Everything you Acquire in the Future Shall be Thrown Away by Me Translation

9.1 What Should be Shown isn’t Love, but Appreciation to the Value of Use

As expected, my father had been embezzling money …for many years!

“I understand how you feel.”

After I had gone through the territorial management books along with the other books my father had hidden, I was speechless. Gilmer, who provided me with those books, comforted me.

“With that amount, he could’ve returned to his birthplace and rebuild it. But instead, he opted to spend it on Aries.”

Since the blood of the Lark family didn’t flow through my father’s vein, he couldn’t become head of the family. However, he could still become the Baron of Heldin as it was his birthplace. Had he done so, he’d have been able to leave the Lark family.

“Despite disliking the Lark family, I believe my father wants to become a duke.”

“Ms. Aries herself also doesn’t have any plans to repay what she owes the Lark family. All she does is indulge in the gifts your father bestows upon her. As expected of your father’s kin.”

“Is that the loan book?”


 Without being instructed, Gilmer had brought the loan book from the office.

“It’s a considerable amount.”

I knew that Aries was in debt, but didn’t know the exact amount.

After all, before, not being loathed by them was all that I cared about. Therefore, I was truly clueless.

Despite having such a large debt, she dares torment and mock me?

Unlike her appearance, Aries had a lot of nerve.

“The amount may be large, but it’s not impossible. That is, as long as Ms. Aries puts her mind into repaying it.”

“I see.”

The sum would be impossible for a commoner.

However, if Aries were to work as a servant in a house above a count’s family, she might be able to repay it by the time she died. On the other hand, if she were to get married, the house she married into would then have to return the money.

In the latter case, Wagner, who was now her lover and had even publicly announced their engagement, would repay it using the royal family’s budget as he left the royal family.

But, if Wagner truly married Aries, he’d become a baron. He’d hardly be able to live his current luxurious lifestyle.

The baron’s territory had no specialty, nor was it a particularly prosperous territory.

The Baron of Heldin family lived on taxes paid by the people of the territory. His family’s life was roughly a little wealthier than a famous merchant’s.

“Milady, you have a guest.”

As I was discussing the future with Gilmer, the maid came in.

“I don’t think anyone arranged a visit with me today.”

I glanced at Gilmer for confirmation. Gilmer shook his head. Apparently, I hadn’t forgotten any appointment.

“Who is it?”

“That’s… it’s the second prince, Weiss Wisner.”


I let out a scream.

Gilmer’s eyes also went wide as he stared at the maid. Glared at by me and the senior servant, Gilmer, the maid shrank. The maid seemed like a scolded child.

“Gilmer, keep this document hidden. Also, wait here until I come back. On the other hand, you may return to your duties.”

I gave instructions to Gilmer and the maid. Then, I rushed to the drawing room.

“I’m Sofia Lark. I’m sorry to have kept you waiting.”

“You don’t have to worry. I’m the one who visited suddenly.”

“Thank you for your consideration.”

What is the meaning of this?

In my previous life, His Highness Weiss was abroad the entire time. Hence, we never met.

In my second life, I thought that fact would remain the same.

Why did it change?

Why would he try to get involved with me?

Why now, of all the times?

“Do you need something?”

“First and foremost, on behalf of the royal family, let me apologize for my brother’s rudeness. I’m truly sorry.”

With that said, His Highness Weiss bowed to me. Even though as a member of the royal family, he shouldn’t bow his head.

“Raise your head. It no longer matters to me. Besides, His Highness Wagner’s partner is my cousin. Therefore, I support their love.”

—I dearly hope that they shall end plunging to the bottom of the abyss.

In regard to those two, no matter how affectionate they were, if they had nothing to gain from each other, their masks would fall soon enough. Eventually, they’d forgot how to show one another any respect.

Some people could only be nice and considerate to others because they were still of use to them.

Some people were self-interested like that.

“This is the document for annulling your engagement with Wagner. I’ve already obtained His Majesty’s permission. The engagement between Wagner and Ms. Aries is on hold.”

Well, there’s that.

Aries was a baron’s daughter. Under normal circumstances, someone of her stature wouldn’t be able to assume the title of a member of the royal family. If the public were to deem Aries’ etiquette and behavior as unsuitable, there might be an objection, too.

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