The Rotten Lady Rosa Wants to Watch Over Love from the Shadows Translation

23. The Rotten Lady Rosa Wants to Watch Over Love from the Shadows

Chapter Twenty Three: Rosa Seeks to Encourage Paganism (I)

“Ahh…” Rosa sighed as she entered the continent’s greatest library, the pride of the royal palace, and stared up at the immense stacks of books that rose to the ceiling. “It’s breathtaking no matter how many times I see it…”

It was, or at least looked to be, a repository of wisdom from across the continent. But, on the other hand, Rosa saw it as a repository of BL books from all around the continent. She breathed deeply through her little nose, savoring the paper’s scent and the rose which was meant to be hidden within.

Which area should I start with today… Should I go after the mythology of neighboring kingdoms? Or maybe I’ll take a look at animal books? Or maybe I’ll even take a look at reports from the Knights Order.

The royal library housed almost all of the books published throughout the continent. Unfortunately, there were no books dealing with BL inside the Kingdom of Berg’s, but if one broadened his search to include works from beyond the kingdom, he could discover something to his liking.

BL fans were also able to find BL elements in works that didn’t originally feature them by utilizing their incredible supplementation and imagination talents.


Holy texts, mythology, graphic books on animal life, as well as reports of working men’s daily lives, typically supplied a range of knowledge to feed one’s imagination. Rosa had begun to see this library as a sacred place with its extensive collection of such literature.

I’m not sure if it’s right for me to be so fortunate just because my earlobe was injured because of what I did for the sake of the propagation of rose love…

As she ran her fingertips along the spine of a book, Rosa’s conscience ached. The recent incident was the reason she was permitted to enter the library in the first place. Rosa had come in late to the detached palace after accidentally exploring too much of the main palace that same day.


When Rosa returned, she had discovered that Chris, Bernardo, and Arina had already reached an agreement, and Chris would be placed under house arrest in the detached palace till Rosa’s wounds healed, and Arina would return home to deal appropriately with her family.

Rosa, of course, had urgently pleaded with Arina, saying that she didn’t need to face her family and that she should remain in Langheim.


On the other hand, Arina had been emotional at hearing it and instead strengthened herself and answered, “No, I will face my sins without fleeing so that I do not dishonor you, Lady Rosa.”

Rosa had hoped to at least see Chris on a regular basis, but Chris, too, had stated that he had chosen to be under house arrest. Rosa had been forced to accept with tears in her eyes in the end.

Everything was going according to plan until Moe Bern arrived… Why did those two suddenly change their minds…

The response to Rosa’s query was that Bernando’s desire to protect her had gotten even stronger, which had led him to reveal Rosa’s past to Arina and Chris, urging them to repent for their misdeeds.

Both Arina and Chris had shrugged off their naïve notions after hearing the false information that Rosa had grown up in an abusive environment and that it was unforgivable to subject her to the anguish of having her skin sliced. But on the other hand, Rosa had no way of knowing that.

Rosa, who had been temporarily relieved of her responsibilities in the name of leisure and relaxation, had ultimately opted to spend some time in the library because Leon had given her permission to visit the main palace.

When Rosa had first gone there, she discovered that the world’s greatest collection of books was, in other words, a rose garden.


Furthermore, the windows looked out onto the training grounds of the Knights Order, and the medical room was in the same wing as the library. The librarian wasn’t even there at certain periods of the day, allowing Rosa to fully immerse herself.


She also had the chance to run into Prince Leon on occasion, and when she did, she would sing praises about her brother in order to imprint the image of Bernando in Leon’s head. Rosa’s broken heart had already been compensated with interest, and she was now looking forward to going to the library every day.

Unbeknownst to her, she was renowned as a gorgeous girl who constantly read with a smile on her face and was dubbed the Angel of the Library, and others would silently leave their seats so she could focus better.

Sometimes bad things have to happen before good things can… It’s likely that the Rose God willed that I am able to go to the library at this time. As a result, I’m going to do my hardest to read as many rose novels as I can without feeling ashamed. And today, I’ll finally tackle the adolescent novels!

Rosa pretended to pick a book while looking at a door leading to the back of the library. Several small rooms at the back of the library, in a dimly lit section, were lined with a collection of extremely specialized volumes.

Rosa reasoned that because the librarian was always protecting the door to the room, heretical books and forbidden spells that were not meant for everyone’s sight were most likely hidden inside.

On the other hand, Rosa’s instincts assured her that there were absolutely adolescent novels tucked away in there.

Looking back, 80% of my father’s collection of books consisted of adolescent novels collected in secret… I’ve personally confirmed that this kingdom has at least five adolescent novels. Considering that this library boasts of having books from all across the continent. There’s no way it doesn’t possess any! 

Because of its religious beliefs, which valued chastity and purity, the Berg Kingdom did not legally authorize the circulation of such literature. 


This was especially true when it came to homosexual love. However, this royal library boasted the largest collection of books on the continent. The books didn’t have to be from Berg. Rosa didn’t mind even if the novels came from other more sexually unrestrained kingdoms.

Please be there…!

Rosa prayed with her hands clasped together and a mysterious expression on her face. Rosa had mastered as many languages as she could in order to come across these heretical texts, which were seldom seen within Berg but undoubtedly existed elsewhere in the world.

She was fluent in the five major languages spoken in the bordering kingdoms. And, because she had also studied their linguistic system, she could read some of the minor languages if she had a dictionary available.


Do not underestimate the commitment of BL fans! In order to read BL, we’ll even learn a new language!

Rosa took a cautious peek at the area’s entrance. The librarian was nowhere to be found. Rosa then turned around to look around her. She didn’t see anyone in her immediate vicinity.

In addition, she also glanced at the window to check the Knights Order’s training. No one was looking inside the library, and Moe Bern was also looking quite adorable while exercising today.


Rosa silently nodded to herself. It was all clear. Now was the time.

Ha! Throw any language you wish at me!

Rosa placed her hand on the small room door with a wry grin that appeared benevolent to a casual observer. However, the door unexpectedly opened from the inside at that moment, revealing a young man.

{Oh my…}

He wore a long robe and had dark skin, which was uncharacteristic of Berg. He had a slim build and cunning reddish-brown eyes. Rosa quickly recognized him based on his looks, what he had spoken in a foreign language, and the vicinity of the hospital room.


The physician!

When he spotted Rosa, the young man, on the other hand, blinked in astonishment, then smiled cheerfully.

“Hello. Are you perhaps interested in Apt books, Rosie?” Ladu suddenly began speaking in fluent Berg.


When Ladu noticed Rosa’s surprise at meeting someone unexpected and being greeted by name, he chuckled and introduced himself.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you. My name is Ladu al Aptan. A humble physician brought from Apt. A pleasure to make your acquaintance, Young Lady.” Ladu stated it with a smile, but his amber eyes were not smiling. Rather, they were peering out, as if evaluating Rosa. Behind his politeness, there was a venomous undertone.

T-Th… T-This is…!

Rosa clutched her chest as soon as she saw Ladu, who appeared nice at first sight but emitted a harshness that pierced at one’s heart. He was a gorgeous young man from another kingdom who worked as a physician, had an exotic complexion, and appeared to be somewhat of a sadist.

The exotic top has appeared!!!

Rosa involuntarily placed her face into her hands and bent back reflexively in her thoughts. She could hardly suppress her joy at the unexpected emergence of a perfect top for her Ultimate Bottom Bernando plan. With Ladu added to the mix, the tops encircling Bernando became more varied in both character and skin color. 

Rosa’s act of going silent for a brief moment while owing to her excitement appeared strange to Ladu. Ladu shifted his head to the side and spoke, {Hah… I’m guessing you, too, feel as if you’ve been soiled since you spoke with an Apt.}

Rosa was taken aback when she heard that. The gap between them would increase if she was misinterpreted here. Rosa had to give it her all here in order to introduce him to Bernando later.

{N…. No! Wrong. I, Apt, like. I, want, know, more!} As a result, Rosa hastily said all of the Apt words she could think of.


She didn’t know much about Apt, but she knew it was a language that was close to Kushmal from a nearby nation, accented with the Dazu pronunciation system that was unique to the south.


Words such as yes and no, as well as some verbs, were the same as in Kushmal. Rosa was well-versed in Kushmal’s language, having spent some time studying the languages of the sexually unrestrained neighboring kingdoms.

I can even speak Apt if I can mobilize my knowledge!!!

Rosa was confident that even if her grammar and pronunciation were all jumbled up, a native speaker would understand that she was attempting to communicate in Apt.


After all, that was all she needed. She was trying to get close to him at all costs.

When Ladu heard Rosa’s response, he began blinking in amazement.

{You… You can speak Apt?}

At the very least, she was able to understand it.