The Rotten Lady Rosa Wants to Watch Over Love from the Shadows Translation

22. The Rotten Lady Rosa Wants to Watch Over Love from the Shadows

Chapter Twenty Two: Rosa Wishes to Procure a Top (IV)

**{} brackets are used to show the characters speaking in the Apt language.

{That was close! That girl is quite sharp.}

As soon as Rosa had left, someone reached for the curtains on the opposite side of the bed. He appeared to be sixteen or seventeen years old.


He had dark hair and brown skin. His chiseled and exotic face and his long white robe, which was uncommon in the kingdom, gave him a distinct appearance. He was known as Ladu al Aptan. A physician from the Apt tribe, which Berg had conquered the previous year.


He was the sixth son of the tribe’s chief, and his medical abilities were reputed to be among the greatest in Apt’s kingdom. He had abandoned his lecture duties and was now taking a leisurely nap in his room.

{It would have been bad if the prince found me here… Nonetheless, I managed to see something interesting.} Ladu mumbled in Apt, his eyes shining with a mischievous gleam similar to a child’s. Ladu had never met someone like Leon before. 


A young prince with incredible magical abilities who had managed to conquer the Apt kingdom with a single swing of his arm. In addition, his beautiful face, coupled with his seductive magic power, drew ladies in without him having to do anything.

Brown hair and brown eyes, huh… Is it possible that that girl can see right through a person’s constitution?

Ladu had no interest in the prince’s outer appearance because he was an Apt, and the Apts didn’t care about magic power at all. However, if Rosa truly possessed the power to see past a person’s physical traits, it was no surprise that Ladu, a physician, was intrigued by her. After all, Rosa’s ability seemed like something that would be useful in medical examinations.

Rosa von Langheim huh… Ah! She’s the daughter of the count who came looking for me a while ago after contracting some sort of venereal disease. Ladu demonstrated his incredible memory by recalling information about Rosa in a matter of seconds.


Shortly after Ladu had arrived at the royal palace, a man, who had tried to hide his saggy figure at the time, had come to him for medical care. Langheim was indeed the name of the arrogant man with blond hair and blue eyes.

If that girl’s a rose, then that count is a pig. It’s funny how different they are from one another. What kind of genes does that pig have to be able to produce a rose?

Ladu grinned wryly with a curious smile, but he soon dismissed the concept. Now was not the time to meddle in other people’s family matters.

He’ll have a talk with me, huh… That sure sounded dangerous.

Ladu remembered the prince’s aide Kamil’s unsettling remark. However, Ladu understood this was how all of the royal palace’s high-ranking nobles saw him.

He was a heretic who had been kept alive only to treat the queen and teach Berg their medicine. The people of Berg had no need for the people of Apt if they didn’t have those. If he grew useless, the occupants of the royal palace would most certainly kill or exile him.

{It’s not like I’m slacking on purpose!} Ladu grumbled. His position was a complex one.


Despite being a member of the Apt’s chief’s family, he had a low position as the son of a dancer who happened to be a concubine. Despite this, he had been forced to play the role of a hostage since he was Apt’s brightest and most talented physician.

His half-brothers, who were terrified of the Kingdom of Bern’s power, had advised him to obey Bern’s orders so as not to anger them, for if they thought he was losing value to them, they would burn their libraries and villages to the ground. That, however, was complete nonsense to Ladu.

A kingdom was still a kingdom. No matter how much the people of Apt tried, if the kingdom of Bern wished for it, they could easily burn all their libraries and villages.


The kingdom of Bern, Ladu felt, would do so once they had learned everything they could from him. That was when he would become useless.

His half-brothers, who had remained at home, could only pray in the end. As a result, the future of the village lay on the shoulders of Ladu, the one who had been brought to the royal palace. It was only reasonable for Ladu to be hesitant to offer his single bargain chip, his medical knowledge.

Furthermore, because a section in the Apt holy texts stated that only people who understood the Apt language and had a love for the Apt lands were allowed to study it, Ladu had no intention of teaching Berg’s nobles, who had become entrenched in their elitism.


Moreover, Ladu’s refusal to attend his lectures was understandable, given that he had announced in his first lecture that he would not educate anyone who couldn’t even use the Apt language in everyday situations.


It was his arrogant and lazy students’ fault for not doing their homework. Furthermore, Ladu had previously stated that the queen’s condition could not be treated with medicine. And there were none who could meet the prerequisites for his lectures. As a result, Ladu’s only task then was to lie down and unwind.

And I suppose I should take my vengeance by stirring up trouble at the royal palace and getting the better of that pompous prince. Ladu thought, the ends of his mouth curling into a smile.

Ladu despised the Kingdom of Berg and its magical supremacy ideals and prince Leon, who was well-known for his vast magic power. Seeing how the prince’s magical power could make everybody obey him made Ladu want to poison those golden eyes of his.

With a single stroke of their arms, they set fire to our towns, rejected our culture, and burned it while labeling it heresy… The people of Berg are nothing but arrogant trash.

The people of Berg had nothing but contempt for the Apts, who possessed no magic power. Ladu received encouraging letters from his half-brothers daily, but he didn’t pay attention to them.

They want me to bend over because they’re scared? Like hell! I’d rather fight back.

Ladu was looking for ways to retaliate, such as providing aphrodisiacs to ladies who wished to approach the prince and claiming ignorance of any nefarious information or rumors. And no one could blame Ladu since he didn’t go above or below the responsibilities entrusted to him.

{I sincerely hope that this kingdom perishes.} Ladu said coldly as he returned his gaze to the medicine shelf.


Ladu prayed by touching his forehead and heart with his right fist while looking up at the icon on the top shelf. {If you wish to burn our land, then so be it. We will, however, go from place to place, and one day you will be the ones in danger.} 

Ladu’s cat-like eyes appeared as he lifted his eyelids, and a sarcastic look filled his face.