.”

“…Hey, Phil. They are here after you, you know?”

“I know. Oh, did you unload my bags? You’ve also brushed my horse. Thank you.”

Alves and Phil casually conversed with one another.

Phil was still holding Lucia’s hand.

However, there were a lot of knights on the other side. About 10 of them alighted from their horses.

All of them were wearing the uniform of the royal army. That uniform was both gorgeous and intimidating. The knight who approached Phil had a particularly moody face.

It seemed that things would heat up soon.

“Lucia, this is…”

When I gently beckoned to them, Lucia forced a smile. It seemed that Phil refused let go of her hand. Soon, Lucia gave up on the notion of being released. She had a troubled expression.

“Phil, this is a souvenir for you.”

“Did Lucia-chan make this?”

“That’s right. So… do your best?”

“If Lucia-chan says that, I’ll do anything!”

Phil, with a smile, finally let go of her hand and instead received the basket.

Alves sighed and started preparing the horse again.

As a nearby knight was helping, the preparations would be completed soon.

Phil wore a bright expression. It seemed that this time around, things would conclude peacefully.

***T/N: Phil is spared from a beating this time.

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