I’m the Cruel Saint, but I Want to Help my Dear Husband. Translation

30. If Said Like This, Would it be Believed!?

After removing his lips from Charlotte’s ears, Oswald straightened his posture.

However, their surroundings didn’t give up.

“Hey, you don’t have to go so soon.”

“That’s right. How about we go to that store and discuss this further? Your magic and the healing power of the young lady over there are wonderful.”

“While that may be a good offer…”

Oswald spoke while caressing Charlotte’s hair.

“…My wife seems tired.”


It was as if her head had exploded.

As he guided the frozen Charlotte, Oswald thanked the people.

“Alright, then. Everyone, be careful on your way home.”


Along with the sensation of magical power, the surrounding scenery changed.

They were inside Charlotte’s bedroom. Oswald took a breath, and afterwards, released Charlotte.”

“Well, Charlotte…”


Charlotte silently withdrew from Oswald.

“…Hey, what happened?”


“Usually, this is around when wild and starting raving. Why are you silently staring into the distance?”

As Oswald pointed out, Charlotte’s gaze was hollow. As it was, she was a shell of the person she used to be.



“…It’s just impossible. All of my senses have deactivated.”

“…You’re saying something incomprehensible, again.”

“…For Oswald to do such a terrible thing.”

Her hands were trembling.

With a terrified expression, Charlotte looked at her palms.

Then, while covering her face with both hands, she screamed.

“Fugyaaaaa—!!! Not good—!!! My five senses have completely abandoned me—!!! They short-circuited—!!! I can’t get them to work no matter what—!!! As I am now, if I were to look upon Oswald’s greatness, I’d lose my sanity—!!!”

“Don’t push the blame on others! Also, in the first place, aren’t you already insane?!”

Charlotte, who couldn’t suppress her feelings, crumpled to the floor.

Oswald suspected that perhaps, she preferred the floor more so than the bed because of how many times that had happened.

Hy. Hyguu… Oswald who used a sleeping spell, Oswald who activated an ice spell…!! You’re the coolest in the world…!!”

“…For the time being, I concluded that you’re alright. Physically, that is.”

“Are you concerned about me—!?”

“Don’t try to hug me when you’re in such a messy state!”

She was so happy, her body moved involuntarily. She already knew that Oswald was a kind man. Still, she was glad that he thought of her for even a moment.

Ehehe, ‘my wife seems tired’, he said…

She held her cheeks with both hands, feeling ready to burst in joy.

Then, Oswald bitterly stared at her.

“…You did something uncalled-for this time around.”


To that voice, Charlotte fixed her posture and sat straight on the floor.

“I left you with a scarce amount of divine power. As such, there was no telling whether or not your healing spell would have actually activated.”


It was as Oswald said.

Not to mention the problem with her divine power, Charlotte couldn’t remember how to use healing magic. Under those circumstance, her not being killed by the Fenrir could be considered a miracle.

“You could’ve died. Are you aware of that?”

The moment he said that, Charlotte was stunned.


She stood up and bowed deeply.

“I’m truly sorry!”


Oswald gasped at Charlotte who suddenly apologized.

…That was thoughtless of me. If anything had happened to me at that time, both the Fenrir and Oswald would have had to shoulder the blame.

With an urge to cry, she looked up towards her beloved.

Oswald married her by royal decree. It was done to supervise her.

As such, for the cruel saint, Charlotte, to die under his watch, he’d surely be inconvenienced.

If I die, Oswald might be punished because he will have inadvertently violated the decree. The Fenrir might also be punished. I didn’t even notice that. I did as I pleased…

When she was confronting the Fenrir, Charlotte didn’t think much about getting injured or dying.

Now, she secretly regretted her short-sightedness.

“I’ll refrain from doing anything reckless like that anymore.”

“…I didn’t know what to say. You didn’t hesitate when you jumped in front of that Fenrir.”

“Ah, that’s because I wasn’t thinking about anything at all at that moment! I’ll be more careful from now on, I swear! I will help Oswald in a way that won’t endanger my own life!”

However, Oswald still appeared to be skeptical.

H, he doesn’t trust me… I have to convince him somehow!

Charlotte was troubled. After desperately thinking, she found a flash of inspiration.

“T, that’s right! I mean, if I succeed in being a great help to Oswald, won’t you take me out on a date?”

“…Come again?”

If the reason was “I want to go on a date with Oswald,” he’d surely believe her.

It was a very serious proposal …However, Oswald’s expression became steep.

The temperature of the room, as if it had taken a plunge, was colder than even a snowy landscape.

“Uh, if you don’t want to, it’s alright…”

As Charlotte withered and made a sad expression, the wrinkles between Oswald’s eyebrows increasingly deepened.


She was sure that he was going to be terribly mad.

However, his voice, as he spun his answer, was blunt yet gentler than she had anticipated.

“…If you truly meant that, then I’ll hold your hand and go on a date with you.”


For a moment, it was as if her sight was filled with light.


“Get away, don’t hug me—!!”

In that way, Charlotte learned an important lesson from her day of shopping in the city.

However, she couldn’t tell Oswald.

She couldn’t tell him that there were two concerns in her heart.

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