Everything you Acquire in the Future Shall be Thrown Away by Me Translation

6. Throwing Trash in the Trash Can Doesn’t Hurt the Conscience


Yesterday, I had completely shut myself in my room. As a result, I managed to avoid my father’s noisy sermon. I was careful not to bump into him today, either.

As there was going to be an evening ball that day, I thought my father might be waiting at the entrance. However, he seemed to have gone to the ball with Aries.

In my previous life, I was late to said ball. I had kept waiting for Wagner who wouldn’t come. I ended up waiting until the last minute and went to the evening ball alone.

When I arrived, Wagner and Aries were already there. It turned out that Wagner was escorting Aries instead.

As of the present, again, Wagner had escorted Aries to the evening ball. My father didn’t say a word to them. Only I was laughed at—as a stupid lady whose fiancé was stolen by a former baroness.

I was also told that I wasn’t loved because I was flawed.

Up to that point, everything was the same. But from there, it was different.

Wagner, who called my name in a voice that resonated throughout the venue of the evening ball, approached me with large strides.

Everyone at the venue immediately focused their attention on me and Wagner. They seemed curious to the drama that was about to unfold before their very eyes.

Wagner, who appeared in front of me, slapped me without any hesitation.

Towards that violent scene that shouldn’t have anything to do with a noble lady, I heard a breathtaking sound.

The corner of my lips seemed to have been cut. The taste of iron rust was very unpleasant.

“I heard everything from Aries! You were jealous of the relationship between me and Aries, and bullied her!”

Wagner’s furious gaze was directed at me. To him, I was already a villainess. It didn’t matter whether or not I had truly bullied Aries.

What did I expect from this guy?

Why did I want to be loved by him?

“Wagner! It’s not my sister’s fault! It’s my fault, so please forgive my sister!”

Aries leaped out from the crowd and tearfully pleaded Wagner.

Am I the only one who thinks her words are inconsistent?

If she truly thinks that I’m not at a fault, why does she still say, ‘Forgive my sister?’

“Aries, you’re truly kind.”

With that said, Wagner embraced Aries. While snuggling to Wagner’s chest, Aries smirked.

“I have never bully Aries. Stop airing her delusions in public like this. Also, if I must add, do refrain from getting intimate with Aries when you aren’t even her fiancée.”

“I, I’m sorry, hu, please forgive me…”

Aries begged while trembling. It was as if I was truly bullying her. Was she able to achieve that much merely by snuggling up to my fiancé? In my previous life, I should had followed after her. Then maybe, I wouldn’t have had to die like that.

“Don’t bully Aries!”

“But I didn’t. I merely stated the facts. Moreover, you accused me of bullying Aries earlier. But if there’s no evidence, is it truly alright to despise me based on one person’s testimony alone? As such, I’ll have to advise you to stop. It’s outrageous to falsely accuse your own fiancée, Your Highness Wagner. Not to mention, in front of so many people. It can even be considered an act of indecency.”

“Sofia! You may think that I’m ignorant, but that’s where you’re gravely mistaken! You tried to steal the hair accessory I gave to Aries the yesterday! Don’t you dare try—”

In the first place, giving jewelry to someone who wasn’t his fiancée for no reason was a mistake. There were quite a few aristocrats who had lovers apart from their wives, but none of them were as bold as Wagner who aired his own unfaithfulness in public.

If everyone were to be informed of Aries’ manipulations, Wagner would have no choice but to take Aries.

Aries, a baron’s daughter.

“She’s trying to use me as a scapegoat.”

“Don’t lie!”


Wagner contemptuously glared at my hair before grabbing a hold of it.

“Your mundane, boring, hair that doesn’t have a single aspect of beauty is unsuitable for the hair ornament that I’ve prepared for Aries. As such, try to not make such a silly misunderstanding again.”

With a dagger that he had in his pocket for self-defense, Wagner cut my hair. My hair fell on to the floor. My long hair could no longer reach my shoulders.

“It suits you, Sofia.”

“Oh, my sister. Your hair looks pretty good. It truly suits my sister! As expected of Wagner. My sister, he’s doing this for your own good.”


Neither noblewomen nor commoners had short hair.

Women usually grew out their hair. Nowadays, women with short hair were ridiculed as unscrupulous women, so how could he do that?

Did he hate me that much?

“Sofia Lark, you’ve bullied Aries because of some crappy jealousy. A woman like you, whose content and appearance are vile, isn’t suitable to become my fiancée. I want to be engaged with my beautiful Aries.”

“I’m so happy, Wagner.”

Aries hugged Wagner.

There was no going back anymore. Not only had he insulted me in public, he had also cut my hair. Last time, it didn’t go that far. But still, it was good.

It was only natural that the future I knew would change if my response to the two changed. I didn’t have to get upset. I had to remain calm.

After all, the two didn’t know yet.

That I hadn’t signed the documents regarding Aries’ adoption.

Besides, I was certain my engagement would be annulled at some point. The king, queen, and crown prince weren’t stupid. For some reason, only the third prince grew to be an indecent person. But if a kite could give birth to a hawk, sometimes the opposite might also be true.

Aries, you don’t have to look so triumphant.

You haven’t beaten me.

I just put what I don’t need in the trash.

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