Everything you Acquire in the Future Shall be Thrown Away by Me Translation

5. As the First Step…

He had probably heard from Aries.

My father yelled as he banged on my door.

However, not even he could enter because I had locked the door.

Eventually, my father gave up on me as I didn’t show any sign of responding. He’d probably order the servants to not deliver any meals to my room.

As the middleman, my father actually didn’t have the rights. However, none of the servants followed me as I was a minor. Until now, they had been following my father’s orders.

My grandfather checked on me many times. Regardless, I was exploited by them and died. In the end, nothing changed.

As of the present, that shouldn’t be the case.

There was a servant of my grandfather in that house. That servant should had been reporting to him regarding my father and me.

Nevertheless, my grandfather was neither kind nor sweet.

He didn’t help me because I was his granddaughter. To my grandfather, I was the daughter of his beloved daughter—and at the same time, the daughter of a man who tormented his beloved daughter and drove her to death. My grandfather had taken great care of my mother. He must had regretted having let her marry my father. To him, that was the worst mistake of his life.

In order to reduce my grandfather’s regrets, I had to be acknowledged as being beneficial to the Duke of Lark by him. I couldn’t disappoint him anymore.

For that purpose, it was necessary to have my grandfather’s servant on my side. In my previous life, I didn’t know about that servant. Currently, that servant was my ray of hope.

At the annulment of my engagement, which led to the engagement between Aries and Wagner, a servant had disappeared from the mansion. Said servant was very talented. He was someone who had arrived on day to assist my father.

Father searched for him high and low, but he was unable to learn of his whereabouts. From that day on, the management of the Lark family gradually regressed.

Perhaps, that person performed the actual duties of the head of the family while my father provided his seal of approval.

Furthermore, I had something else to worry about.

The dresses and jewelry that Aries wore… They were from my father, but where did the money come from?

Aries became an orphan after her parents died. As she came from an aristocratic family, her heritage should’ve remained preserved. But that didn’t happen with Aries. Her parents’ business failed and they were in a lot of debt. They died in an accident before they could expand their business so they could repay the debt.

Incidentally, her house stemmed from a branch of a Lark family. As such, the Lark family took over the debt. Hence, Aries was indebted to the Lark family.

Nevertheless, she wasn’t paying for her dresses or jewelry. Even though the Lark family should be funding us, that money was tightly controlled by my grandfather’s trusted lawyer. Someone like my father shouldn’t be able to touch it.

Of course, as the member of the Lark family, my father was also given money. However, that amount shouldn’t have been enough to call a merchant every day for the sake of buy dresses and jewelry. There was no way my grandfather would grant him that much money.

In the first place, the right to the money related to the Lark family was managed by my retired grandfather. After I grew up, that right would be transferred to me as it was. I had no money to give to my father.

Well, in my previous life, I transferred said right to my father as he instructed. Then, he became ill-mannered. I was positive that by that time, my grandfather had abandoned us.

I was utterly idiotic back then.

Returning to my thoughts, there was one possible reason. Embezzlement of money for territorial management. The servant, who assisted my father, couldn’t be unaware of it. Therefore, I had to try.

How should I begin?

I couldn’t let my grandfather down. I had to survive. Last time, being continuously exploited was bd enough. I didn’t want to live such a miserable life again.

As a first step to that goal, I had to annul my engagement with Wagner.

I was sure Aries would make a false accusation to Wagner, as she did to my father, so they’d punish me. I knew what Wagner did when he was angry.

Tomorrow, there’d be a party that Wagner and I should be attending together.

Instead of me, Wagner would be escorting Aries.

In my previous life, I foolishly waited and waited for Wagner only to end up being yelled by him and ridiculed by everyone.

As of the present, that wasn’t the case.

I’d take advantage of Wagner and Aries. I’d let them get engaged …and made it so that it stayed that way.

***T/N: Ugh all males that have been introduced to us so far are wifebeaters.

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