The Villainess who Only Had 100 Days to Live Had Fun Every Day Translation

37. Their Positions Have Changed (4)

—12 days remaining.

I had grown quite accustomed to the morning study sessions.

Perhaps, His Highness Sazanjill also reflected on himself after being carried off bridal-style by his younger brother yesterday. That morning, the dark circles under his eyes had become much thinner. His Highness Zafield also brought some bread earlier than yesterday, allowing us to eat while studying together.

“Oh, Lelouche, to solve that question, shouldn’t you be using this formula?”

“Oh, you’re right.”

“In that case, this is better. The answer you end up with is the same, but this one saves about two calculations.”

We were all sitting around the same desk. Moreover, to surround one notebook while eating bread, it felt uncomfortable.

Still, the two royal siblings didn’t seem to be on bad terms. Although it might had been early in the morning, inviting Lumiere might be a good idea. While considering that, I focused on my studies

However, that soon came to an end.

“I have a shift this afternoon. Therefore, I’ll have to take my leave.”

“I see, I’m tired, too. See you after school.”

“Then, I shall head for my classroom.”

I left cleaning up the classroom to the two and headed out into the corridor.

Regardless of their titles, they still had to do their classroom shifts. As there was nothing else left for me to do, I made plans to visit my homeroom teacher in the morning, update my diary, and note down the necessary learning materials. Afterwards, in-between my classes, I would have to clean the blackboard. That was part of my shift.

 Thus, I went to the staff room, safely put my diary away, and then tried to enter the classroom.

At that time, I was splashed by water.


“Oh, my, I apologize. As you were late for the afternoon class, I cleaned the blackboard in your stead.”

“How is it? Marvelous, no?”

Lala Fable and Media Remel were the one behind that brazen action. Once again, they were wearing matching ribbons. Today, too, they were still good friends.

Looking at the blackboard as prompted, I let out a small gasp.

“…Well, what do you think?”

It wasn’t just the two who laughed at my expression.

‘Depraved Lady’, ‘Lelewd’, ‘The Tainted Future Queen (lol)’, ‘Flower Blooming in Mud’. The board was scribbled with words I didn’t like. Not even I would use such vulgar and insulting words.

Everyone in class was laughing at the graffiti drawn with colorful chalk. Their unity was beautiful.

Thus, I smiled.

“I’m sorry to pop your balloon, but the teacher can’t write like this. So, I’ll erase it.”

When I started erasing the blackboard, I could still hear laughter from behind me.

‘She’s trying to act strong.’ ‘Wow, how stuck-up.’

Towards those words, I needn’t pay any heed.

The graffiti seemed to have been drawn with great force. As such, it wasn’t disappearing easily. At that time, I heard a low voice coming from the classroom door.

“…Lelouche, what are you doing?”

The classroom stilled.

I exhaled a little and turned around with a smile.

“Your Highness Zafield, as you can see, I’m merely doing my duty.”

“Why are you soaked?”

My uniform still clung to my skin. My drenched hair was still dripping with droplets. Still, to me, who kept smiling, His Highness Zafield was unconvinced.

That’s not good. Don’t make such a terrifying expression. It’ll ruin the title of ‘Silver Prince’ and the two other fancy nicknames you have.

“You misunderstand. I tried cleaning the blackboard with water, only to spill it on myself. How careless of me!”

Suddenly, my hand, which was cleaning the blackboard, was caught by him.

“Are you truly alright?”

“Fufu, your breath is tickling my ear.”

The next thing he did was sigh. I was robbed of the rag as it was. When I turned around, His Highness Zafield had reverted to his usual self.

“I’ll do it instead. Please change your clothes, Lelouche.”

“But I can do it myself—”

“—Are you trying to bother me?”

I looked down at my chest. Certainly, my uniform clung to it. However, it wasn’t transparent, for it wasn’t the summer uniform. Nevertheless, His Highness Zafield seemed keen on dismissing me—

Well, it’s fine.

For the most part, I was able to erase the parts I didn’t want His Highness to see.

“Well then, I shall happily oblige.”

“I’ll tell the teacher. Take your time.”

“Thank you.”

Before leaving the classroom, I thanked him.

Even so, I turned around and smiled bitterly. Instead of Lumiere of the ‘Trois’ class, they were now targeting me. They thought I had fallen so miserably. Thus, in an attempt to curry favor from the royal siblings, they targeted me instead.

Yesterday, I received multiple gifts from both the Silver and the Golden Princes. It was a shame that the news hadn’t reached them. Personally, the painting they had given me was too godly, though…

But, are you all aware?

To pick a fight with me also means angering both of His Highnesses.

Would your parents approve of your actions?

How courageous—! How bold—! I didn’t hate it, at all—!

So, how should I return the favor?

I contemplated that while combing my damp, black, hair.

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