I was Invited to the Wedding of Former Fiancé Despite my Engagement Being Annulled. I Couldn’t Refuse, so my Brother’s Friend Accompany Me Translation

51. The Laughter of a Former Maid (2)

After boiling the water, I prepared the kettle and some cups. That was when the outside grew noisy. The horses of Phil and his subordinates seemed to have arrived.

When I looked through the window, Phil, who had arrived, was embracing Lucia with a smile.

“…Finally, I’ve arrived. How nostalgic, this house. I love Ragulen.”

“Phil, is it the time to be this laidback?”

Phil looked at the mansion and stretched as Lucia anxiously looked up at him.

It was no longer a one-sided atmosphere. Lucia had a very gentle expression…

…Oh, dear.

I began to laugh. The water seemed to be boiling. When I turned around to confirm it, I spotted Alves. He was bitterly holding his horse’s reins.

“Get in the house quickly. I’ll take care of the horses.”

“Thanks, that’d be a great help.”

Phil, who was still holding Lucia’s waist, casually held her hand.

“Let my best friend do the task! Lucia-chan, let’s go!”

“Oh, Phil, wait a minute!”

Phil smiled and pulled along the screaming Lucia. Afterwards, he happily entered the house.

Oh, my…

He looked so happy.

I left the window and poured some of boiling water into both the pot and cups.

While warming the container, I had a cake freshly baked with fruits cut and set it on a plate. Lucia had baked it. The cake, which looked refreshing and serious, would be eaten a little later.

Phil was truly fortunate.

As I did that, Lucia, who seemed a little bashful, entered and prepared some tea. Her profile was very amiable. I, pretending to be unaware of anything, carried the sweets into the living room.

“Hey, Yurana. Sorry for the sudden visit.”

Phil removed his royal army cloak. Underneath, he was wearing casual garments. He greeted me like always.

But for some reason, his hair and shirt were a little damp.

Isn’t he cold?

Lucia brought a dry cloth and handed it to Phil. Afterwards, she proceeded to wipe his hair from behind. Her motions were natural.

It was the appearance of two people who had long since become accustomed to each other.

But somehow, seeing at Phil’s smile, and Lucia’s gentle hand…

I feel like a third-wheel.

Regardless, I had work to do.

I poured the tea into the cups as quietly as possible. At the table in front of me, Lucia sat beside Phil. I proceeded to set the cups side by side.

Afterward, I gently left the living room.

The two were still unmarried. Despite the fact that the weather was cold, the windows were open and so was the door.

It was unsophisticated, but I could hear the voices of the two even from the kitchen.

I tried to not eavesdrop as much as possible, but I could still hear them…

Phil spoke as laidback and calmly as usual, while Lucia was retorting while laughing.

…But, because I had served her for a long time, I noticed that Lucia’s voice was a little softer.

She might not have noticed.

While suppressing my laughter, I noticed that Alves was unloading Phil’s bags from the horse.

Occasionally, he would sneak a glance towards them.

At that spot, he should be able to see the living room well enough. As her brother, I thought he was paying attention to what they were doing.

Actually, for a while, Alves wasn’t too keen on them being together. A year or so ago, he was so adamant about it. I was sure that he was still wary to this day.

I didn’t think that he was merely supervising them, though. From that spot, he could also keep watch for horses approaching the Ragulen mansion. Perhaps, he intended to suppress the soon to arrive pursuit.

Alves was that kind of person.

Really serious, kind, and hardworking. He was also protective of Lucia. That was the reason why the villagers respected and loved Alves.


Due to the soft voice of my daughter, I turned around.

After fetching some water for the horse, my daughter’s clothes were a bit damp. I beckoned my daughter, who had done her best, to sit in a simple chair. I proceeded to give her the cookie that Lucia had reserved for her.

My daughter gladly took a bite before looking up towards me.

“Mom, Alves and Phil are very close, right?”

“Yes, that’s true.”

“I saw it. While taking care of the horse, Alves was laughing.”

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