Everything you Acquire in the Future Shall be Thrown Away by Me Translation

14. Something I Didn’t Want to Know Because I Gave up Trying to Attain it

Selena carefully combed my short hair.

Despite short hair being considered ugly for a lady, neither Selena nor Lily made any comments about it.

“Milady, which hair accessory would you like to wear? Is there anything you prefer?”

Lily displayed a number of ornaments before me.

Why were there women’s ornaments in His Highness Weiss’ mansion? Save for his servants, only His Highness Weiss lived there.

His Highness Weiss also often went abroad. He rarely returned to his residence.

“The lord prepared everything for the young lady.”

As if having noticed my confusion, Selena explained.

“…For me?”

That didn’t make sense.

I wasn’t His Highness Weiss’ fiancée. Indeed, he had managed to persuade me to stay, but on the off-chance I had rejected his offer…

“It’s not limited to these. In the next room, there’re also dresses reserved for the young lady.”

Lily nonchalantly explained to me.

“Why would he…?”

“For a lord to bestow lavish gifts upon the woman he loves, there’s no surprise to it.”

I wasn’t convinced by Selena’s words.

“If we were lovers, that may be fine. But, I’m still not sure if I will reciprocate His Highness Weiss’ feelings. Besides, I might not stay here for long.”

At my words, Selena’s smile deepened.

“Indeed. If the lady hadn’t come here for the rest of her life, they would have never seen the light of day and might have ended up being kept forever. But such not the case, is it? Besides, I don’t believe the young lady should concern herself with it for the lord did it out of his own volition.”

No, I should?

I picked up a yellow diamond choker. It matched the color of His Highness Weiss’ eyes.

It was a sweet honey color.

“Do you like it?”

Selena looked at the choker I picked. I answered bitterly.

“I don’t think it’ll suit me.” I proceeded to put it inside the box.

Beautiful and fine dresses were unbefitting of me.

In fact, I had never worn any in my life. Therefore, if I were to wear them, I was certain I’d look like a clown.

“What are you talking about, Milady!?”

With her cheeks puffed and her hands on her hips, Lily became angry. Although she was angry for my sake, I had to apologize inwardly. No matter how hard she tried, she looked like a child throwing a tantrum.

“We can only decide that after you’ve worn it. I don’t think it’s possible, but on the off-chance that it doesn’t suit you, it’s not your fault. It’s the lord’s fault for choosing something like that!”

“It’s exactly as Lily said. A fine lord should be able to match suitable dresses and jewelry for woman. Men who can’t do at least that much can only be called incompetent.”

Selena’s proud remark suited her beautiful face.

“Well, Milady, which dress would you prefer?”

“If I soil it, I don’t think I’ll be able compensate it…”

As they had made such a big deal about it, I wanted to wear it. For me, simply wearing a dress was a luxury. I had never been able to afford one, after all.

“Isn’t it fine?”

Selena, who had no idea to my thoughts, casually allowed me to wear it.

“If the dress gets dirty, you’ll have an excuse to ask for a new one.”

“—Now, Milady, which dress will you choose?”

 I was taken to a walk-in closet to choose a dress for dinner.

“Just for attending a dinner…?”


Both Selena and Lily answered as if it was common knowledge.

To be honest, I had never received a single present from His Highness Wagner. Therefore, in that regard, it could be said that I lacked the knowledge. Still, I could infer that what those two maids were saying was abnormal.

Moreover, although the dresses were colorful, most of them were dark green and honey of color. Both were the colors of His Highness Weiss.

If I were to wear his colors, it’d be like announcing to my surroundings that I was his. It could also be taken to symbolize of his exclusive desire.

My body felt hot.

“How about this dress? Its calm atmosphere suits Milady.”

Selena recommended a dark green dress. As the entire dress was dark greenr, the golden buttons attached as decorations looked beautiful. It also had a lace around the neck.

It was a dress with low exposure and a tight waist. It wouldn’t look strange if I, who had short hair, were to wear it.

With that in mind, I took a look at the dresses inside the closet.

Dresses with fluffy hems were the latest fashion, but those dresses wouldn’t look good on me because of my hair.

That was why I was reluctant to wear a dress.

But there did exist something that would look good on me.

A mermaid dress.

His Highness Weiss’ consideration made me tearful.

No one had ever cared about me. I thought that it would be the same even now, despite the fact that time had rewound.

“I think this is better.”

Lily recommended a dress that was the same color as His Highness Weiss’ eyes. Rose decorations were attached to the chest while pearl decorations studded the sleeves.

Every single dress within that closet had been prepared for me—

—Only for me.

It was something that I couldn’t have before. Things that I wasn’t allowed to have.

That was why I thought it didn’t exist.

Things that existed solely for my sake. People who’d care about me.

Those were the two things I wanted to attain in my previous life.

…At the same time, they were also that which I had gave up on acquiring.

Indeed, I had given up on them.

So, I acted like I didn’t want anything.

I would have much preferred if he hadn’t given me anything. That way, I wouldn’t know how happy it would make me.

…If I were to get used to said happiness and get thrown away—

…If he were to tell me that he was tired of me—

—Then I’d never be able to rise up ever again.

Now that I knew of such warmth, there was no way that I wouldn’t yearn for it.

Your Highness Weiss, please…

…Don’t expose my heart.

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