Everything you Acquire in the Future Shall be Thrown Away by Me Translation

3. Reuse Rather than Throw Away

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“Sign it!”

“…I don’t want to.”



I was hit across my cheek again. That had always been the case. He’d use violence as soon as things didn’t go his way. He bent people to his will through violence.

“As expected of that villainess’ daughter. You’re willing to turn a blind eye to your own cousin who lost her parents. Both you and your mother, demons incarnated. It’s a shame we don’t live in an era where witches are burned at the stake.”

The villainess he was referring to was his own wife; my mother.

I heard that she fell in love with father at first sight. Then, using her authority as the duke’s daughter, forced him to marry her. Perhaps because of that, my father’s surroundings mocked him.

Their difference in status probably caused a lot of troubles Therefore, my father hated my mother.

“While I’m certainly my mother’s daughter, through my veins also flows your blood. If you say that I have bad personality, from which blood did I inherit it?”

When I told him that he has a bad personality, my father’s face became red with anger. The blood vessels on his forehead seemed ready to burst.

“Have you gone crazy!?”

That was right. I was sure I had gone crazy. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have said that to my father. The former me, who wanted to be loved by my father, used to obey all his commands.

Even as an adult, I didn’t try to take the position of family head from him.

Yet, my father never loved me. To my father, I must had been a hindrance.

“Confine her to her room for a while.”

He ordered the servants to leave.

“I wish I have gone crazy.”

Once I was alone, I muttered those words.

Before, I would’ve quietly signed the documents. I never went against my father. I wanted to be loved. At the same time, I was also scared of my father.

After all, I already knew what would happen once his mood soured.

But what do I need to be afraid of?

After all, he was nothing more than a provisional head of the family. He wasn’t in full control. Without my signature, he wouldn’t even be able to adopt his own niece.

“Wagner, are you sure about this?”

“Of course.”

“But I’m sure it’d fit my sister more.”

My room was in the innermost part of the house where the sunlight didn’t enter. From the window, I could see the backyard. From there, I could hear the voices of Wagner and Aries.

Wagner handed a casket to Aries. Its contents seemed to be a hair ornament.

Aries blushed and gladly received it while acting humble. She eloquently said that it’d look better on me, but her eyes told otherwise.

“There’s no way it’d look good on such a gloomy woman. To make such a woman my fiancée, what is my father thinking? We are on entirely different levels.”

“My, Wagner~ If my sister heard that, she’d be hurt. You should just keep the truth in your mind.”

“Aries is really kind. I wish she has an ounce of your kindness. It isn’t only her appearance, even her personality is ugly. I wish I had been engaged to you instead. You’re beautiful from within and out. You’re just too good to be true!”

“However, I’m a mere baroness. I’m unsuitable for Wagner.”

“What are you saying? You’re perfect for me. Soon, you’ll become the duchess. Once that time comes, I’ll throw that woman away and make you my fiancée. I’m sure my father will allow it.”

“Wagner, I’m so happy…”

Aries gazed at Wagner with a glittering expression. Then, she gently snuggled up to his chest.

As I watched them from inside my room, everything felt ridiculous.

…Seriously, I endured all that for these people?

That was right—I didn’t have to endure it.

“As you wish, I will annul our engagement.”

Neither Wagner nor Aries knew yet. I hadn’t signed the paperwork that would approve of her adoption. Aries also didn’t know—Wagner needed a duke’s daughter, not Aries.

“What will His Highness Wagner do once he learns that Aries won’t become a duke’s daughter?”

The answer was obvious.

Just like how he had abandoned me, he’d discard Aries.

“Everyone always throws whatever it is they think they don’t need. Hey, Your Highness. I wonder if after you’ve thrown away everything, there’ll be anything left in your hands. The same goes to you, Aries. I shall give Wagner to you—for I no longer need him.”

Instead of throwing him into the trash, I shall gave him to Aries.


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