The Rotten Lady Rosa Wants to Watch Over Love from the Shadows Translation

18. The Rotten Lady Rosa Wants to Watch Over Love from the Shadows

Chapter Eighteen: Rosa Wants Rotten Friends (III)


“Your Highness, are you okay?”

Rosa stood up and asked, her worried gaze falling on Chris’s face.


Rosa sighed with relief when she saw he wasn’t injured.

“Thank god. Your Highness, heart throbbing girl battles are you of the question from now on, okay?”

Chris was taken aback, but he figured Rosa probably meant that from now on he shouldn’t lay a hand on women.


Chris saw blood running down from Rosa’s earlobe, close to where her hair had been cut, as he cast a suspicious gaze at her.

“Y-You’re bleeding! Your hair!”

“It’s nothing big.”

Rosa said, after which she turned to look at Arina.


“You seem to be fine as well, Lady Arina. You don’t need to worry. Both Her Highness and I are okay.”

Rosa smiled as she approached Arina, who had regained her sanity and was trembling uncontrollably, and then took the razor from her hands and tossed it on the ground.


She then took a strong hold of Arina’s defenseless hands.

“Lady Arina, I know exactly what you’re feeling. It’s as if we’re close acquaintances. However… There are two points that I’d like to express my opinion about.”

Rosa spoke in a quiet tone that soothed the ears, her violet eyes overflowing with dazzling light.

Rosa then spoke again, and Chris, who was standing next to her, remained motionless, as if enchanted by her.


There was something that Rosa had to tell Arina no matter what.

“First. Please do not refer to Her Highness’ hair as half-assed.  Are we clear on that?”


Rosa merely nodded humbly in response to Arina’s befuddlement.

I perfectly understand. At first I also thought that it wasn’t needed. However, I later realized that it was an important item in Moe Chris’ transition into a top.

Unfortunately, Rosa had decided to only convey the conclusion of her thoughts because this wasn’t a place where she could easily bring up the topic of switch and BL.

“Her Highness’ hair is something that will serve an important role down the line so it is something that must be treasured.”

“An important role…?”

Arina asked, completely clueless to what Rosa was attempting to communicate. Rosa, for her part, simply narrowed her eyes.

It’s fine even if you don’t understand now. Don’t worry, I’ll do my best to get you up to speed on all BL has to offer.

“Second, please do not speak badly of Her Highness’ appearance. Her Highness’ current appearance, in my opinion, is outstanding to say the least. Every time I see that appearance, which is made up of various conflicting elements, my heart melts. I intend to continue to support and defend Her Highness’ current appearance.”

The conflicting elements Rosa was referring to were no other than Pun and Dere.


Rosa locked her gaze on Arina, unwilling to budge on these two points, largely due to the fact that they were rotten.

However, what followed next was the important part.

“However, at the same time I cannot turn a blind eye to your suffering.”

As she went down to pick up the strand of her blond hair and push it into Arina’s hands, Rosa said.

“You said you wanted blond hair, didn’t you? Will my hair suffice I wonder? By taking it, I hope you will be able to step away from the missions and heavy responsibilities that have been placed upon you and reflect on what is truly important. I hope you will be able to figure out what it is you need to focus on without being hampered by your father’s directives or the irrational motives of those around you.”

Of course, the thing Rosa spoke of was BL.


Rosa earnestly prayed for Arina while frantically attempting to keep herself from revealing the correct answer to her.

“Please take this hair with you, and think about the words I just said. You’ll be able to decipher the meaning of my words in no time thanks to your brilliance.”

Rosa reasoned that because Arina was more focused on the characters than the plot, she would be able to recognize Chris’ value as a Pundere.


Rosa, with rotten prayers flooding her head, pushed her blond hair into Arina’s hands, who was still paralyzed in amazement.

Rosa’s earlier acts had all been motivated by her desire to give Arina her hair.


A person’s magic power was thought to be contained in their hair. Rosa was hoping that by giving Arina her hair, she would be able to convey rotten power and rotten principles to her. To put it another way, she would be able to brainwash her.


It was the same kind of insane concept as putting a piece of hair in the drink of someone you like.

May Rose Love pervade your being!

Rosa thought with a wicked smile on her face.

“Lady Arina. You must be quite tired of everything that has happened, aren’t I correct? I presume it must be hard for you to go back, so why not stay in my domain in Langheim for a while?”


“Langheim may be a rural area, but it is a really quiet place. It’s ideal for devoting yourself to writing as well as shutting yourself up in your room for days on end immersed in literature.”

“Just what are you…”

Due to the shock, Arina was unable to form proper sentences.


It just went to show just how ridiculous Rosa’s proposal had been.

After all, Arina was the lowest-ranking resident of the detached palace. A daughter of a baron.


There was no need for a Count’s daughter, who was far more prestigious than her, to be concerned about her, who lacked particular abilities and was mediocre at best.


Furthermore, Arina was now a criminal who had assaulted the princess and even sliced off another lady’s hair.

“W-Why would you do such a thing…”

“Because I want to become your friend, Lady Arina.”

Rosa, who was even smaller and more frail than Arina, spoke out with dignity.


Arina was mesmerized by those genuine violet eyes that bore no deception.

“I am serious. So, how about this? You may go to a monastery if you are not healed after two years of residing there. I’ll even accompany you.”


Arina could no longer hold back her emotions after hearing that.


She couldn’t believe her ears.

“Lady Rosa…”

Arina couldn’t understand why Rosa, who should have despised her, was so friendly to her despite the fact that she was the one who had wronged. 

How easily she had shown Arina the kindness she had always desired.


Even though Rosa’s prior remarks had been simple compliments, the fact that she had stated she would accompany Arina to a monastery had reached the innermost corners of Arina’s heart.

“I-I’ve never had any confidence in myself… I don’t have much magic power, and my appearance isn’t particularly appealing. Whether it was at home or here, I’ve always been a burden… That is why I thought… At the very least, I should… finish the order that I’d been given…”

With tears flowing down her cheeks, Arina murmured.


Rosa, on the other hand, listened intently to Arina’s magnificent speech tempo, even as Arina quivered while confessing.


As Arina continued her sincere confession, Rosa’s heart was being squeezed evermore.

“I’ve always suffered… I’ve always been all alone. Without any friends, and without a place to go back to… I truly am pitiful…”

“Even though you have so much potential inside you?”

Rosa inquired as she knelt beside Arina and embraced her.

“Lady Arina, I want to become your friend. So please, come to Langheim.”

Arina eventually broke down, covering her face with both hands as she accepted.


She was truly grateful to the protection and friendship that Rosa had offered her.

“I am sorry, Lady Rosa. Your Highness, as well. Lady Rosa… Thank… you…”

“Do not mention it.”

Rosa said this with a lovely smile on her face.

Fufufu… All according to plan!

However, that wasn’t quite right. Rosa’s smile was a wry one. A smile born from the joy that she had secured a writer.

Even Chris, who could see right through falsehoods, couldn’t see past Rosa’s smile.


Rosa’s remarks, although being rotten, did not include any lie. However, Chris had no way of knowing that.

Just how can she be so tolerant and benevolent…

Chris was deeply touched by Rosa’s kindness to Arina just now, just as he had been by Rosa’s compassion to him previously.


He lowered his head swiftly and quietly, ashamed of the tears that were welling up in his eyes.

Rosa accepted me for who I am. She saw through my flaws. She acknowledged my rejection of my surroundings as well as the conflict that had been troubling me…

Unfortunately for Chris, the things Rosa had accepted weren’t his inner conflicts. 

Nevertheless, Chris believed they were, so he had no doubts.

Rosa had stood before him even when faced with an armed opponent.


She had protected his hair.


She had even expressed her love for his appearance, which he himself was unsure about. She had told him that she would support and protect him.

Chris was certain that no one else could embrace him as completely as Rosa had.


There definitely wasn’t.

The moment Chris discovered this the sensation of alienation he had previously felt began to vanish along with his feelings of hatred and resentment towards his surroundings.

He even felt bad about dragging Arina, who had even brandished a dagger at him, into his rebellions.

Chris pressed his lips together and offered Arina a handkerchief from his pocket.

“Use it. Please… I want to give this to you. I’m sorry for dragging you into my childish rebellion. Since you say you are unable to return to your home, I shall do everything in my power to ensure that you go to Langheim.”

Chris said. Arina, on the other hand, was completely taken aback as she could do nothing else but nod.


Following that, Chris made a decision.

There was no longer any need for him to address himself as a man.


It was time he grew up.

I’m thinking about trying on a dress and referring to myself as a lady from now on. I’ll also proudly say it was all thanks to Rosa. Although, it’s not like I’m doing it just so that I can make her happy.

Chris was thinking out a plan in his head, which he had no idea would only cause Rosa grief.


Rosa, completely oblivious to his thoughts, was just overjoyed at having been able to obtain Arina.

“I’m thrilled that even you will help, Your Highness. Lady Arina, please take care of me from now on. I know. There’s this book that I’d like to show you right away. There’s two main characters, and they’re both men, and…”

Someone suddenly entered the room with violent footsteps and interrupted Rosa just as she was about to get carried away and recommend a basic level BL book to her new friend.

“Dear Sister! What is going on?!”


It was Bernando.

“Ah! B-B-B-Bernando?!!! W-What’s wrong? I-I wasn’t doing anything just so you know!”

Rosa shrieked in fright when she saw her beloved brother.

This is bad! To think that he’d catch me red-handed.

Rosa felt cold sweat running down her back as Bernando examined her.

“As I was patrolling outside the detached palace, I suddenly sensed a massive surge of magic power, and rushed inside. I knew something bad had happened, and I was hoping you, Dear Sister, could you explain to me why a strand of your hair is gone and why you are bleeding.”

Bernando said, his beautiful light blue eyes looking right at Rosa, in a threatening manner.

“W-Well, that’s… It’s just that…”

“It’s my fault.”

Chris abruptly remarked, moving in front of Rosa, just as Rosa was contemplating what to do.


Bernando scowled at him, unmoved by the fact that his opponent was a princess, and asked, “What do you mean by that?” Chris pursed his lips and answered after hearing his intimidating inquiry.

“An unfortunate accident occurred because of me. You see, Rosa tried to protect me and in turn hurt herself.”

“I-I’m the one to place for that! I hurt Lady Rosa…! I apologize!”

As she knelt down, Arina shouted.

“You don’t need to worry about it, you both. It’s nothing serious. It was all my fault for jumping in…”

Rosa said to try to cool things down, but then she noticed Bernando’s gaze and froze.

Bernando sighed and asked, “Didn’t I tell you not to do such things back at the port?”

Bernando had figured out in an instant that Rosa had once again, despite his warnings, sacrificed herself for someone else, putting herself in danger.


Rosa, on the other hand, entirely misunderstood his intent.

Moe Bern’s BL radar is way too overpowered?! How did he figure out that I was trying to rope Arina in even without being here?! How amazing of him! But it’s still painful!

Rosa believed her brother was too strict.


However, she knew she wouldn’t be able to stomach it if she enraged him and he abandoned her in the end, so she chose not to confront him.

Bernando continued to talk, this time in a slightly calmer tone, as he saw his sister flinch back.

“Dear Sister, do not misunderstand me. I am not blaming you.”


Rosa pondered. Bernando had just blamed her to his heart’s content.


Regardless, Rosa felt that, based on Bernando’s unusual conduct, this would be the last time she would be able to get away with it.


However, that wasn’t exactly the case.

“For starters, we need to treat you first. Excuse me, Dear Sister.”

Bernando grabbed Rose and lifted her up, as though he’d made up his mind.


Despite the fact that they were almost the same height, it looked like a perfect princess carry.


Rosa, on the other hand, was rendered speechless.

“B-Bernando! You mustn’t do this!”

After all, he should be the one that’s carried!

“Why? I’m a proper knight by this point, aren’t I?”

Bernando said. From Rosa’s perspective, the response appeared completely ludicrous, but from the perspective of an onlooker, it was the most appropriate one he could provide. Bernando then proceeded straight to the door, with Rosa still in his arms. 

“Bernando! Let me go!”

“I refuse.”

It was a very spectacular sight.


Bernando was adamant about not listening to Rosa.

Rosa had not anticipated to be the recipient of the princess carry, which was reserved solely for the bottoms.


Rosa suffered a great deal as a result of this incident.

Just who gains anything from this! 

She screamed inwardly to herself.


Bernando’s attitude remained unchanged as he walked out of the room, despite the fact that tears were welling up in Rosa’s eyes.

Just before he exited Bernando turned around.

“Your Highness, please accept my apologies. I will be taking my Dear Sister with me, I trust that’s acceptable with you? I’d also like to ask you and this Lady to tell me what occurred later.”


Bernando left after profanely stating what he wanted to say. However, no one, not even Chris, could hold Bernando responsible for his actions.