I’m the Cruel Saint, but I Want to Help my Dear Husband. Translation

29. In a Sense, That was the Biggest Crisis!

“Hey, how amazing! The entire time, I was holding my breath!”

“It truly was! Even though the beast went berserk, in the end, there were no casualties!”

To the people who rushed forward with excitement, Oswald responded with a cool expression.

“No, it’s because of everyone helping each other and acting bravely under the circumstances. By the way, the owner of this Fenrir is…?”

Apparently, everyone in the surroundings was amazed. Charlotte exhaled as she stared at the sleeping Fenrir.

Good night, Mr. Fenrir.

After stroking the base of its big ears, Charlotte slipped out through the icicles so as to not disturb its sleep anymore.

The Fenrir, upon having caused such a riot, would surely be facing a difficult situation afterwards.

She was concerned about it, by the time she noticed, Oswald was sternly reprimanding the carriage driver responsible for transporting the Fenrir.

…Ah, the serious-looking Oswald is handsome.

Looking at his dignified profile, Charlotte was convinced that everything would be fine. Charlotte smiled and placed her hand against the left side of her chest.

Even so…

A warm sensation remained within that part of her chest. Perhaps, it was the residue of using her healing power earlier.

I wonder how much of my divine power is left. If only the minimum amount remained, then it should have been exhausted by that healing.

Despite that, she didn’t feel any pain.


She could only come up with one conclusion—

is my divine power recovering?

At that moment, Charlotte was called.

“Young lady, you’re awesome! Can you use healing magic?”


At the words of the man, Charlotte’s shoulders bounced.

“There’s only one woman around here capable of using healing magic, except she has red hair. So, you must’ve come from far away, right?”

“Maybe you’re a well-known person elsewhere? Please tell me your name.”

“Oh, that! I’m, that, uh…”

In the blink of an eye, the number of people on the main street had increased, probably because the turmoil had subsided.

Their eyes were full of curiosity. There were some who were observing the sleeping Fenrir, and those who watched Oswald.

What should I do?

Of course, there were also some focused on Charlotte.

Now that there’re so many people, my identity might be revealed?! If everyone discovers that I’m ‘Saint Charlotte’, surely, there’ll be a massive commotion?!

Considering the possibility, she just wanted to flee from all the attention.

Anyway, my face! I have to hide my face! But I’m not even wearing a robe! If I were to cover my face with both hands, I’d be suspicious!

“Hey, what’s wrong?”


Oswald looked down at Charlotte and narrowed his eyes.

There’s no way I can just say that I want to conceal my face! Also, he sure is close!

While Charlotte was upset, Oswald seemed to have guessed something.

“…Ah, I see.”

Then, he reached for Charlotte.

As it was, he embraced her.


Charlotte involuntarily opened her eyes.

It was impossible for her to process what was happening. However, Oswald caressed Charlotte’s head with his large palm, as if to comfort her.

“…You must have been scared. Even though you’re not used to it, you did your best to use healing magic.”


It was as if he was reassuring a small child.

Although he was gentle, she couldn’t move at all. Unable to breathe, Charlotte could only cling to his cloak.

“O, Oswald…!”

“You’re trembling this much… I’m so sorry.”

S, such a gentle voice…!!

The reason her voice was trembling wasn’t because of the Fenrir.

Although he should had known such a thing, Oswald didn’t let go. Everyone surrounding them cheered.

Then, Oswald spun and put his lips near Charlotte’s ears.

“—Listen, be quiet.”

Hyn! Th, there’s no way I…”

“I’m going to take you away from here. Be natural, let’s talk together. I’ll help conceal you to the extent that no one will recognize you.”

But your method is bad for my heart!!

Indeed, he helped conceal her face. Still, there should have been no need to embrace her? Charlotte closed her eyes and screamed inwardly.

“I spoke to the owner regarding the treatment of the Fenrir. Our business is finished.”

“Y, ye, yeesh…”

She could only mumble a reply.

Oswald whispered dotingly.

“…Shall we go home?”


It was a miracle that she didn’t lose her mind upon hearing his whisper.

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