The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

171. Radea’s Bakery (12)

The Dragon Princess, Jill, soon blended into the banquet. Everything was truly scrumptious. She ate everything. At the same time, everyone also handed her heaps of food. Perhaps due to the influence of alcohol or the baker, those who were initially scrambling for food were struck by the appearance of a girl stuffing her mouth. Jill got used to their gazes in no time.

Neither Yuna nor those surrounding her could stop laughing at Hadith’s easy-to-understand jealousy. He grew more and more frustrated as more people fed his wife.

Jill was truly a normal and adorable girl.

However, Jill was also going be the main actor in the coronation of the Grand Duke of Radea. Apparently, she also had to give a speech. Not long ago, she apologized for not having properly memorized it yet. Therefore, was repeating it over and over again to the point that Yuna and everyone else memorized the Dragon Princess’ speech.

At the same time, that girl was powerful enough to defeat both the intoxicated and rude with a single blow. Those who had tried to hinder the coronation of the Grand Duke of Radae were captured. During the previous commotion, only Yuna was taken hostage. Thus, the banquet concluded safely.

Jill would be staying at the grandma’s house with Hadith. By the time she had finished eating breakfast, she was picked up by soldiers from the castle.

When she left the front door, Yuna handed over the belongings the grandma had been looking after for Hadith. Hadith himself received it.

“Thank you for everything.”

Hadith, who had removed his apron and had his soldiers lying in wait behind him, held the image of an emperor. Nevertheless, he was still the same Hadith who had worked in the bakery.

Yuna no longer thought that he had changed. She felt the loneliness of parting, but no loneliness of loss.

The smiles of the neighbors and cooks who came to see them off proved that Yuna wasn’t the only one who felt that way.

“Thank you. Thank you for your help.”

Next to Hadith, Jill bowed.

Yuna whispered.

“…Do your best in the ceremony.”

“Yes, about that, Yuna…”

Jill’s voice was so faint, Yuna had to crouch a little and bring her ears closer. Jill asked in a small voice, as if worried the surroundings would over hear.

“You don’t have any feelings towards His Majesty, right?”

It’d be rude to snort in the face of the Dragon Princess

“N, no, I don’t.”

“I, is that so? I’m sorry, I heard some strange rumors…”

“I see. You must’ve been worried. It must’ve been difficult. You are such a serious child.”

Jill blinked. With that kind of expression, her cuteness was emphasized. Jill looked kind of happy.

“Not to mention, all Hadith thinks about is you.”

“R, really?!”’


Yuna withdrew because her grandmother had appeared. The grandma took Hadith’s hand with a gentle laugh.

“Come play anytime.”

“Of course.”

“But, I’m sure it’ll be difficult for you to sneak out next time.”

Hadith’s eyes went wide. Jill was silently glaring at him.

“Do your best, Your Majesty the Emperor.”

Although he felt like smiling bitterly, Hadith still showed a gentle smile in the end.

“Don’t worry, grandma.”

Hadith, who knelt gracefully, dropped a kiss on the grandma’s cheek.

Afterwards, all of them returned to their respective places.

Hadith, who appeared at the coronation ceremony specially held at the temple of Radea that evening, was a fine emperor no matter how one were to look at him. The girl he was holding was also being cheered. There was no trace of that little girl who hugged bread to herself.

However, Yuna and the others knew.

Placing people on a pedestal was easy. But in reality, they were just the same as them—they were also living beings who could laugh and have worries.

Not to mention…

“—In the name of the Dragon God Rave, I shall make a declaration! I’ll wield the Dragon Princess’ sacred treasure and protect this land of Radea with reason!!”

The surroundings, who were watching the declaration of the Dragon Princess with bathed breath, roared in excitement. For them to be moved to the point of screaming, Jill must surely be happy.

‘Hurray to Grand Duke Radea—! Hurray to His Majesty the Dragon God and His Majesty the Emperor—!’

As voices erupted one after another, Hadith picked up Jill and they waved their hands together as if to show off.

Hadith, who spotted Yuna, winked. But it was probably her mind playing a trick on her.

Yuna was the last to see the royal couple.

She wanted to visit the imperial capital of Raelm someday. However, it wasn’t an easy distance to travel. Nevertheless, her grandmother planned to attend the wedding of the Dragon Emperor. Therefore, there must be something she could do.

Besides, a cook would be taking over her grandmother’s bakery.

I hope they have their honeymoon soon.

Was that too early?

But if they did, she’ll be sure to give them her grandmother’s bread.

For the royal couple who had protected the empire and the sky, they would ensure delicious bread was available.

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