The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

172.1 The Endless Surprise Attack Strategy

“Your Majesty, could you dance with my daughter?”

Jill, who was trying to choose between roast beef or lobster, accidentally overheard the conversation behind her.

“She has been waiting for the night where she could see His Majesty in a person. If not for this amicable party, such dream wouldn’t have come true. By all means, it’s for the sake of my daughter’s future study.”

The daughter, whose back was pushed by her father, blushed fervently and shrank before His Majesty the Emperor.

She appears to be about 16-years-old.

Hadith smiled softly when he saw the nervous lady.

“If I may.”

“R, really?”

“Of course.”

The stuttering lady didn’t appear to harbor any ulterior motives. As Jill was reaching such a conclusion, she discovered Hadith was kneeling towards her. He reached for her cheek.

“Jill, see you later.”

By the time she had regained her senses, it was too late. In a fluid manner, Hadith had landed a kiss on her cheek. While bowing with a gracefulness that’d fuel the dreams of a thousand maidens, Hadith received the lady’s hand and guided her to the center of the floor.

…I was ambushed again.

Jill rubbed her cheek.

As of the present, many small evening parties were being held at the imperial castle in the Sky City of Raelm. It was for the purpose of dispelling the restlessness that came about from to the civil war, and also to help Jill, who was now Hadith’s official fiancée, become accustomed to socializing.

Anyway, she was very grateful because those parties allowed children to participate. She disliked the idea of having to stay at home, especially considering the outstanding delicacies that could be found at them. For example, the roast beef right in front of her.

However, the height difference between Jill and Hadith prevented them from dancing. Because of that, young ladies rushed to dance with His Majesty the Emperor who was without a dance partner despite being at an evening ball.

In the first place, Hadith was a friendly individual who dreamed of making a 100 friends. He wouldn’t refuse anyone who approached him. Instead, he encouraged it. He danced with many instead of any specific few to avoid creating weird rumors. Because Hadith was… Hadith, he had grown popular. He could recall the faces and names of various distinguished aristocrats. As a result, more and more people were swayed because they were remembered by the emperor.

Which is a good thing, by the way.

Moreover, whether Hadith did anything or something trivial happened, he would always notify Jill. It was more so when he was about to dance with someone. It was to signify that the Dragon Princess was his number one priority no matter what. However, he didn’t ask for Jill’s permission. It was a combination of the emperor’s authority and his respect to the Dragon Princess.

Hadith was an emperor. It was fine. She was proud that he had grown popular.


“At this rate, I won’t be able to stop myself from hanging His Majesty to the chandelier using the sacred treasure… What do I do, now?”

“It’s precisely that idea that you should hang up.”

Natalie retorted such to Jill who consulted with her during an afternoon tea party. Frida, who brought a stuffed animal as usual, blinked numerous times. It was a regular tea party for the Rave royal girls. Even Elynsia, the general of the Rave Empire, attended from time to time.

“Uhm… but, Hadith-nii-chan only ever see Jill-nee-chan alone…”

Frida blushed and looked down, perhaps embarrassed to have said that. Usually, upon hearing that, Jill would share the same reaction, as well. But that day, she only sighed.

“I don’t think His Majesty is having an affair. There’s no doubt about that. Besides, he takes good care of me… Still, I’m dissatisfied.”

“For the time being, you should stop having those couple quarrels at the parties, Jill-chan~”

“If the Dragon Princess were to be imprisoned under the suspicion of attempting to assassinate the Dragon Emperor, bad rumors would spread…”

Camila and Zeke, who were guarding the doorway as the knights of the Dragon Princess, butted in. Normally, it wouldn’t be allowed. However, because Natalie and Frida had allowed them, they sometimes joined in the conversations.

“I know… But I’m angry! It’s His Majesty’s bad habit!”

To Jill, who stood up while clenching her fist, Frida’s eyes went round while Natalie could only cup her cheek.

“By the way, does Hadith-nii-chan visit you at night?”

“He doesn’t! As such, it has fallen to me to do it!”

“…No, Jill-chan, in the first place, it’ll be troublesome for us if you do~”

“I mean, it’s only to be expected that the emperor doesn’t visit you.”

“What do you mean ‘only to be expected’!? Are you saying that I have no sex appeal!?”

Jill glared at her two subordinates who were being wet blankets. The two immediately fell into a fluster.

“Sex appeal… in the first place, you’re at the age where such a thing is impossible!”

“Nothing is impossible!”

“Jill-chan, calm down~? See, have some delicious sweets~!”

“I can eat sweets without being told!”

“Uhm… does Jill-nee-chan want to bother Hadith-nii-chan?

Because of Frida’s question, Jill’s swelling emotions suddenly deflated.

“Well, that’s not necessarily the case, what I want is…”

She sat in her chair as she pondered for the right words.

Hadith, who had returned as the sole hero of Radea, had changed. Jill already knew from the start that he’d be able to do it. Still, despite being happy for him, she also hated the notion very much.

Ordinary girls were her natural enemies. The budding anxiety she felt in Radea was getting bigger and bigger.

Jill groaned while clenching her fist.

“I wish it were the goddess instead…!”

“Stop it, don’t say such scary things~!”

“If it’s the goddess, I can beat her to pulp! But, when it comes to other ordinary, pretty, girls, I can’t beat them…”

Everyone stared at Jill as she became depressed.

Jill slammed her fist against the table.

“Why don’t I hold a marriage martial arts tournament for His Majesty!? I’ll do my best to be the champion!”

“…Then, the prize for the victor will be His Majesty himself?”

“If such is the condition, no one other than the goddess would want to participate~…”

“…Jill-nee-chan, even though Hadith-nii-chan is truly fond of you, you’re jealous…?”

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