I’m the Cruel Saint, but I Want to Help my Dear Husband. Translation

28. You Have the Power to Heal!?

Oswald shouted at Charlotte.

“Don’t misunderstand my words! You’re only have the bare minimum amount of divine power needed to sustain your life!”

“It’s alright! I’m always on the verge of dying every time I see your cool appearance, so I’m used to it!”

“Nothing is alright!!”

Oswald, who was confronting the Fenrir, wasn’t able to move freely.

The same went for the Fenrir.

The surprised Fenrir leapt for Charlotte who had slipped inside the cage. While clicking his tongue, Oswald unleashed yet another sleeping spell.

The moment the Fenrir was distracted by it, Charlotte clung to its neck.


Of course, she made sure to not touch the wound. Still, clinging to the Fenrir was difficult. The Fenrir tried to shake Charlotte off with all of its might.

“It’s okay… it’s okay…!!”


From behind, Oswald’s rushing footsteps could be heard.

He was on his way to help. If that happened, Oswald would also be in danger.

Charlotte closed her eyes as she desperately tried to collect her thoughts.

I have to remember how to use my divine power!! It’s probably something very similar to when I tried opening the first page of my diary!!

She pressed her forehead against the Fenrir and strengthen her hold upon it so that she wouldn’t be shaken off.

When she tried to open her diary, all she did was focus. Charlotte prayed, drawing on her memory of that time.

My divine power, please heed me! You may take all my power! So please heal this injury, please heal it…!

A warm sensation filled the left side of her chest.

Erase the strong pain from this Fenrir, a creature who couldn’t even fall asleep because of it…!

Her power, apparently, responded to her wish.

The light born from her heart immediately expanded. It enveloped the Fenrir like a soft blanket.

“The wound is closed…! Oswald!!”


Oswald, who stopped right beside her, instantly deployed a magic circle.

There was a flicker. Like a lightning bolt, the spell entwined the Fenrir. The Fenrir immediately collapsed against the ground.

“A, are you alright!?”

Charlotte rushed to the Fenrir and once more examined its neck.

The large, painful, wound had disappeared without a trace. The Fenrir approached Charlotte while she sighed in relief.

Come to think of it, the Fenrir went berserk upon seeing the woman leaving with her daughter.

“Did the Fenrir rush towards her in an attempt to protect the daughter? Did it misunderstand those around her as enemies and try to leap to her side…?”

“…It’s only natural everyone would try to stop the Fenrir. Had you made a single mistake, you could’ve been killed. Your life would also be in great danger had your divine power been depleted. Why? Have you gone mad?”

“Shouldn’t the answer be obvious?”

Charlotte smiled while caressing the Fenrir’s nose.

“Even if a little, I want to be of help to Oswald!”


Brushing aside his bangs, Oswald leaned down while furrowing his eyebrows.

“I never asked you to be. Don’t risk your life for such a reason.”

“By the way, Oswald…”

Even Oswald didn’t want to hurt the Fenrir.

All of his icicles avoided the Fenrir. Oswald was trying to resolve the situation without having to injure the creature, even if the people urged him otherwise.

At that moment, the Fenrir yawned.

He gently blinked twice and sat down. After rubbing its nose against Charlotte, it rested its head on his forefeet.

Seeing that, everyone exhaled in relief.

“Look, finally.”

“Y, yes…!”

The Fenrir slowly and peacefully closed its eyes.

At that moment, cheers erupted from the surroundings.

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