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The Marquis’ Amnesia 5

Chapter Five: A Step to Take

I tried to turn around, but for some reason, I couldn’t budge.

It felt like I was wrapped in a very firm blanket. Despite so, the gentle warmth felt very comfortable. When I rubbed my face against the blanket, I felt that I was further engulfed within it. To top it off, it also smelled like a refreshing cologne.

I almost fell asleep again when I realized—

—Why is the blanket hugging me?

As I wondered so, I was awakened at once.

At the end of my sight was a masculine chest. Because the shirt was unbuttoned, my face was leaning directly against it.


I raised my face and suppressed the scream that was about to erupt.

The beautiful sleeping face of my husband was at the tip of my eyes and nose. A gentle sigh leaked from his slightly parted lips.

Even though it didn’t seem like I’d escape, he embraced me tightly. It also didn’t feel like he’d let go anytime soon.

…No wonder I can’t turn around.

No, that wasn’t the point.

How did this happen?

I went through my memory.

Last night, my husband invited me to dinner. Therefore, I requested Elsa to help me, and left the room. That was right—on the way, I recalled the incident that happened in my parents’ house. Afterwards, I couldn’t remember anything. By the time I woke up, not only was I in my own bedroom, my husband was also by my side.

Towards me, who had ruined his dinner invitation, my husband wasn’t the slightest bit angry. On the contrary, he was quite concerned.

Moreover, not only did he accept the story of my past, my husband also embraced me and told me that he wanted us to become a true couple. He told me to not conceal my tears. Thus, I remembered crying on my husband’s chest.

…From that point onward, my mind was a blur.

“What should I do…”

I was overwhelmed with remorse and tried to get out for the time being. But after all, my husband’s arms were unwavering. It made me wonder if they were made of steel, or something…

Then, probably because I had stirred, my husband yawned and began to stir. My eyes were greeted by the sight of his hazy blue eyes. Once again, I solidified like a stone.

The moment I was about to apologize, my husband smiled gently.

“Good morning, Liliana.”

Both his smile and voice were dripping with sweetness. I froze again—but for an entirely different reason. I could feel the heat rising to my cheeks, dying them red. Because, not only were we in a close contact, I was hugged.

“M, my husband—”

Before I could call him, my husband buried his nose within my hair.

Hmm? That’s right, how are you feeling?”

His large hand cupped my cheek and caresses it. Just the other day, I learned that his body temperature would sometimes be above normal. Was that because he had just woken up? Or were my cheeks hot?

“L, last night, I—”

“Everything’s fine. You shouldn’t be apologizing for anything. Or be terrified of anything, for that matter.”

My husband kindly laughed.

The relief almost made me cry. I thanked him as much as I could. My husband nodded, and gradually reached for his bedside before picking up a golden pocket watch. It wasn’t mine. Therefore, it was probably his. After checking the time, my husband put his pocket watch back to where it belonged.

“It should be breakfast soon…”

“T, then I should hurry and wake up…”

I was in a rush because my heartbeat was unlike usual. As if he could read through my mind, my husband chuckled before finally releasing me. After he unraveled his arms, the weight vanished, and I could finally get up. My heart was so noisy—as if it was about to explode. Not to mention, my cheeks were still hot. While stretching himself, my husband also got up while stretching.

Because Elsa had changed my clothes, I was wearing a nightwear. However, my husband was dressed as he was at the dinner. His jacket, vest, scarf, etc. were casually placed at the foot of the bed.

“Hey, Liliana.”

“Y, yes?”

I was worried that the jacket, which was left unattended, was wrinkled. However, I was called by my husband.

My husband was staring at me with a very gentle look.

“First, let’s get used to eating with me.”


“You were always eating in your room.”

I, who couldn’t grasp his true aim, could only nod.

As if contemplating, my husband rubbed his chin. Then, he nodded proudly as if he had come up with a great idea.

“Day and night, I shall dine in your room.”


“Of course, it isn’t a formal course meal. I don’t like that either. Then, while eating, let’s talk a lot. I want to know more about you. I want to carve Liliana in my empty memory. At the same time, I want to remain inside your memory, too.”

To those unexpected words, I was at a loss for a reply.

Then, my husband wrapped my hands on his knees using his large palms.

“Wouldn’t you please grant me this, my adorable Liliana?”

With a sweet smile, my husband peered into my face from below.

For some reason, his smile had become my weakness.

“A, as long as you won’t get angry…”

Although I said some uncouth words, my husband smiled happily. Surprised, I blinked numerous times.

“You are allowed to get angry at me, but rest assured, I’ll never be able to do the same to you. Thank you, Liliana!”

“M, my husband…!”

I was hugged by my excited husband once again. That time, my husband didn’t release me until Elsa came to visit my room. She wondered why do I look so happy.

I hadn’t noticed that I had become accustomed to how comfortable his arms felt.

“Elsa, I, I don’t look strange, right? Will everything be alright?”

Elsa giggled and nodded to me, whom was wandering back and forth within the room.

“Milady is very cute today as well. You also don’t have to be nervous when you’re with your husband.”

“Well, it’s precisely because I’m with my husband…”

I pressed my hands to my chest and exhaled.

After breakfast, I’d usually sew, read, and depending on the day, I’d have etiquette lessons and other classes. But that day, I was asked by my husband to show him around the mansion. As a matter of course, I obliged.

Elsa prepared a light blue dress. She also tied my hair neatly. Both sides of my hair were braided—they looked very cute. As if performing magic, Elsa could always style my hair beautifully.

However, since it was me, I was unsure I could fully utilize the magic of Elsa.

“Hey, Elsa.”

“Yes, Milady?”

I stopped and turned to look at Elsa.

“…I’ve always thought that my husband is scary. But now, he isn’t that scary anymore. Is it because he lost his memory?”

After Elsa showed a little thoughtful gesture towards my words, her expression suddenly relaxed.

“Please be assured. The lord inherently has that kind of personality. Albeit previously, before Milady, he’s always sullen and cold. At the same time, he has a very easy to understand personality and is honest with his emotions. Of course, since he belongs to the class of aristocrats and has a position to maintain, he wears a suitable mask depending on the type of events he attends. Even in front of his own relatives, he’s always like that.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes. Although it may be easier for you if you were to merely think of him as a manchild.”

“My, Elsa, you’re good at joking.”

Elsa said with such a serious face, I couldn’t help but laugh. That huge and respectable husband of mine… There was nothing that would suggest of him being a child. Besides, he was ten years older than me.

“But thank you, I could relax, now.”

“Then, I’m glad… Oh, it seems that he’s already here.”

I could hear the sound of knocking as I turned to gaze towards the door. The tension that Elsa should had dispersed tried to seize my heart again. I gazed at her, wondering how should I respond.

Elsa, who exchanged a few words through the gap in the slightly opened door, turned around and nodded slightly.

As the door opened, Elsa walked to the side. Then, my husband appeared. That day, he was dressed in indigo-colored attire. Even though my husband was dressed in a casual attire, he was still as domineering as always. His muscular body might had enhanced his looks.

My husband looked around the room, and when his gaze found me, he beamed. At once, he rushed towards me.

He stopped in front of me and swiftly eyed me from top-to-bottom.

“You look absolutely adorable. Like that of a lovely water fairy.”

He took my hand and dropped a kiss on the back of it. My heart and head were about to burst because a lot of things were happening all at once and I couldn’t handle them. My cheeks had grown feverish once again. They must had been as red as strawberries.

Fifteen points. To be precise, it’s fifteen out of a hundred points.”

When I looked up due to the voice I heard from the side, I saw Elsa with a cold expression.

“What about the flowers?”

Elsa looked at my husband and Frederick, who stood behind him, and raised her eyebrows. My husband let go of my hand and gently turned away. Frederick laughed, his mouth agape as if wondering what happened to Elsa.

“My lord has asked Jamal, a gardener, for a pretty and adorable flower. However, although Jamal has a skill as a gardener, my lord has forgotten that he is hard of hearing. Without knowing that, he paid the gardener in advance. In turn, the gardener refused—“—I don’t want to give flowers to an unreasonable man such as my lord!” Apparently, there was a slight misunderstanding. Jamal thought that my lord is going to give it to his mistress.”

“…It’s a matter of daily practice.”

Elsa said as if she was kind of happy.

Grandfather Jamal was a gardener who served the marquis family. Grandfather Jamal, whose trademark was his white beard, was hard of hearing due to his age. Therefore, most of his works were managed by his son, Jack, and grandson, Pierre. His job was to grow flowers to decorate important rooms. As of the present, Grandfather Jamal would took care of the flowerbeds and the greenhouses. I was told that Grandfather Jamal was one of the oldest servants and was a childhood friend of my husband’s grandfather. By the way, he seemed to live in a peaceful country town villa, a little away from the royal capital, where my husband’s grandparents also lived.

“Jamal loves Milady because she’s so adorable.”

“—For that reason, my lord failed to prepare the flowers.”

“My husband, do you plan to get some flowers?”

My husband apologetically nodded to me while letting out a helpless voice.

The heart of my husband, who was suffering from anxiety due to memory loss, may be seeking for healing. Flowers were soothing and calming due to their delicateness and beauty. Merely looking at them, one could be at ease.

“Then, my husband, I shall ask Grandfather Jamal to decorate your room with flowers… Grandfather Jamal would always decorate my room with beautiful flowers.”

“A, ah, of course, Liliana…”

After briefly showing a shocked expression, my husband averted his gaze and thanked me. My husband was such a polite and gentle person.

I felt that Elsa, who covered concealed her mouth with her hand and turned away, along with Frederick, who had doubled down, were trembling for some reason. But when my husband cleared his throat, the two stopped moving. I wondered what happened to them—but they didn’t appear to be sick, so it should be no problem.

“Liliana, can you please show this unfortunate husband of yours around the mansion?”

With that said, my husband extended his arm to me for some reason.

What happened?

I thought that there was something on his hand, so I brought my face closer. However, there was nothing wrong with his hand. I wondered if he was injured somewhere.

Then, Elsa bent over and whispered to me.

“My wife, your husband didn’t hurt his arm or has a hole on his elbow—he’s offering to escort you.”

I thought about it. Elsa didn’t appear to be joking. Above all, my husband was staring at me.

Elsa gently pushed my back, saying it was alright. Therefore, I fearfully linked my arm with my husband. Despite clothed, I could feel the thickness of my husband’s sword arm. My husband laughed happily. Naturally, my expression also relaxed.

“I’m glad. You didn’t reject me.”

How ridiculous. I shook my head.

Because of our close distance, the scent of his cologne rubbed the tip of my nose. It made me even more nervous.

“This is the first time I ever attempted such a thing… I, I feel like a princess…”

After I was married into the marquis family, I shamelessly read a few romance novels. They presented a variety of heroines—such as a princess, a commoner girl, and even someone like me. Quite often, there’d be scene where they were escorted by their lovers.

I had enacted such a scene with Elsa, who played the role of a man during my dance lesson. However, to have an actual man escort me was truly something else entirely.

The heroines in those novels must had been as fluffy as I was.

At the time I was overjoyed, my husband covered his bright red face with one hand and stared towards the ceiling. Elsa loosened her expression while saying, “Milady is very cute today.” Frederick warmly watched over Elsa.

Of course, I didn’t realize what I was doing.

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