The Rotten Lady Rosa Wants to Watch Over Love from the Shadows Translation

19. The Rotten Lady Rosa Wants to Watch Over Love from the Shadows

Chapter Nineteen: Rosa Wants to Procure a Top (I)

“Good grief. You always do such things as soon as I let my eyes off you, Dear Sister.”

“I know…”

“You won’t fool me with that face of yours. I can clearly tell that your head is still filled with dangerous ideas.”

“What?! Um… T-That’s… You’re right…”

“You not only forgave the Baron’s daughter, but you also offered her shelter in our territory…  Just what were you thinking?!”

“Um… That’s…”

Rosa murmured, unable to communicate that she had done it so she could satisfy her rotten fetishes.

Bernando had constantly interrogated and admonished his sister as they made their way to the medical room.


The thing he’d said about clearly being able to tell what was in Rosa’s head, had delivered a serious blow to Rosa, bringing her HP down to 0.


Rosa was concerned that Bernando would forsake her and throw her out.

Rosa pulled on Bernando’s sleeve and spoke after they entered the medical room and Bernando placed her on a chair.

“B-Bernando… A-Are you going to leave me?”

“Of course I won’t.”

Bernando responded, but Rosa felt a barrier separating them, and Bernando hesitated to look her in the eyes.

He’s probably thinking about when to throw me out…

As Rosa pondered this, Bernando gently took her hand from his sleeve and stood up to rummage through the room’s shelves.

“Um, Bernando… Is it really okay for you to touch those things without permission?”

“Because the Knights Order is frequently injured, we are permitted to utilize the things here. And the physician is out for his lectures during this time. But then, most people would prefer to quickly be healed with Healing Magic, rather than this.”

That’s… Thank you for doing this…”

“We can’t help it since your constitution is like this.”

Bernando muttered.

Rosa was a person with healing magic power, therefore Healing Magic didn’t work on her, which is why Bernando had brought her to the physician’s chamber rather in a temple where she could be healed by a noble with Healing Magic.


A magic power of a certain attribute was impossible to interfere with a person who possessed the same attribute of magic power, much like persons with fire attribute magic power could not get burnt.

Rosa’s magic power was of the healing attribute, hence she could neither be healed by others nor heal herself. It was a very inconvenient skill.

As a result, most people with the healing attribute would be described as selfless because they could only heal others. Likewise, the impression that they grew weak each time they did so was very prevalent.


Rosa was often misunderstood as being innocent or sickly for this reason.

“It truly is ironic. If something occurs to the nobles who freely exercise their powers, they can easily be treated, but those who do the healing are obliged to come to such a run-down facility and receive care meant for common folk.”

“Don’t call it run-down. No matter the case, we’re still inside the magnificent royal palace, and this is one of the rooms inside it. The many books and the various medicines I’ve never even seen make it a wonderful place.”

Rosa looked around the room and remarked after glancing at the displeased Bernando.

The medical room, deserving of its rank as a room within the royal palace, was spacious, with three beds separated by curtains so that the patients couldn’t see each other.


Pills, powders, poisonous-looking liquids, and obscure instruments lined the many shelves that extended from the floor to the ceiling. The upper rows, on the other hand, were adorned with intriguing paintings. All of this rendered Rosa speechless.

So this is that heretic, the Brown Physician’s room… I’m a bit sad that I didn’t get to meet him as well. Still… There are some beds, there’s also a private room as well as various obscure drugs… Good, good! This room is overflowing with impurity! It needs more! MORE! Maybe there’s even an aphrodisiac somewhere around here?! Perhaps love prescriptions, obscene palpitations, and secret love among these curtains-separated beds take place?! Ah… This is just…

Bernando deftly applied sterilizer to Rosa’s wound while her thoughts spiraled out of control and her breathing became increasingly ragged. Rosa was terrified, fearing that her filthy self would be sterilized as well. Fortunately, her ear didn’t melt away.

It just served to demonstrate that her filth could not be purified by a mere sterilizer.

“That’s done… Would you like me to bandage it  as well.”

“Absolutely not!”

Rosa responded seriously.

Her brother could be overprotective at times.


Rosa wasn’t sure whether a scratch like this needed to be sterilized at all.


Even if it was sliced off, she was confident that the earlobe of a Rose Love devotee like herself would regenerate with a little spit.

“I’m fine, so you can go back to your post. I’ll also go back to the detached palace.”

“I’m sorry, but I can’t allow you to return to that dangerous place. That is, until I expel all of the filth there. But, Dear Sister is right. I need to go back soon. … I’ll see to it that the bastards who put Dear Sister through this are punished…”

Rosa wasn’t able to comprehend most of what Bernando said because he had done it so quietly, but she could tell it wasn’t good.


She attempted to glance at Bernando’s face, but when Bernando noticed her, he gently smiled and asked, “Is there something wrong, Dear Sister?”, changing the subject altogether.


I guess I must have been hearing things.

Bernando was the epitome of a wicked, attractive bottom. His character was not designed to be masculine in any way.


If Bernando’s masculinity became too prominent, he risked the potential of transitioning into a top, which would be very problematic for Rosa.

That overbearingness just now… Recently Moe Bern has gradually been transitioning away from being a bottom. I need to acquire an extraordinary top as soon as possible so that Bernando can be ascertained as a bottom.

Rosa ruminated to herself, engrossed in her rotten fantasies.

At the same moment, a knocking could be heard on the door.

Bernando went to see if the physician had returned. However, this did not appear to be the case.


After a brief exchange of words, Bernando returned to Rosa, somewhat embarrassed.

“Dear Sister, two gentlemen have asked to visit you after hearing about the recent tragedy.”

“They’re here to visit me? Who are they?”

“They don’t visit the detached palace regularly. One of them is a member of the Knights Order and a senior of mine, while the other… You could say that he’s my superior I guess…”

“Oh my!”

Could it be the Knight Commander? I wonder if he’s masculine?! I wonder if he’s an extraordinary top?!

“You may invite them in. What is there to worry about?”

“I suppose you’ll be alright because it’s you, Dear Sister, but… It’s not a good idea to meet with the other gentleman at this sunny hour… You see his face is…”

“What do you mean?”

Rosa inquired, unsure of what her brother was attempting to convey.


Perhaps he has a scar that others can’t stand seeing? Still, a traumatized top with a reserved demeanor brought on by his wound isn’t all that bad. I’d want to watch how, after initially dismissing Bernando, he comes to terms with his warped personality.

“Just let them in. Or should I go and welcome them?”

Rosa replied as she rose from her seat. The door to the medical room opened wide just as she did, and the two gentlemen entered.


One of the two men, an inconspicuous blond-haired young man, remained near the entrance, while the other stepped forward.

“I apologize for this sudden visit. My sister came to me wailing, saying you’d been hurt because of her.”

Rosa froze when she heard the man’s beautiful and deep voice.

The man’s blond hair and golden eyes reminded Rosa of a lion.


His muscular figure and face were so appealing that it was difficult to believe they belonged in this world.


Even though he was dressed in a rough shirt and pants, the man had a respectable demeanor. 

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Rosa Von Langheim. Your brother has told me a lot about you.”

The man in front of Rosa was none other than Chris’s brother, Prince Leon von Bergwein.