The Marquis’ Amnesia Translation

The Marquis’ Amnesia 8.5

Chapter Eight and a Half: The Milk Kinship Butler’s Monologue

“Why, your wife’s beauty is beyond words.”

Alphonse, who was sitting on the chair I had prepared in the study as I waited for him, opened his mouth as soon as the lord came.

My lord, who recognized Alphonse as his laidback friend despite having lost his memory, sat down on the chair behind the desk while groaning.

I checked the condition of the tea leaves that I had brewed in advance. When the rich scent gently caressed the tip of my nose, I poured it into the teacups, before serving the two.

“—Like I said, Liliana is my wife. Don’t speak of her so casually.”

While receiving his tea, my master warned Alphonse.

In response, Alphonse laughed happily. His laugh actually resembled that of my wife, Elsa.

“Don’t be jealous just because I’ve managed to steal Lily’s heart?”

Upon being stabbed by Alphonse’s bitter remark, my lord sank to his desk. Even though I was on my lord’s side, there was nothing I could do regarding his bond with his wife. I couldn’t offer any support, for I, myself, agreed with Alphonse’s remark.

Paying no heed to my lord’s desolation, Alphonse continued speaking while gracefully enjoying his tea.

“During our conversation, I was the only one who spoke about Will. As for Lily herself, she didn’t speak a word about him.”

Like a cunning cat, Alphonse’s sky-blue eyes were squinted.

My lord’s sturdy shoulders jolted with surprise. However, he didn’t try to lift his face. Apparently, he was aware of it himself.

“…After all, the less she knows about you, the less painful it’d be.”

As he spoke in a lamenting voice, Alphonse wriggled in a dramatic manner.

Liliana didn’t proactively try to get to know her husband. Ever since she was married, she had been like that. I merely waited and see.

Since I was Elsa’s husband, I’d return to the mansion on my days off. During those times, I’d usually either spoke with the young lady, or had tea with Elsa.

Despite being aware of the fact that I had a lot of information regarding the lord, the young lady never asked about him. She’d always smile quietly. At most, she’d merely ask, “Is my husband doing alright?” Then, on my way back, she’d always told me to relay her thanks.

“…Please tell him that I’m living comfortably and that I’m grateful.”

Even after my lord had lost his memories and she had started to spend time with him, those hadn’t changed.

It might be partly because he had lost his memory. Even so, had she asked me or Elsa, whom were well-informed of the lord’s hobbies and preferences, we’d surely respond… And yet, she never did.

“…When I went to see her the day I got permission to get out of bed, I …wasn’t even given the right to apologize.”

To my lord, who slowly got up, Alphonse tilted his head, urging for more.

“Inside Liliana, not a trace of my person before I had amnesia remained.”

“It’s on you for always leaving her behind before you lost your memory.”

Alphonse quietly stared at my lord.

His sky-blue eyes had the power to engulf people. His gaze had a solemn atmosphere like that of a quiet sky at dawn. Despite the fact that he was currently smiling, there was something ominous about it.

Without trying to divert his bright blue eyes, my lord faced Alphonse calmly.

“From outsider’s point of view, there must be no man who’s as selfish as I am. I started to love my wife, with whom he had been estranged until then, because he lost his memory.”

“…Are you the one who left a scar on Lily’s heart to the extent that she closed her heart?”

While rearranging his long legs, Alphonse asked that question.

“If I was the one who hurt her, then it’s up to me to heal her, and no one else. I want Liliana to be happy. I want to be happy with her. As long as I am with her, I feel like such desire isn’t unattainable.”

With a firm posture, my lord declared while staring straight into Alphonse’s eyes.

Alphonse slightly squinted his eyes as he stared at my lord’s eyes, and then his belly. However, his expression soon loosened. Then, as he sipped his tea—

“—I see. Well, the relationship between you and Liliana is at zero point. As such, no matter how much you multiply it, it’ll stay as is.”

“If so, I will add it.”

My lord made a serious statement.

“…As you say, before my lord lost his memory, he was but inexistent to the young lady. Therefore, I wonder if the starting point is at negative value…”

When such words were spewed involuntarily by my mouth, Alphonse burst into laughter. Then, he pointed towards my lord.

“Ahahaha—! That’s right—! It seems that I’m being too soft—! Will, you’re a minus—!”

…That’s fine, if you multiply the minus with minus, it’s a plus! In other words, I’m a plus!”

When my lord protested, Alphonse laughed even more. I also couldn’t help but laugh. I hurriedly hid it the moment I felt my lord’s gaze towards me.

…Although, being utterly honest, his gaze did nothing to me.

“Why don’t you guys be on my side a little!?”

“Nope. I want to be on the side of a pretty girl.”

“I don’t want to be hated by Elsa, so I’ll have to take the young lady’s side.”

“—But! Previously, didn’t you say that if Liliana and I were hanging from a cliff, you’d save me no matter how much you despised me!?”

“…Well, that’s because Elsa will surely come to the young lady’s side, which leave me with the rest.”

Don’t refer to your lord as ‘the rest’!”

“It’s not as if I’m being uncouth.”

“—You are!”

My lord slammed his fists against the desk before he sank down yet again. Alphonse was laughing to the point that he was clutching his stomach. Once Alphonse started laughing, it’d be difficult for him to stop.

“What’s with this guy?” My lord was glaring at Alphonse in protest.

Then, I heard a knocking sound.

“My lord and his wife’s dresses have arrived. I’d like you to check them.”

From beyond the door, Arthur’s voice could be heard.

“Understood! I’m coming!”

My lord, who instantly recovered from his depressed state, had a bright expression as he left the room. Neither Alphonse nor I were reflected in his eyes.

I saw off his back and closed the door.

“My, it’s been a while since I have so much fun…”

Finally, Alphonse could rein in his laughter.

While wiping the tears in his eyes, Alphonse sat back in the chair. I recommended another cup of tea and filled his cup.

“It seems that with or without memory, the essence of a person doesn’t change.”

I agreed with what Alphonse said, before proceeding to clean up after my lord.

My lord and Alphonse had known each other ever since childhood. They were best friends. Because I spend a lot of time by my lord, I could be considered Alphonse’s friend, as well. I couldn’t say it publicly, but I found teaming up with Alphonse to ridicule my lord to be one of the most entertaining pastimes.

“…Will is too kind, isn’t he? Unlike me or Freddie, he isn’t one to just cut someone off.”

In his words, I raised my face and smiled bitterly.

“I truly intended to kill the lady who betrayed Will in the worst way possible. Meanwhile, Will himself didn’t harbor the slightest ill will towards her. At that time, William Lutherford was thought of as the key to ensure the safety of this kingdom.”

Alphonse sipped his tea, as if he had spoken of nothing important.

As I remembered those times, I casted down my gaze.

“—It’s because he didn’t come to visit me. I’m lonely. Besides, he didn’t buy me anything.”

My lord never blamed the young lady who bore the child of a stranger and spewed such selfish excuses. I didn’t think anyone would stop him if he were to beat her right then and there.

Her parents—the Marquis and his wife—were kneeling on the floor. They were as pale as a ghost. On the other hand, my lord’s parents sat side by side on the couch. Their concealed anger caused the atmosphere to become steep.

During that time, Alphonse was even angrier than my lord.

“For the sins of ridiculing my friend and smearing the king’s face with mud, are you prepared to make amends by offering the lives of your entire house?!”

Alphonse ruthlessly proclaimed.

In the first place, my lord’s engagement was decided by Alphonse’s father—that was, the current king. The one who introduced the marquis’ daughter to my lord’s father was none other than the king of Cresion.

However, that lady had trampled upon the king’s will.

Marriage between aristocrats was an important connection between the houses. It’d often have strong political implications.

Which meant, that lady hadn’t only smeared mud upon the king of Cresion’s face, but also on the house of Marquis Springfield, and even her own parents.

Finally, it dawned upon the lady, how serious the repercussions were.

Regardless, instead of anything, my lord took the lady’s hand and placed the amulet she had once given him on top of her thin hand.

Towards the small pouch, which had been stained with his blood, the young lady blanched.

“There’s no doubt that you’ve trampled upon His Majesty’s good will, but…”

My lord’s blue eyes were turned towards her plump belly.

“…The baby is sinless.”

To the words that he had quietly spilled, no one was able to say a word.

“During the war, I had witnessed countless killings to the point that I had enough. I, who dedicated my life to serving the kingdom and His Majesty, did similarly as them. Although it may be true that our kingdom has won, but many lost their lives. In the shadow of those who rejoice in victory, there are those who’re crying after having lost their families, friends, and lovers. You have no choice but to atone for your sin… but this child has no sins. I don’t want to take an innocent life.”

Then, he looked towards Alphonse.

“Your Highness, the fault lies within me, who failed to keep her heart. If there’s anyone who deserves to be punished, then that should be me. But please, spare her. My heart goes out to the beloved people who’ll be in charge of our kingdom in the future decades ahead…”

The lady collapsed beside my lord and began to beg for forgiveness profusely. She bowed her head deeply the entire time.

In regret and bitterness, Alphonse could only nod quietly.

Eventually, the lady was stripped of her title and had to return her territory. She was reduced to a commoner. Afterwards, with His Majesty’s favor, her parents married her to a distant merchant.

My lord himself declined the duke’s title, which was to be bestowed upon him for his heroic deeds. The Marquis of Springfield and his wife were forced to inherit their title to their son, and was banished to their territory…

…Ostensibly, the lady was then pronounced death due to illness. 

‘Ostensibly’, for the abdication of her parents would be lifted if their only child—the lady—were to die and was considered unable to succeed.

“At that time, I felt like I knew the true meaning of the word forgiveness for the first time.”

I was sure that both Alphonse and myself were picturing the same scene.

I, too, felt like I could finally understand the meaning of said word.

“…Still, that’s not a reason to mistreat the current mistress.”

Alphonse shrugged his shoulders while smiling in depreciation.

“For him to forsake such a lady forever—that’s outrageous. That’s why Elsa is even more aggressive than I am. Compared to me, Elsa has done a lot for my lord. It’s regrettable that I’m unable to do the same. I have too much longing and respect for the person.”

My wife would often breath poison to my lord. It was because she found the pathetic act of my lord, who abandoned his poor wife, as unacceptable.

“Isn’t Elsa a straightforward person…? By the way, are Will’s parents still stubbornly refuse to return here?”

I responded to Alphonse’s question.

“Because they’ve trampled on His Majesty’s feelings, they can’t return to the royal capital.”

“They are both very serious people, it seems… No matter how you look at it, it’s the fault of Will’s ex-fiancée!”

Alphonse grumbled.

“Then, they didn’t know about Lily?”

“At the very least, Arthur has informed them of Will’s marriage through letter. At the risk of worsening the madam’s physical condition, I refrained from divulging any details to them. Half a year after Will has gotten married, Madam would often get sick. It went to the extent that all she could do is sleep.”

My lord’s mother was so shocked she fainted on the floor for a long time.

“…By the way, doesn’t Lily look delicate?”

“I told you already, don’t refer to my Liliana as ‘Lily.’”

I looked back at the voice I heard. My lord had returned. Arthur bowed at the other side of the closing door.

“How’s the dress?”

“It’s wonderful. It’s a shame that it isn’t custom-made. Regardless, it’s wonderful because I was offered quite a flexibility. The dress will definitely bring out the cuteness of Liliana!”

My lord sat down at his desk again, frolicking like a child.

“Tonight, I have invited her to have dinner in her room. Which means, I have to get my job done as soon as possible, Afterwards, I’d have to take shower and get ready. So let’s get it done, Al.”

“Yes, yes, I understand, Captain.”

While laughing, Alphonse stood up, took out a scroll that was tied with a red ribbon from his bosom, and handed it to my lord. My lord checked its content, frowned at Alphonse, before reading the letter once again. His expression grew haggard.

“…So, they took the bait.”

“Looks like it.”

The paper spread on the desk wasn’t a letter, but a map. No, to be precise, it was a sketch of some kind of building.

Perhaps, the envelope itself is the letter?

After my lord had read everything, he closed it again.

“Well, it’s exactly as I expected. Still, great job on procuring this sketch.”

“I’ve done my best for my beloved captain. As a reward, let me follow your excursion to the orphanage tomorrow?”

In contrast to my lord’s utter annoyance, Alphonse seemed truly eager. He also seemed to be having fun.

“…As long as you don’t stick your nose to where it doesn’t belong.”

“Eh, I can’t make any promise, but I will behave.”

My lord smiled grandly towards Alphonse, who smiled cheerfully.

How amusing.

I proceeded to interrupt my lord, who was about to voice his complaint.

“My lord, if you don’t finish the job quickly, you won’t be in time for dinner with your wife.”

In my words, my lord regretfully started working seriously. When it came to work, Alphonse was a very serious person. I was relieved to see them behaving like they usually would. I gently supported them to finish their job without any delay.

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