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13. She Wished for It

“Welcome back, my lord. Welcome to our house, Lady Lark. I’m Bernard, the head butler of the Wisner family.”

An old butler with glasses bowed his head.

“I’m Sofia Lark. Thank you for welcoming me.”

“We’ve prepared the maids who’ll be tending to the young lady. May I introduce you to them?”

“Yes, please.”

“These are Selena and Lily. They are the maids who’ll be tending to the young lady. Despite being young, they’re both excellent maids.”

“I’m Selena. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me. I’ll do my best to make you feel at home.”

With her bluish, silver, hair and cyan eyes, Selena was as beautiful as a bisque doll. In fact, she almost didn’t seem to be human.

“I’m Lily. Before anything else, let me tell you—I’m 25 years old.”



“““It’s true.”””

I inadvertently turned towards His Highness Weiss for confirmation. Then, His Highness Weiss affirmed. By the way, he was always staring at me.

This seemingly 10-years-old girl is…?

The two servants beside her also gave affirmative replies.

“…I feel like I’ve just witnessed a mystery of God.”

Everyone other than Lily nodded to my muttering.


POV: Weiss

“How’s Sofia?”

I confirmed with Bernard who had quietly entered the room.

“She’s resting in her room.”

“I see.”

Bernard was a former mercenary.

He said that upon becoming inactive, he had become weaker. Although I didn’t feel like I could win even if I were to fight him seriously. Bernard would also say, “I won’t be defeated by a hatchling.”

I wanted to know how strong he was when he was still enlisted, but it felt like a Pandora’s box that shouldn’t be opened. He also hadn’t talked much about his past.

“According to Selena and Lily, there are countless bruises all over her body ranging from recent to quite old.”


The windowpane I was holding cracked.

I wanted to crush anyone who had the gall to torment her.

“Why did you leave that man be?”

Bernard, who knew my temperament, was confused by me. Usually, I was the first to move.

Now that Sofia was within the safety of my mansion, I had a lot of time to drag the Lark family into the pit of Hell.

Oh, I’m truly eager to do so…

I wanted to multiply the pain that Sofia had suffered and return the favor to them.


“…Because that’s what Sofia wants.”

I didn’t know what Sofia’s goal was. She had chosen to confront the Duke of Lark and that woman on her own.

Therefore, I shouldn’t do anything for the moment.

“I shall help her when she requires it. For now, I shall wait until her wishes come true.”

Her hope wasn’t revenge. Those wretched people were a threat towards Sofia, but I had safely freed her from their clutches.

I wasn’t merciful enough to spare those who had afflicted and killed my dear ones, though.

“What happened to what I asked for?”

“Regarding Dahal Kinvally, Leon and Oz have investigated him. I shall let them report directly to you.”

Two young men descended from the ceiling as if they were waiting for Bernard’s words.

One was a man with blond hair and blue eyes, akin to the embodiment of a fairy tale prince. Although, it was his looks only. He was Leon.

The other man had a light green hair that concealed his red eyes. He was Oz.

Both of them were my shadows and reported directly to me.

Originally, shadows were only attached to the king and the crown prince, Vitoselk. However, they trusted me and bestowed me a pair of shadows as well.

At present, they roamed around the kingdom and provided me with information that would benefit the kingdom. They made it easier for me to carry out investigations. I did believe that I’d have to return them to the kingdom in the future, but for the moment, I was grateful for their help.

“As you wished, I’ve investigated for Dahal Kinvally. It’s been a long time since I last felt this excited. I haven’t seen a man so unscrupulous.” Said Leon.

Leon always made the reports. Oz basically didn’t speak. He was a reticent man.

“He’s similar to a landlord. Whenever someone disobeys him, he hires thugs to enact threats. It has even resulted in death. In such cases, he uses money to erase the evidence. He also likes to collect beautiful things—be it items or people. In his basement, stuffed humans are on display as though it is an exhibit.”

Had he done the same to Sofia, I’d have split him into eight parts.

“Killing and embalming beautiful women are his hobbies.”

“I don’t think I recognize that practice.”

“Yes, it’s a technique that was recently developed in the West. It’s used for long-term storage and the restoration of bodies. A family can be saved, albeit as corpses. It’s the result of human ego that desires to give a final farewell to beautiful remains. I don’t really understand it.”

Leon spoke bitterly.

When he was quiet, he could be popular. But when he opened his mouth, said impression all but vanished in an instant.

“It seems that Dahal Kinvally has some connection with the underworld. The Kinvally family is in charge of trading, so people in the underworld may have noticed him because of that. Therefore, there are a lot of narcotics, narcotics, and narcotics… also, there are weapons involved.”

Leon laughed as if it was irresistibly funny.

“Even if something were to happen, the people in the underworld would surely act like nothing has happened. It’d be a hassle if something were to happen to him, though. Finding and incorporating a well-understood trading company like his is tedious. By the way, it seems that several high-ranking aristocrats are involved in the trafficking of weapons. What’d you want to do?”

“I’ll capture everyone and hand them over to the king, with evidence. However, I shall give you Dahal. Do whatever you want to him.”

“I thank my lord for his wise consideration.”

***T/N: This prince is Sofia’s cheat item after regressing.

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