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The Marquis’ Amnesia 6

Chapter Six: Romance Novels and Quiche

I guided my husband to our first destination, which was the library. It was the place I visited the most often.

The library of the Lutherford family was wonderful. The books were as many as there were stars. There was also a library in my parents’ house, but the number and types of books were incomparable.

Moreover, my father didn’t have a penchant for reading. Thus, after he became the new successor, we didn’t get any new books. Our newest books were that of my grandfather’s era. On the other hand, the marquis family had a librarian. Therefore, the number of books in the library increased steadily.

The librarian, Monica, was 23-years-old. She seemed to be the grandchild of the predecessor. Ever since she was a child, she had been helping her grandmother—the librarian at the time—in that library. If I were to ask her, she could point me to any books.

“Even so, this is quite a number of books.”

While looking up at the tall bookshelf, my husband said in admiration.

“At the Lutherford family, all the servants are free to browse the library. Except for the precious old books, they can borrow them.”

Frederick supplemented my husband with information.

I called out to my husband and went to the shelves where the sewing-related books I always read were lined up.

“I always borrow various books here to get ideas and references for designing orphanage bazaar items and donations to children.”

I took my hand off my husband’s arm and took out my most frequently read book. It was a book from a certain series which entailed floral embroidery motifs. For each theme, various motifs were collected—such as plants, animals, everyday life, and geometric patterns. It was a rather old book, but the classic motifs were very delicate and complex. Although it was difficult to sew, it still felt wonderful.

“I’m especially indebted to this particular book.”

I gave it to my husband. Upon receiving it, he flipped through its pages. Most of the pictures were black and white. However, the book also specified which color of thread to use in detail. It also entailed the sewing’s starting point and the end path meticulously. As long as I followed it, it’d guarantee a beautiful end result.

“Regardless of memory loss, I believe I won’t ever take up sewing.’

“Fufu, indeed. I truly can’t imagine that as well.’

“…Is that so?” My husband huffed. “How amazing, Liliana. You read this book and followed the explanation to finish your embroidery? The sunflowers you embroidered are also very beautiful.”

“Thank you.”

I was confident only in my embroidery. Therefore, I was glad to be praised.

“Which one is your favorite motif, Liliana?”

I was asked by my husband, who lowered his hand so I could also read the book. I flipped the book to find the page I was looking for. In that book, the flower motifs were classified according to the season. However, my favorite was at the end of the book.

“…I see, a rose?”

I nodded affirmatively to my husband who saw the picture.

“I like roses the most. As such, I often embroidered rose motif. It’s because its many petals look like a dress. Its color is also bright and very beautiful.”

“Rose, is it? I know that flower. Albeit I’m not truly familiar with flowers, I know about roses, sunflowers, and lilies.”

“If so, how about reading a picture book, my husband? There are many wonderful picture books here. I think it’ll be soothing if you look up the names of the flowers displayed within the room.”

I took the motif collection from my husband and tried to approach the shelf containing picture books. But my husband stopped me;

“More importantly, what else do you prefer to read?”

“W, what else…? Other than that, I read poetry books and history books as part of my studies. I also, uh… I especially like romance novels—…”

It was kind of childish, so I felt embarrassed. Despite being an adult, I was addicted to a romance novel as if I was a teenager. There weren’t many such novels in that library, but Monica bought a lot of them after knowing I read romance novels. Originally, the young maids had already requested for it, but Monica couldn’t just purchase them without Arthur’s permission. Due to my preference, she had found a good excuse. Reading the recommendations of Elsa and other maids while sharing our impressions was one of the pleasures I learned after coming there.

“What kind of book is that? I also want to read it.”

“M, my husband? You…?”

Surprised, my eyes involuntarily widened. Frederick and Elsa, who stood behind my husband, were also in shock.

However, the curiosity within my husband’s blue eyes was palpable. Regardless, romance novels were romance novels. I didn’t think that my husband would like them very much. At the very least, from Frederick’s expression, I could gather that much.

“There must have been a military art or swordsmanship instruction book on a shelf somewhere. I’m sure you’d enjoy them better…”

“I want to know what Liliana likes. Therefore, please tell me.”

My husband pleaded with me with such seriousness that I ended up nodding. My husband smiled joyfully and held my hand.

“So, which shelf is it?”

“It’s over there.”

While pulling my hand, my husband walked towards the direction that had been pointed by Frederick. His large, sturdy, hand utterly engulfed mine.

In the blink of an eye, we arrived in front of the specified shelf. My husband tilted his head as he asked, “Which one?” Although I was a little anxious, I asked my husband to release my hand so I could find an interesting book for him. The book I had chosen was thick, but it was also interesting.

“…’The Kiss at the Herb Garden’?

My husband read the title of the book aloud.

“What kind of book is this?”

“It’s a novel set in the fictional kingdom called the Kingdom of Orlanche. The story is told from the perspective of a witch living in the frontier of the kingdom, who then falls in love with a young adventurer. The witch has a handicapped left foot and left eye. She worked alongside her black cat to grow medicinal herbs for the villagers. She’s a very bright, energetic, cheerful, and lovely girl. Then, during a stormy night—”

After my husband asked me what the book was about, I passionately answered. Since it was my favorite novel, I’d like to convey its charm to my husband.

“—During a story night, a strange young man visited the girl. The young adventurer is seriously injured. Despite being aware that he might be a threat, the girl still welcomed him and treat his wound. Afterwards, the young man fell asleep due to the injury for a few days. After the fever went down, he forgot who he was.”

“It must be difficult for him. Not to mention, his predicament is the same as me.”

My husband lifted his eyebrows. I laughed and shook my head.

“Actually, he lied about having an amnesia.”

“…He lied?”

“Yes, the young man is born in the royal capital as the third son of the duke family. He isn’t a successor, so he became an adventurer and became a hero of the kingdom. It’s quite similar to my husband. However, soon after he became famous, he was caught up in the battle for successors and almost lost his life. After being chased, he escaped from the royal capital. During the stormy night, he slipped and fell into the river. Then, he met the girl…”

“…So, he lied about his memory loss to hide his true identity?”

“That’s correct. After the many days she has spent with the young man, the girl also realized that he’s lying. However, she keeps feigning ignorance. She’s afraid that if she were to reveal his lies, he’d go somewhere else. The two gradually become attracted to each other, but it’s difficult for them to truly connect with each other due to the lies. Not to mention, the witch also has a hidden past and various other things. There are many other attractive characters—for example, a childhood friend of the witch, who’s secretly in love with her, or the adventurer’s friend, who’s searching for him. Although it’s a romance novel, the various thoughts, wishes, deviousness, and good intentions in it are well-written. It’s a good read.”

“It sounds interesting. I’d like to read it, too.”

While flipping through the pages, my husband said with interest. After skimming at the intro pages, he closed the book and turned towards Frederick.

“Alright, starting from tonight, I shall read it. Frederick, deliver it to my bedroom.”


Frederick received the book and held it with great care.

“Liliana, do you want to borrow something?”

“No, I have about two books in my room that I haven’t read yet.”

“I see. Let’s go to our next destination.”

My husband thus extended his arm. I managed to smoothly put my hand on his.

Because my husband was a kind person, he matched my pace as he walked. We left the library after giving a bow to Monica at the counter.

“Liliana, you don’t have to be so nervous. I’ve asked the chef for unpretentious food. You should eat without worrying about etiquette.”

“A, alright…”

Due to the nervousness, I could barely respond to my husband’s concern. Had he not promised to not get angry that morning, I might had fainted again. I knew that both Elsa and Frederick were concerned about me, but I couldn’t muster a reply.

After I had guided him through about half of the mansion, it was lunch time. We proceeded to return to my room. Another maid was preparing lunch. As of the present, we were waiting for the food to come.

“I’m here to serve the lunch.”

After hearing such a voice, Frederick opened the door and welcomed the maid.

The maid, Melissa, entered while pushing the wagon with lunch on it. Melissa was a maid who was two years my senior.

After Melissa had removed the silver lid, Frederick and Melissa presented a plate of food in front of my husband respectively. The main dish, a quiche, and garnished salad were served on a large plate.


“Indeed. It’s Milady’s favorite cheese, zucchini, and tomato quiche. As for my lord, a baguette with chicken sauté has been prepared.”

Melissa explained in an eloquent manner. Then, Frederick placed a large baguette before my husband. I was surprised at its size. It could be divided into about four, and still be as large. Not to mention, my husband’s quiche was three times as big as mine. Knowing that I wouldn’t eat that much, the chef must have paid attention to my portion. My quiche might also be smaller than the size he’d usually serve.

“Liliana, would that be enough for you?”

My husband tilted his head in concern.

“Yes, this will be enough to fill my belly.”

“Really? There’s no need for you to put up a front in front of me…”

“No, I’m telling the truth.”

“Well, Liliana is a woman and she’s petite.”

I seemed to have managed to convince my husband. He then told me to eat before the dishes went cold before clasping his hands. I hurriedly joined my hands in the same way.

“I thank the abundant grace for the food that is given to us.”

“Thank you…”

After praying before meals, it was finally time to eat.

Immediately, my husband picked up the large baguette and had a huge bite. He ate ravenously, but somehow managed to not stain the area around his mouth, or spill the content of the bread. My husband had excellent manner.

Feeling enthusiastic, I picked up a knife and a fork. After confirming that my husband was immersed in devouring his baguette, I sliced a piece of quiche and brought it to my mouth. Due to the fact that I could do it without dropping it, I felt relieved. However, it was time for me to focus on eating. I thought that I managed to do it properly that time. After my mouth was empty, I raised my face to drink water. I was met with his blue eyes. Due to that, I almost dropped my utensils, but I managed to hold on to them.

“It appears that you like this quiche.”

Having said that, my husband also cut the quiche and carried it to his mouth. After he had chewed and swallowed it, he had an expression that told me it tasted delicious.

“The texture of zucchini is refreshing, while the richness of the cheese enhances the taste and acidity of the tomatoes. I like it, too.”

“I’m glad to hear that.”

Although I didn’t quite understand what he was saying, I carved the quiche again and brought it to my mouth. That time, even though my husband was staring at me, I could eat it properly.

“You eat very politely and cleanly.”

It took me a few seconds to understand the words of my husband, who smiled gently. After I got over the fact that I was complimented, I responded.

“Elsa, and also Arthur… they’ve taught me well. Chef Pierre has also devised a way to make it easier for me to eat…”

I responded with a quivering voice.

My husband nodded.

“However, Liliana only improved because you’ve put a lot of efforts.”

The gentle smile of my husband caused my anxious heart to gradually regain its calm. All the anxiety that was contained within my heart melted away.

Similarly, Elsa and Arthur had also complimented me. It felt tremendously gratifying that my husband, who had lost his memory and was previously cold to me, acknowledged my efforts.

“Thank you, my husband.”

As if nothing had happened, my husband said ‘You’re welcome.’ And resumed eating.

To suppress my urge to cry, I put the salad consisting of cherry tomatoes in my mouth. The freshness of the sweet and sour tomatoes brought peace to my mind. At the same time, I noticed how delicious it was. When I took another bite of the quiche, I could finally taste the usual deliciousness.

“What else does Liliana like?”

“…I, I like sweets.”

“Then, what are your dislikes?”

“I don’t like celery, it tastes like medicine.”

“Is that true? I don’t like it, either. But for some reason, ever since the night before yesterday, there’s always celery in every meal.”

With a dismayed expression, my husband poked the salad with his fork and pulled out the celery. He eyed the celery that had been roughly chopped up with frustration.

“The chef, Pierre, is quite enthusiastic, saying, ‘Since my lord has lost his memory, the time has come for me to cure his dislike of vegetables!’”

Frederick smiled as he spoke.

“It isn’t related to memory loss, though? My taste bud shouldn’t have changed that much.”

“For your own good, you should just obediently eat them. After all, Pierre is the type of man who’d just double the amount if you don’t eat everything.”

Thus, my husband bitterly threw the celery into his mouth and swallowed it without chewing too much.

I tilted my head a little and looked into my own salad. I couldn’t find any celery.

“It’s alright, I’ve already told the chef to not put any celery in Milady’s salad. After all, Milady doesn’t dislike other vegetables. Above all, Milady’s diet is small. Therefore, if I could, I want Milady to always eat delicious foods. Pierre also said that he wants you to eat a lot of your favorite foods.”

Elsa wholeheartedly conveyed Pierre’s great care to me.

“…Isn’t this discrimination?”

“No, it’s merely a distinction.”

Frederick replied with a straight face to my pouting husband.

The exchange was somewhat funny, therefore I laughed. As I did so, my eyes met with my husband’s. I stopped laughing briefly. But when my husband suddenly laughed, I broke into a smile.

My nervousness went away as if it was a lie. While chatting with my husband, we continued to eat. I succeeded in finishing the dessert safely.

“Liliana, let’s eat together again at night.”


Towards the invitation of my husband, I nodded without hesitation.

My husband laughed joyfully at me.

I was able to finish my first lunch with my husband safely.

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