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38. Their Positions Have Changed (5)

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—11 days remaining.

As a house that had been growing in power for many years, the Elcage family had a bad reputation. Part of the reason why was because my mother came from abroad. The fact that it was due to diplomatic reasons was something no one paid any heed to. That said, none of that meant my parents couldn’t socialize with them. They just weren’t very social.

For that reason, now that there was no official successor, the opportunity to destroy my family existed. Hence, the students of the ‘Un’ class began oppressing me. They might had been trying to dabble in my father’s work, as well, but no news regarding that had reached my ears. At the same time, I didn’t want to worry my family. Thus, for the sake of the future, I had to get along with everyone.

However, unfortunately, starting from the next day was a break.

Moreover, there was going to be a follow-up exam over the weekend. Thus, to keep from revealing any vulnerability, I acted enthusiastic.

“What would you like as a reward?”


“You’ve been studying hard. I want to reward you.”

His Highness Sazanjill, who came all the way to the Elcage family (without an appointment to visit), asked me while examining my answers.

“That’s right, should I give you something?”

His Highness Zafield (who without an appointment to visit) leaned over from the other side. Your Highness Sazanjill, I don’t mind you glaring angrily at your brother, but please don’t corner me?

Then, from behind. “…Should I go home?” Lumiere (the only one I invited) tried to read the atmosphere.

“No, you shouldn’t.” I ignore the other two and stood up.

 I proceeded to open my closet.

“Anything is fine, please choose the one you like.”


Due to the strange noise she made, I wanted to give her a light smack… but, it was understandable.

Of course, what was in the closet were my dresses. There were about ten outfits for everyday wear inside…

Ah, I see. She’d prefer something better.

“For party, we’ll need to go to another room. Let’s go see them.”

“No, no, no! I can’t possibly receive such a fine thing!? I just came to pick up one of your old ones?! Also, wasn’t it supposed to be a uniform!?”

As she said, I had an old uniform. Even though it was old, it was a uniform that I had only worn for the few months classes had been held this year. I no longer felt like wearing it.

When I spoke with Lumiere, she wondered if I had any spare uniforms. Since entering the academy, Lumiere had lost a lot of weight. She said that it was due to the stress of being bullied. However, after I started teaching her, her body became even skinnier. Because of that, her uniform had become loose. Thus, instead of letting her buy a new one, I offered her my old uniform. As I was taller, it’d be a bit long, but that wasn’t a problem.

Due to my training, my uniform was worn out. Meanwhile, my old uniform was still beautiful. Even if I bought a new one for myself, I wouldn’t be able to wear it more than ten times, anyway. Giving it to her was more meaningful, she was someone who’d be continuing her student life.

As for these dresses… there are more than enough to be kept as reminders.

If so, wouldn’t they be more useful for her dance practice?

Then, I shall be relentless.

“Take a look, what do you think? This one is my favorite!”

It was a dress I truly loved. The garment was particularly luxurious as was with abundant gold embroidery on a gorgeous dark blue background.

“It may be necessary to adjust the size as it was made a long time ago, but it’s still meant for everyday wear.”


His Highness Sazanjill sat up.

…He seemed to remember it. It was the dress he had given me when I made my debut into the social circle.

I focused on Lumiere.

“I really want you to wear it, for I can’t anymore.”

As soon as I said that, His Highness Sazanjill rushed out of the room. He seemed to have pulled His Highness Zafield along with him. Along the way, His Highness Zafield muttered, “That can’t be true!” as he followed after his brother. Lumiere was the only one who couldn’t understand the situation. But I wouldn’t tell her. If she knew, she’d probably refuse it.

I smiled.

“This is a gorgeous dress, especially when dancing. Please take good care of it.”

“Seems like you’re doing everything you can…”

“I’ve never been so grateful to god!”

Even in my dreams, I was studying with all my might.

In the world of dreams, I was free to do whatever. It was wonderful. I always ended up conversing with god, though. When I thought about it, couldn’t it be used more meaningfully? Considering that I only had a little time left, I regretted it a little.

“Now why do I feel like I’m being ridiculed?”

“That’s not true, I love god.”

“Wow, how suspicious. As I thought, you’re belittling me.”

“I’m hurt. I’m not trusted.”

Although I pretended to cry, I didn’t look away from the reference book.

Hmm… I’m not very good at accounting.

Perhaps, a passing score in the follow-up exam was still attainable, but… Looking at the past questions prepared by His Highness, it seemed that there’d be one nasty question. To deal with that, a formula from my third year should suffice, but it was quite difficult.

I looked up towards the god who was pouring tea. We were sitting face-to-face.

“God, are you good at studying?”

“If it’s the solution you want, I can tell you. But that’s why the process and way of thinking are also important, right? If you were to skip the middle point and go straight for the answer, I think the problem will be insanely difficult to comprehend.”

“…In other words, it’s something that a genius can’t understand even if you teach it?”

“I don’t want to make you sound like a fool. But well, that’s roughly it.”

I read the reference book once again.

…I’m in trouble.

Should I ask the teacher? But that would be tedious. What if as a consequence of my asking, the teacher made the question even more difficult? What if the teacher told my father? If my father were to know that I had to take a follow-up exam…

As I contemplated, god suggested.

“Why don’t you ask the crown prince? Isn’t his teaching method easy to understand?”

His Highness Sazanjiill was certainly talented. However, it wasn’t merely because of his competency. The reason his teaching was very easy to understand was because he put in a lot of effort. Effort was also considered a talent. Rather, I thought that it was the most important talent in the world.

But… that was why I shook my head to god’s proposal.

It was because I had handed his gift—one with sentimental value—to another woman.

“As of the present, he probably won’t care about me anymore.”

“Would you like to make a bet?”


God spoke while offering a cup of tea.

“I’m going to bet that tomorrow, the royal siblings will be waiting for you with a lot of study notes. What will you do if I win?”

“Hmm, I will lick your foot?”

“There’s no need to go that far!?”

There was no way I could emerge victorious from that one.

Therefore, I only quietly face the reference book.

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