I’m the Cruel Saint, but I Want to Help my Dear Husband. Translation

27. I Want to do What I’m Supposed to do!

Oswald, whose cloak fluttered, cut the air with his index finger.

A magic circle was deployed directly under the Fenrir. At the same time the magic circle glowed light blue, more than a dozen icicles manifested in the sky.

“…No way?! For that man to conjure that many icicles?!”

“Not to mention, in a few measly seconds?!”


 As the people around him gasped, Oswald turned his finger towards the ground.

The icicles responded and descended all at once around the Fenrir.

Along with the sound of icicles colliding and cracking, the Fenrir let out a ground-shaking roar. Amidst the quivering air, Oswald’s expression remained unfazed.

The icicles he had created pieced through the brick road to create a cage, tracing the outer circumference of his magic circle.

The Fenrir enclosed within didn’t seem to have suffered any injuries. However, its path was entirely blocked.

“W, woaaaaah—!!”

Fascinated by the sequence of events, Charlotte released a cry of joy.

“Oswald, you’re the coolest man in the world!!”

“…I shall conclude that you suffered no harm.”

As Oswald said, she was alright. After all, from the moment she saw Oswald, Charlotte had felt reassured.

The trembling of my body stopped in an instant…!!

She steadied herself and called out to the children within her arms.

“Children, can you stand up?! The woman that is beckoning over there—she’s your mother, right? The Fenrir can no longer move, so hurry up and go!”

“O, okay…!! Thank you, older sister, older brother…!!”

The seemingly older boy held his tearful younger sibling’s hand and ran away. Charlotte exhaled in relief and turned towards Oswald.


At the same time, Oswald casted a spell.

A magic circle unfolded in the air, one that emitting purple light. It took the shape of a lightning bolt and chased after the Fenrir.

Magic circle normally needed more than a dozen seconds on average to activation after being deployed, yet Oswald’s magic was activated in the blink of an eye.


“—That magic is…!”


The Fenrir howled once again.

Seeing that, Charlotte was without a doubt.

When he helped Charlotte, Oswald released the same magic.

It’s not an offensive spell! Instead, it’s a sleeping spell!

Oswald was trying to not hurt the Fenrir. He was trying to restrain its movement by putting it to sleep.

The Fenrir, upon receiving the magic, staggered back a few steps.

“He did it! That man subdued the Fenrir!”

“What a powerful spell, just like the previous icicles…”

The people in the distance cheered.

However, the Fenrir shook its head and began to growl.


Oswald’s tongue! Is it alright!? Will he be able to taste food later!?

Also, this Fenrir is resistant to magic. This outcome, it’s to be expected…

Charlotte had two concerns.

…Or more like, it didn’t work at all! Immediately after feeling drowsy for a moment, the Fenrir is good to go again!

For the spell to not work at all, and for the spell to work but immediately be dispelled were two different things.

“Oswald, the sleep spell…”

“I know.”

Oswald replied plainly without looking away from the Fenrir.

The Fenrir, seemingly enraged, began to gnaw on the pillar of ice. It growled and shook its head as it tried to pull out the icicle.

While doing so, the Fenrir’s eyes were trained upon Oswald. The tension grew higher as the two locked gazes with each other.

Oswald should be capable of using more powerful spells, but…

The people around them screamed in impatience.

“Hey, can you use that other spell?! The Fenrir is about to destroy the cage!!”

“Don’t use sleeping spells! Use thunder, fire, or basically any other offensive magic! Defeat it!”


The expressionless Oswald turned his eyes towards the crowd.

“…Charlotte, you should run.”

Without looking at her, Oswald uttered so.

She felt anxious. She didn’t feel like leaving.

Why, this turmoil… Even though I’m aware of how powerful Oswald is, I can’t just leave him alone…

However, she couldn’t help but consider the option. After all, she’d rather not stay in that place and become a hinderance.

What should I do to help!? Instead of offensive magic, Oswald used a sleeping spell! If I could figure out why it didn’t work…!

With those wishful feelings, she stared up at the Fenrir.

At that moment, Charlotte was shocked.

“Oswald! That Fenrir has a scar at the base of its neck!”


Because of its black coat, it was difficult to see. However, something brightly reflected the sunlight. It was probably blood from the wound that hadn’t dried yet.

“Perhaps, he woke up from your spell because of the pain!? If that injury is healed, your spell might work! I know that Oswald can do it!”

Charlotte spoke in a whisper that only he could hear.

“Oswald, you don’t want to use offensive magic against that Fenrir, right?”


Upon hearing that, Oswald turned towards Charlotte.

However, he immediately frowned and turned his gaze back at the Fenrir.

“…Thank you for your advice, but even if you’ve managed to identify the cause, there’s nothing we can do about it. Only few women can use healing magic.”


“Considering that most of the people have evacuated, there’s little to no chance of finding such a person. Even if Fenrir are supposed to be protected, laws dictate that a third party can slay one if it tries to attack people.”

Oswald took a breath and told Charlotte.

“There’s no other way. I will have to kill that Fenrir.”

“That’s not true, Oswald.”

Charlotte looked at the Fenrir, full of determination.

“You mentioned it this morning, I still have a bit of divine power left in me. Enough to sustain my life.”


There was no trace of fear in her body.

That might be the only thing Charlotte could do for Oswald. Her body felt so light after being filled with courage.

“Did you forget?”

Charlotte looked up at Oswald and smiled.

“There’s someone who’s capable of using healing spell right by your side—!”


Breathless, Oswald tried to reach for charlotte.

Charlotte slipped past him and leaped towards the Fenrir, going for the gaps between the ice cage.

“—Charlotte, wait!”

***T/N: This scene, in which Charlotte didn’t spare a second thought in risking her life for Oswald, would’ve been more impactful if she isn’t in a baby-chick-imprinting-on-Oswald state.

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