I’m the Cruel Saint, but I Want to Help my Dear Husband. Translation

31. Learning About Public Perception!

Afterwards, Charlotte learned of the consequences Fenrir faced after going berserk in the city.

For the protection of the Fenrir, Oswald had consulted with Heydemarie.

According to Oswald, Heydemarie worked to protect monsters. She was also particularly accustomed to Fenrir. Apparently, the wolf that was following Heydemarie around was a young Fenrir.

Therefore, the next day, as a result of Heydemarie going out to the city, Charlotte only had class in the morning.

Over the last few days, her daily routine had been attending tea parties after class.

 “Oh my, Frida! So, you’ve decided to study abroad in the same city as your dependable stepbrother?!”

Charlotte’s bright voice echoed in the greenhouse of Heydemarie’s residence.

Surrounding the round table and having tea were the ladies she had discussed romance with the other day. On that day, Charlotte had first spoken to Frida who was infatuated with her stepbrother.

With her brown hair braided and always tied-up in a mature style, Frida cleared her throat.

“After Charlotte forcibly unearthed my true feelings, I spoke to my father. As I’m the third daughter, it won’t be a problem for me to leave the house. I’ve been planning to continue my studies. Therefore, my father decided that it’d be better for me to further my education abroad rather than at home…”

“Even better, you might be able to become your stepbrother’s marriage partner?! Isn’t he going to be adopted as the successor!?”

“T, that’s, well, who can say!? But it seems that I’ll be allowed to study abroad! If that happens, I’ll be staying in the same boarding house as my stepbrother…”

Charlotte applaused Frida with all her might.

“M-Monica is better than me! After talking with Charlotte, she took the plunge and wrote a letter to her childhood friend. In it, she wrote, “During spring break, I will return. I have an important matter to discuss with you.” Well, well, could it be—!?”

“Eeh!? Monica, are you perhaps…!?”

Monica blushed when she had confessed that she had always liked her childhood friend, someone with whom she always bickered with.

“Actually, I sent another letter through magic last night, saying, “As I thought, I can’t wait for spring break, I’ll return tomorrow.” So, with him, tonight… Also, I’ve decided to speak with my father…”

“Is that so!?”

“Well, everyone, please pray that I won’t quarrel with him tonight…!”

To Monica, who covered her face, Charlotte said, “I’m sure everything will be okay.”

Despite saying that she still hadn’t organized her thoughts, Monica was determined to speak with her friend tonight.

“As for Elvira, after hearing about Charlotte going shopping in the city with her spouse, you also invited your escort to do the same, right?”

“Eh!? Is that so!?”

“T, that’s—!!”

Elvira, the central lady of the group, replied with a crimson face. Her teacup was tilted.

“I, it isn’t like I’m jealous of Charlotte or anything! But… the other day, when he picked me up, he mentioned having lost his cufflink. I’m merely rewarding the loyalty of my escort! There’s nothing more to it at all!”

“Fufu, but of course, Elvira…”

“Charlotte, how dare you laugh at me…!”

Elvira drank her tea in an agitated manner.

“—How did it go? How did the shopping with your husband, who you claim to have a one-sided love towards?!”


Charlotte tensed at the remark.

The four ladies were gazing at her expectantly. Then, Charlotte purposefully kept silent for a few seconds, before loosening her expression.

Seeing that, the ladies, led by Elvira, raised their voices.

“—What?! So, it went well, after all!”

“N, no, not necessarily—! It’s just, Os—my husband was really cool during our outings—!”

She had to grasp her cheeks to prevent her face from melting in joy.

On the other hand, she snuck a glance at a person whom she hadn’t yet made any inquires.

Sitting next to Charlotte was Irene, a red-haired lady who was in love with her classmate at the magic academy.

Is Irene alright? She hasn’t spoken at all during today’s tea party.

The other ladies should had noticed, too. However, they dared not inquire about it.

It’s part of the etiquette for social gatherings. Therefore, I should imitate them.

After a casual glance at Irene, Elvira spoke to Charlotte once again.

“Did you go to the City of Corent in the Southern region? Your husband has a good taste.”

“Yes! Every inch of my husband is wonderful, if I dare say so myself! …So, what kind of city is the City of Corent?”

When Charlotte asked, everyone’s eyes went wide.

“You didn’t know!?”

“It seems that you truly do come from a countryside… The second prince oversees the public affairs of business. As such, that is the first city the latest fashion of various countries reaches, or so I am told.”

“I see, then what about the Northern region? How does it fair?”

North was the territory of Langheim—in other words, Oswald’s territory.

Charlotte didn’t know where precisely Heydemarie’s mansion was located. She was usually teleported there. However, it was probably safe to assume that it wasn’t part of Oswald’s territory.

As the ladies stared at each other, they muttered, “The North…” meaningfully.

“…The Northern region is a little scary, isn’t it? It boarders two great powers.”

I see…

“While this kingdom is massive, the two other countries in the North are just as large. It is said that should war break out between those two countries, the Northern region will be the first to face danger.”

Charlotte nodded in affirmation.

“The Northern border is safe simply because of Duke Langheim’s existence.”


As the name of her beloved was mentioned, Charlotte beamed.

“No one dares invade out of fear towards His Excellency Langheim, a man hailed as the genius magician of the continent.”

“My father also said that His Excellency Langheim is formidable in the battlefield. He seems to have witnessed his capability in person, although from some distance. I envy my father.”

“Because of his achievements, he rose to the rank of an aristocrat—uh, Charlotte?”

The ladies stared dubiously at the sizzling Charlotte.

…N, not good! I mustn’t act as if I’m totally invested in Oswald’s exploits!

Charlotte hurriedly adjusted her posture down and smiled.

“I’m sorry! Everyone is truly well-informed, so I was just impressed! Do continue!”

“I, I see… Well, if we are to talk about His Excellency Langheim, various houses are presently targeting him.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“Isn’t it obvious?”

When Charlotte looked at them, the ladies spoke in flirtatious manners—

“—Aiming to provide His Excellency Oswald Ralph Langheim with his wife, of course!”


She blinked.

“…His wife.”

“Every house with a daughter is desperate to get the attention of His Excellency Langheim. My uncle also requested I attend the same evening party as His Excellency… However, I refused. I have no intention of getting closer to him…”

Charlotte deemed it understandable.

…It seems that my marriage with Oswald hasn’t been made public.

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