Everything you Acquire in the Future Shall be Thrown Away by Me Translation

4. A Jewel (Garbage) Suitable for Decorating Your Head


Aries, who had been secretly meeting Wagner in the backyard, came into my room. In her hand was the hair accessory Wagner probably gave her earlier. It was a butterfly-shaped, yellow diamond, hair ornament.

She must had come to brag.

“What is it, Aries?”

“I got this from Wagner.”

While triumphantly smiling, Aries reported to me. She must had thought I’d be hurtful. Well, I was before.

For me, who wasn’t loved by anyone, my fiancé was my last hope. I thought that he’d love me when no one else would. As such, I didn’t want to be disliked by such an existence.

Thus, I endured the knowledge that he was in love with Aries. I thought that as long as I was supportive of them, things might change one day.

Of course, that day never came.

“How wonderful.”

Aries was suspicious of me not being the slightest bit hurt.

Who would’ve thought that Aries and Wagner had been dating since that time. I was truly moronic before. Being looked down upon and exploited by them was only natural.

“That’s right, I intend to let my sister borrow it. Why don’t you put it on?”

“I will refrain.”

After all, the moment I did, she’d accuse me of trying to steal it from her.

“M, my, don’t say that. I’m sure that it’ll suit my sister.”

Even though you don’t really think so.

“It doesn’t.”

Such garbage.

“Ugh! My sister, why are you being so pessimistic? As I’ve said, that’s not the case!”

Except you haven’t.

By acting like a goody two shoes in front of everyone, she managed to fool me.

Aries truly wanted to turn me into a hair accessory thief. At the same time, it might be because she was also stubborn. She was frustrated because I had responded differently than before.

It was apparent to anyone, how forced her smile was.

“Hey, trust me, it’ll definitely suit you. I can guarantee it!”

Aries reached out to me with the hair accessory. The moment it touched my hair, I slapped her hand.


The hair accessory fell to the floor. Aries had the dumbfounded look of not realizing what had just happened.

That was to be expected. I had never taken such an attitude towards her. I had always been kind to her who was loved by my father. I laughed and forgave whatever she did. I believed that if I were kind to her, my father would someday love me as well.

I was an idiot.

Even if he did become kind to me, it wouldn’t have been because of love. It would have been a ‘love’ that I couldn’t get unless I was kind to Aries. It was a love for Aries, not for me. It was as if he was saying that the me who was unkind to Aries wasn’t worth anything.

I really loathed my past self. I was so stupid!

“I’m not saying that I don’t like it. It’s your kindness that makes you impose such a thing on me that I hate.”

“I, I just…”

She might had been confused.

I didn’t feel any anger towards Aries. Instead of being angry, I was calm. She looked as if she was being refuted, instead of humiliated. However, if didn’t do anything, she’d just tearfully appeal to my father and Wagner.

What actions would he take once she appealed to him? I could tell from experience that I wouldn’t like it.

I picked up the hair accessory that had fallen on the floor and handed it to Aries. Aries received it without any objection.

“It doesn’t suit me. Besides, it’s what His Highness Wagner gave you. It’s rude to hand it to someone else.”

“Well, but you’re not just ‘someone else’… What’s wrong with you? My sister, you’re acting really strange.”

That was right.

After all, I was no longer enabling her, or reacting the way she wanted.

Because she had killed me.

—Now, it’s your turn to die.

“Is that so? I’m tired. I’m sorry if I’m of no use.”

Aries was still trying to say something, but I closed the door to my room.

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