The Rotten Lady Rosa Wants to Watch Over Love from the Shadows Translation

20. The Rotten Lady Rosa Wants to Watch Over Love from the Shadows

Chapter Twenty: Rosa Wishes to Procure a Top (II)

Langheim’s Rose Angel huh… She really is a beautiful lady.

Leon thought after entering the medical room and seeing Rosa’s face.

Blonde hair with a beautiful gloss and soft purple eyes


The attractive portions looked great on her white porcelain complexion, and while still seeming a little juvenile, her beauty was already complete.

“You might already be aware, but nonetheless I will introduce myself. I am Leon von Bergwein. Chris informed me that you were hurt as a result of his actions, so I came to apologize on his behalf. On this particular occasion, my sister did indeed give you a great deal of distress. For that I apologize.”

Chris stated that with a timid expression on his face, but on the inside he was looking forward to Rosa’s reply.

Leon had grown cold as a result of the fact that 90% of people who gazed into his eyes lost their minds and began to cuddle up to him.


Nonetheless, a part of him was still eager to see what would happen.

To think that she’d be able to change that sister of mine in just a span of a few weeks.

Leon’s return to Berg had caused Chris to relinquish her position as successor.


Which led Leon to conclude that Chris’ dress-up and behavior were a means for him to express his frustrations and cope with his sorrow.

Chris had always given Leon an angry look whenever they met at a ceremony, so Leon hadn’t been able to measure the distance between them. However, Chris had barged into Leon’s room within the royal palace as a result of this situation.


Chris’s face had become dignified and strong, with a purpose behind it, rather than the color of despair and juvenile defiance which it usually had.

He had bowed his head and requested his brother to apologize to Rosa on his behalf after narrating his story. Leon had understood at the moment that Rosa had entirely transformed his sister.

Let’s see it then. Just what kind of person is this so-called angel?

Leon had learned from his past experience that the more envy and desire a person possessed, the uglier their inner cravings were.


His sister had fallen head over heels for Rosa, but this had only increased Leon’s suspicions about her.

After all, Leon had a sneaking suspicion that her younger brother, Bernando, was scheming something, despite his lovely demeanor while training with the Knights Order.

Because Bernando had been wary of Leon, Leon assumed that Bernando understood that one would lose their mind if they were confronted with his gaze.


Leon, on the other hand, found Bernando’s hostile nature, paired with his youthful fastidiousness, to be rather delightful.

Then what about the sister…

“Hurt? Oh! I did get a scratch on my ear. My skin is quite white so it stands out a lot.”

The closer Leon brought his face to a lady their face would naturally blush.


Those with insufficient magic resistance would lose their minds as a result.

Rosa, on the other hand, had an entirely unexpected reaction.


Rosa muttered as she locked her gaze on Leon’s.

She didn’t seem to be enchanted by him at all.


Rather, Leon was about to lose himself in Rosa’s eyes as their purple color abruptly deepened.

She then greeted Leon and Kamil in a dignified manner and with a tranquil tone, both unsuitable for a 14-year-old.

“Thank you for this generous visit. I’d also want to express my gratitude for your magnanimous decision following my father’s case. I presume my brother is doing fine within the Knights Order. I sincerely hope that he is being properly trained by everyone. Also, Your Majesty, who might the gentlemen behind you be? Is he perhaps one of my brother’s seniors within the Knights Order?”

Rosa exclusively talked about her brother, unlike the previous females who would typically simply try to appeal and sell themselves.

My eyes aren’t working?! Rather, what in the world are these mysterious purple eyes… I feel as though I’m being drawn in!

Leon was completely taken aback by Rosa.

Rosa’s gaze was direct and unwavering.


Despite the fact that Rosa didn’t lose her cool and retained her aristocratic status, Leon could still sense a small negative energy emanating from her gaze.

What in the… Is she innocent or evil?! I can’t figure it out…

For Leon, it was an entirely new experience.

As Leon’s uncertainty grew, he decided to call Kamil and introduce him as his attendant and the Knights Order’s instructor. Rosa beamed a big smile after hearing this.

“I see, the knight’s instructor… Fufufu. I see… So Bernando has been training surrounded by such amazing gentlemen.”

Fufufu…. Ufufufufufufu! Ahhhh! A BL harem is unfolding before me!

Rosa’s smile was obviously not a natural one

Good grief, Moe Bern! While I was here adoring my new Pundere, you went ahead and got yourself surrounded by these fabulous tops! Just what instructions are you receiving I wonder?!

Rosa was entirely engrossed in rotten thoughts behind her smile.


Rosa’s purple eyes had been able to entirely resist the power of Leon’s gaze, and there was no justification for her to lose her reason in the first place because she was already rotten. In the end, she had managed to secure a triumph without even realizing it.

After all, the main favorite is Prince Leon, who embodies the arrogant top character. However, I’d like to see Mr. Kamil, who appears to be an earnest top character, give it a go. The master and attendant who have enjoyed a strong bond up until now suddenly begin to compete with each other all because of Moe Bern! Ah… This is just… Just this alone is enough for me! I feel like my Ultimate Bottom Bernando plan has been revived.


Rosa was relieved to see that there was now a lineup. She was pleased with Kamil’s character, however, what struck her the most was how perfect Leon was.

He was refined and haughty, in addition to possessing a handsome face.


He also had a deep voice and a muscular physique.


His phrasing, as well as the subtle satirical undertones contained within it, exuded unmistakable male vibes.

He was undeniably an overwhelming top.

The height difference between him and Moe Bern is perfect as well… And because he’s an arrogant top as well as a prince there are a lot of scenarios that open up! For example! The scene where he grabs Moe Bern’s chin and gazes straight at him, the Chin Grab! Or how his love is hidden behind his commanding tone! Then, and then… It’d be awesome if Moe Bern throws a fit about something and tries to flee, and Leon chases him down and grabs him. He then forcefully pushes Moe Bern against the wall and embraces him! I’ll call this the Wall Push!

Rosa, of course, named all of the scenes in her examples.

Her excitement was beginning to overflow.

She felt like covering her face with both her hands and jumping up and down, or falling to the ground and slamming her fist against it.

Because she was battling all of those urges, her wrists were trembling uncontrollably.

This is a catastrophe… I’m going to pass out if my enthusiasm gets any greater. That is something I must avoid for the sake of Moe Bern’s future. Calm yourself down Rosa!

Rosa thought to herself as she kept herself from collapsing in front of Leon and Kamil.


After all, this wasn’t just a simple case of excessive excitement.


Leon, who was puzzled by Rosa’s behavior, locked his gaze on her.


Rosa, for her part, braced herself as she turned involuntarily to face him.

She couldn’t allow herself to get any more excited.


She had to force herself to find fault with this perfect specimen of a top just so that she could calm herself.

Hmph… So what if you’re an arrogant top! You’re nothing more than a classic character! A certain outcome! A cliché! Rather, that overly arrogant manner of yours makes you seem like the type that will transition into a bottom in the future! Hm? Wait… That might actually happen…

Rosa realized something concerning in the midst of battering Leon.


Within the Rose Love world’s innermost sections, there existed a sinful variety of the arrogant top character.


In order for Leon not to fall into that category, he needed to have something other than arrogance working for him.

For example… What if I imagine him as an arrogant top with a commoner background!

Rosa’s brain, which had initiated super-accelerated thinking, immediately altered Leon’s character.


She transformed Leon into a person who had started off as a commoner but had since evolved into an arrogant top.

Rosa reasoned that Leon’s current character was unlikely to collapse if he had previously crumbled under a different persona, precisely that of a commoner.


Furthermore, this allows for a heartwarming occurrence in which Leon is the only one who can figure out a bottom’s genuine nature because of the things that he’s been through. This is somewhat… No, this is quite nice.

Rosa started shaking, awestruck by her own talents. She had created a very profound persona in an instant, despite the fact that she had done so out of need.

For the record, it had only taken Rosa three seconds to do this.

Good. This is good. In this scenario, having Sir Leon appear as a commoner would be ideal. Due to their status as high-ranking nobility, all three of them have blond hair, which gives off a monotonous vibe. It would be a wonderful balance if Prince Leon could just appear with brown hair… That’s it! Let’s just give him brown hair and brown eyes like that of a commoner and… Wait… I guess that’ll be impossible. He’s the prince after all… For starters, he’s already met Moe Bern the way he is presently, so it’s pointless to try to fix that within my thoughts…

Rosa’s imagination clashed with reality at the fourth second, and the momentum she had built up suddenly vanished.


Unfortunately for her, four seconds is a long time to be silent, so she most certainly gave off an odd impression.

Leon looked at her with a serious expression.

“Lady Langheim, are you thinking about something?”

He inquired. Rosa then instantly revealed what she had been thinking about up until that point.

“I just thought about how I’d be if you had brown hair and…”

Rosa suddenly stopped, realizing that what she was saying was unimaginably rude.


Leon inquired, doubting his ears. Rosa could feel his pitch dropping at the same time. She spoke hastily in an attempt to defuse the situation.

“N-Nothing! It’s nothing. There’s no need to think about it.”

She spoke as cold sweat ran down her spine. Leon, on the other hand, simply turned his head to the side in confusion and said, “Hmph, is that so… Lady Langheim, I’m quite interested in what you were thinking just now, could you please tell me what it was about?”

Leon’s pupils began to light up as he uttered this.


Rosa felt a numbing sensation in the inner regions of her head at the same time, and she oddly felt compelled to tell Leon everything.

“Well… Your Highness is a very dignified and confident person… So I thought that I’d be safe entrusting Bernando to you…”

Rosa’s words were coming out of her mouth on their own.

I should at least try to be careful with my words in this case!

Rosa thought, however, her self-control was soon overtaken by the intense urge to speak about what she had been thinking.

Speak… Speak about what I was just thinking… Huh? What was I thinking about? It was only rotten things, right? For example, about how Leon is an arrogant top, or how he’s a perfect match for Bernando… Oh yea! There was a twist there…

“It wouldn’t be right if it continued like that… If you grow overconfident, you could find yourself being the one who is assaulted…”

Rosa was implying that if Leon became overconfident, he could transition into a bottom.


What was after that? Oh yea! The arrogant commoner!

Rosa pondered, her memories resurfacing.


She then spoke in a flat tone that an observer could interpret as mysterious.

“So I’d be best if Your Highness could appear as a commoner with brown hair and eyes… However, that’s not possible so…”

Leon was greatly taken aback when he heard Rosa say that.


Just as Leon was about to ask Rosa for her reasoning, a sharp voice entered his ears.

“Dear Sister!”


It was Bernando.


Rosa felt something click after hearing her brother’s voice and was able to regain her demeanor.

“Just what did I…” 

With her hand raised in front of her mouth, she said.