The Rotten Lady Rosa Wants to Watch Over Love from the Shadows Translation

21. The Rotten Lady Rosa Wants to Watch Over Love from the Shadows

Chapter Twenty One: Rosa Wishes to Procure a Top (III)

When Rosa came to herself, she covered her lips with her hand and muttered, “Just what did I…”

This is bad!


She couldn’t recall precisely what she’d said, but she knew she’d said something reprehensible. However, instead of criticizing her, Leon simply looked at Rosa with a serious expression. Bernando, on the other hand, was peering attentively at Rosa from the side.

“Dear Sister, you don’t look well. Are you alright?”

Rosa’s heart had apparently overflowed as a result of immersing herself in her fantasies, even if just for a few seconds. Rosa brushed it off, adding, “It happens all the time, so don’t be worried,” and bowed towards Leon once again.

“I am very sorry. I got carried away and said something strange… I’m hoping you won’t think much of my thoughtless babbling.”

“Yea…” Leon remarked with a nod as he glanced at Rosa.

He’ll overlook it! He’s surprisingly tolerant. Rosa sighed, patting her chest with relief. On the other hand, Leon flashed a faint smile at the same time.

“By the way, is it fine if I just call you Rosa?” He inquired, his smile resembling that of a predator.


A perfect representation of an arrogant top. Rosa was so taken with him that she wanted to have him in a textbook. Rosa, of course, immediately agreed to the modest request, which could hardly be considered adequate remuneration. “Of course.”

He’s probably the sort who addresses the side characters informally while lovingly whispering ‘Moe Bern’ to his true love. 

Bernando and Leon’s attendant, on the other hand, both seemed startled by Leon. The only thing that came to Rosa’s mind when she saw them was, Oh my! Moe Bern is so adorable when he’s surprised.

“Please pardon me but my sister does not appear to have fully healed. Could I kindly ask you to leave?” Bernando spoke with a slightly irritated tone. Leon gazed at Bernando amusedly for a moment before nodding softly.

“Of course. Rather, I apologize for barging in so suddenly. We will leave immediately. Still, I can’t help but wonder if your sister is truly alright… I don’t seem to see the physician.”

“He isn’t present. I’ve taken the liberty of treating my dear sister, so you don’t have to be concerned.” Bernando once again said with an irritated tone.


When Kamil heard this, he broke his silence and mumbled, “I wonder where the physician went?” in an irritated tone.

“He is probably teaching one of his lectures, isn’t he?”

“Originally, that would have been the case. However, we’re here and have this extra free time because he didn’t show up for his lecture.” In a polite tone, Kamil replied to Bernando’s question. However, Kamil’s expression darkened when he spoke after.

“It’s inexplicable that he enjoys living in the royal palace but refuses to carry out his obligations. Perhaps I should go have a talk with him. While I’m at it I might as well change his title to ‘good-for-nothing.’” Kamil said with a displeased tone.


Upon noticing his best friend’s displeasure, Leon shrugged his shoulders in an attempt to diffuse the situation.

“I agree, but you shouldn’t talk like some sister-in-law. I apologize, you two. Kamil is a sincere person. Therefore whenever he notices someone slacking, be it a prince or a physician, he can’t help but confront them.”

Kamil was apparently enraged by the physician’s carelessness because of his absence. Rosa could vaguely guess what the physician’s situation inside the royal palace was based on Kamil and Leon’s talk, but she wasn’t bothered about it right now.

Oh my… So, Sir Kamil is the scolding type… I guess he has potential as a Mom Bottom.

Right now, Rosa was immersed in her fantasies. Kamil was tall, but he didn’t have Leon’s ferocity; instead, he gave off the impression of a slender beauty.

I pictured him as an earnest top to carry out my Ultimate Bottom Bernando plan. However, I can imagine him being a bottom as well. Is he a top or a bottom…

Rosa pondered as she locked her gaze on Kamil. However, Kamil turned a suspicious stare on Rosa the next moment, so Rosa quickly diverted her eyes.

I can’t. I must control myself!


Leon intervened as Rosa struggled to keep her cool.

“Well then. We might as well leave seeing your dependable brother is accompanying you.” He stated this as he looked at Rosa with his lovely golden eyes.

“Rosa. You can find me at any time if you need to talk to me about your wound. You can also go in and out of the main palace as you please. I’ll also tell my sister to apologize properly.”

“Huh…? U-Um… T-Thank you…” Leon was apparently willing to not only let Rosa off the hook for her insulting comments but also to offer her a free pass to the main palace.


Nothing less could be expected from the oldest son. He genuinely cared about Rosa, who had been injured as a result of his younger sister’s actions.

Nothing less from Moe Bern’s best husband candidate! Rosa shrewdly awarded the title to Leon after being delighted with his later statement.


After all, the main palace offered many other interesting places to see in addition to this room. The library, which housed a large collection of literature, and the knight’s training area were two examples. Rosa had no intention of passing up this chance.

Rosa inwardly thanked Leon for the unexpected harvest as she silently sent him and Kamil off. Bernando let out a deep sigh as soon as the door closed.

“Good grief… That prince’s mind manipulating magic power is bothersome.”

“Bernando?” Rosa’s Beloved brother looked up at her with an angry expression as she called out to him.

“First the princess and now the prince. Dear Sister, you really are…”

“What?” Rosa thought Bernando was criticizing her for bringing more and more outstanding individuals into her Rose Love dreams.


Bernando spoke up as Rosa acted anxiously, unsure of what to say. “Where did that thing about the brown hair and brown eyes come from? Both His Highness and Kamil were quite shocked by it.”

“Huh…? Oh… That’s just…” Rosa had no way of telling her brother, who loathed her peculiar fantasies, about the need for a twist in the form of the commoner, arrogant top. 

“I’m sorry… I wasn’t sure how to say it… And I thought that you would grow to hate me if I said it…” Rosa mumbled her words as Bernando remained with a pained expression on his face.

“Then it’s fine.”

“What? Really?”

“Yes. Since it is not something that will put you in any danger, then there is no need to talk about it, right?”

Rosa inadvertently replied, “Of course!” as she nodded her head while Bernando glanced at her. After all, this was the ideal solution for Rosa. Bernando’s brow furrowed slightly as Rosa began to relax.

I guess my dear sister really wants to hide her powers…

Bernando had interpreted Rosa’s behavior in this way.

Her eyes were a much darker color, and her words were definitely some sort of prophecy or some type of insight right now. However, she was probably afraid that showing off her abilities would make His Highness think she was weird. Just as it did with our father…

The Count was said to have greatly disliked Rosa’s intelligence and, above all, her pure eyes, which could apparently see through his vile character.


Rosa likely felt that the power etched into her mysterious purple eyes was an abomination.

Well, for me, it doesn’t matter even if that prince has brown hair. All I have to do now is wait for my sister’s heart to naturally open up to me rather than scare her into listening to me.

Bernando was concerned for his sister in his own way. Rosa’s heart, instead of opening up, was already fully open towards her brother, thus Bernando’s thought was entirely pointless. Fortunately or unfortunately, he didn’t even notice.

Bernando shook his head slightly and changed the subject. “As long as it doesn’t hurt you, Dear Sister, then I don’t mind. You can tell me about it whenever you feel like it. But, there is one thing I’d like to correct.”

“One thing you’d like to correct?”

“I would never hate you, Dear Sister.” Bernando said, a faint smile on his face as he gazed into Rosa’s eyes. “I want you to remember that. You understand?”

“What…? Oh… Yea…”


Rosa was taken aback when she noticed her brother exuding a trace of a man’s charm rather than a boy’s.

W-What should I do…! Moe Bern is gradually turning into a top!!!

The reason she was taken aback was naturally that she was worried. Bernando hurriedly packed away the chemicals and prepared to return to the detached palace, ignoring Rosa’s distress. Rosa dropped her brows in disappointment as she saw him moving so quickly.

I’m stimulating Moe Bern’s top qualities and gradually transforming him into a top since I’m a hopeless person… I need to get a grip! For now, I should change my bad habit of getting delusional wherever I go. I also have to do something about my habit of acting without thinking each time I see a sign of Rose Love… I need to restrain myself!

“Well then. I’m going back to the detached palace. What will you do, Dear Sister? Is there something you’d like to do here?”

Bernando, who was going to follow Leon and Kamil out of the physician’s room, turned back and inquired. Rosa hurriedly retracted her finger, which had been stretching towards the curtain of the bed next to her.

“I-I wasn’t doing anything!” It wasn’t like she was trying to figure out whether there was a forbidden couple hidden behind the curtains, holding their breath.


Self-restraint… Self-restraint…! However, since I’ve already come all the way to the main palace, I may as well look around on my way back to the detached palace. The Knights Order’s training grounds are close so I might check those first. While I’m at it, I’ll check the library’s lineup to see if there are any books about Rose Love. I also need to look for suitable date spots and potential tops for my Ultimate Bottom Bernando plan… I guess that will be enough for now.

Rosa instantly put an end to her wild fantasies and spoke to Bernando.

“I’ll go back after getting a bit of fresh air outside. You can go ahead.” Her head was already filled with wicked thoughts.

That is also why, as she sent Bernando away, she probably didn’t notice the curtains behind her flutter a little.