The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

170. Radea’s Bakery (11)

“What is it, Your Majesty? I’m busy—”

“—What a relief!”

Hadith sighed while leaning his forehead against the waist of the girl he was holding up. The girl fell into an awkward silence.

Yuna had only ever seen Hadith’s smile. Therefore, she was at a loss when she saw his sadness.

“Ever since I heard suspicious people were moving around, I had tightened security. So why did you escape?”

“Why, you ask—…”

“Their target is you, the grand duke. I already told you to not leave the castle—but you did.”

Instead of answering, the girl averted her gaze. Hadith kept glaring at her.

“In fact, I already instructed some guards to keep watch over you.”

“…Ah, General South’s men. I thought they would be stronger than that.”

“…Don’t beat them up! Didn’t Camila and Zeke stop you?”

“They are my subordinates.”

“What useless Dragon Knights of the Dragon Princess! …Are they even aware that you’re the Dragon Princess?”

“Of course they are, which is why they let me go. It’s my duty to protect Your Majesty.”

Hadith staggered. Yuna rushed to his aid.

“Hadith! Are you alright!?”

“I, I’m alright… but her boldness is also my weakness…”

What does that mean?

Next to Yuna, who tilted her head, the Dragon Princess stood up after having leaped from Hadith’s arms.

“Then, I’ll be back.”

“Wait a moment!”

“Is there anything more? Your Majesty, you’re getting in the way of my work.”

“Is that how you’re going to treat the person you’re protecting!? Why don’t you give your greeting while you’re here?”


Hadith stepped forward and soon caught hold of his Dragon Princess once again.

“I will introduce you to grandma.”

“Eh, but tomorrow’s plan…”

“I won’t accept no. You have to stay.”

“But Rho is at the castle…”

“Which is more important? That foolish dragon or me?”

“Which is more important, you say… So, Your Majesty, is it alright for me to ignore your heart?”

“…S, sorry, as I thought, please take care of us both…”

“Then, I shall return. …Besides, this is not proper.”

While Yuna, who could only listen to their conversation as she followed from behind, blinked, Hadith stopped.

“This is grandma we’re speaking of, she must be taking into considering the fact that I am from the Kratos-Saber Family. Not to mention, this is the border.”

Another difficult topic. But above all, Yuna was surprised a girl that young could possess such immense consideration.

Thus, she laughed as if troubled.

“If I were told that such a child is His Majesty’s wife and would become the Grand Duke, I’d be filled with worry. I, myself, would like to give a proper greeting.”

“That kind of thing—”


Perhaps chasing after Hadith, grandma approached them slowly.

“Is that child your wife?”

Hadith stared at the grandma and the girl alternately before nodding. The girl sighed as if she had expected that. From Hadith’s arms, she leaped and stood before the grandma.

“Nice to meet you, my name is Jill Saber.”

Her profile was dignified. While she was showing a bitter smile, she didn’t look too bad. But just a while ago, Yuna had heard a part of the girl’s anxiety. She didn’t think that the girl was as she seemed, and became nervous.

“Thank you for taking care of His Majesty.”

“You’re really young. How old are you.”

“…I’m 11-years-old.”

“Ooh, how wonderful.”

The girl responded to the question. In the meantime, Hadith was beaming.

Her grandma continued with a smile.

“I met grandpa in a matchmaking session when I was an adult. Grandpa had a childhood friend whom he had been together with since they were little.”

Although the story sounded familiar, Yuna had no idea what the story entailed.

…The girl must had thought the same. As if confused, Jill nodded vaguely.

“I, I see, that’s—umm, complicated…”

“That’s right. His childhood friend knew everything about him. Moreover, even though they were man and woman, they were best friends. They were like family. Do you understand? Because of that, I felt very frustrated. Also, due to the fact that grandpa was five years older than me, I ended up feeling like an extra.”

“O, okay…”

The girl was nodding back in a diplomatic manner. The grandma then slowly reached out for the girl’s cheek.

“I’m truly happy for you, Hadith-chan. You get to be alone with your wife while she is this cute.”

The girl’s purple eyes went wide.

Looking up at the grandma, Hadith quickly embraced the girl.

“That’s right! Well, when we first met, Jill was about this tall. You see? About the height of my abdomen—”

“—Hold up, Your Majesty…”

“But as of the present, she’s this tall…—”

Hadith pointed under his chest.

“It’s only slightly, but she’s getting taller.”

“That’s right, but since you’re 11-years-old, she’s around the age where she’ll grow steadily.”

“Yes, I’m looking forward to it, but I’m worried.”

Hadith’s shoulders dropped. Grandma smirked mischievously.

“Are you worrying about when she becomes a beautiful woman?”

“Yes, but even now, she’s both cute and awesome!”

“That’s tough, but it’s alright… It’s better to be together all the time, don’t you think so, too?”

The girl, who was asked, blinked then answered meekly.

“Yes, but it’s a shame that I couldn’t see His Majesty when he was still a child…”

“Ah, you not seeing me during that phase of my life is alright…”

“But I’m delighted I was able to meet His Majesty now, instead of six years later.”

Why six years later?

Do those words have a profound meaning?

That was a future story that had nothing to do with Yuna. Them being able to become lovers and get married six years later wouldn’t be strange. Therefore, she couldn’t grasp the meaning behind those words.

“Everyone gets old. As of the present, everyone is currently at their prime.”

Perhaps feeling nervous, the girl leaned forward a little.

“A, also, the bread from this afternoon was very delicious!”

“Oh, I’m happy to hear that.”

“I understand why His Majesty recommended them to me! Can I buy a lot tomorrow to take home?”

“Of course.”

“Uh, Jill, umm… what about my bread?”

“Your Majesty’s bread can always be eaten later! I can only buy grandmother’s bread at Radea!”

“B, but of course…”

She laughed at Hadith’s face which appeared a little depressed.

On the other hand, Yuna felt lonely.

Bread that could only be brought from Radea. Both that girl and Hadith would eventually leave.

I heard that the Grand Duke of Radea will be inaugurated tomorrow.

Then, would they be leaving the day after tomorrow or a little further? It was a story of the future that would eventually arrive.

“Then, let’s do our best tomorrow.”

Hence, grandma’s words echoed in Yuna’s heart.

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