The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

172.2 The Endless Surprise Attack Strategy

Frida’s statement made Jill.

“It’s different! Well, it may be true, but no, I—!”

“You aren’t confident in yourself.”

Natalie blatantly stated that as she twirled the straw of her fruit juice.

“When it comes to Hadith, his personality and behavior are excellent. Although there’s an issue with the age gap, I believe that only the goddess can fight against you on equal footing.”

“Well, if it’s the goddess, I can easily beat her.”

“If so, why don’t you have confidence? You can easily defeat the strongest enemy.”

Frida smiled at Jill. She was confused because she had never once thought about it that way.

“Jill-nee-chan, is cool…”

“Oh, thank you, but combat is the only thing I’m good at…”

“Then, what are you fighting for?”

Jill was confused at Natalie’s blatant question.

“As I thought, should I host a marriage martial arts tournament…?”

“Just leave that idea behind! For the time being, stand up!”


At Natalie’s command of, Jill up off the chair and stood upright.

Natalie sighed as Jill tensely waited.

“Alright, I’ll cooperate with you at the next party.”


“Well, recently Hadith-nii has been acting too cool. I want to spite him.”

Despite feeling that she had missed something, Jill nodded.

“That’s right, to spite His Majesty!”

“U, uh… why do want you annoy Hadith-nii-chan… that’s not good…”

“What are you saying? You’ve shut your brother Listeard out of your room to the point he’s been apologizing for three days and three nights!”

“Wow, that His Highness Listeard?”


Frida, whose eyes widened as she laughed, clenched her stuffed animal with all her might. Magical power coursed through her entire body. Everyone except Natalie was struck by it.

“Because he was bad…”

“I, I see…”

“So, what exactly are you going to do?”

“If I may add, hanging him from the chandelier is out of the question, okay~?”

Zeke and Camila couldn’t help but add in.

“Seriously, just fight like an ordinary girl. By that, I mean through your dress and makeup.”


Natalie suddenly stood up.

“I’ll lend you my makeup.”

“Oh, my~ makeup, it is~ I shall help, too~”

Natalie stared at Camila who excitedly raised his hand.

“No, boys are forbidden. Knowing you, you’d just cut corners.”


“B, but she’s still a kid~?”

“You’re actually perfect material. The way you stand is very beautiful.”


Frida smiled at Jill, who was surprised by the unexpected praise.

“After all, Jill-nee-chan is cool and beautiful.”

“Hadith-nii has been saying nothing but how she’ll grow into a beautiful woman.”

“That’s… His Majesty is just overestimating me. I’m sure I’ll grow taller. But as for beauty… I’m not really sure.”

Besides, she was told by Hadith himself, six years later, that she was unappealing.

Ugh, remembering it makes me upset…

Knowing what would happen in the future was difficult.

“Now is our chance to surprise Hadith-nii. I’m sure he’s been letting his guard down.”

But the future would change.

“If we attack him with this timing, we’ll surely see something interesting?”

It was a surprise attack operation.

Jill wasn’t confident at all. Still, she nodded.

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