The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

169. Radea’s Bakery (10)

By evening, all the bread was sold out. Rather, it’d have been weird if they weren’t.

Someone raised a voice from somewhere, and everyone clapped with smiles. Yuna didn’t even know who announced that they’d be having a banquet that day.

Everyone brought drinks and food from their homes and gathered in front of the bakery. While sitting on the shop’s floor, the banquet started.

That was Yuna’s first time getting involved in such a thing after the war. Naturally, it was noisy. Everyone had gathered together to burn firewood, have a feast, and sing under the dark sky. It was as if they were venting out the frustration they had secretly accumulated.

The reason why they could do that with peace of mind must had been because there were soldiers secretly protecting the group.

I wonder if they are protecting Hadith.

Hadith was the one who brought up the idea of them evacuating to a safe place. But in the first place, he was the one who led the soldiers and fought on the front line. Therefore, she decided to not suggest anything obnoxious.

Besides, it’d be foolish to ask Hadith, who was still wearing an apron, to behave like an emperor. He seemed like an entirely different person. As of the present, he was consulting with the other cooks about their recipes. She was sure that it was for the future of the shop.

“My, so Hadith can see the Dragon God?”

Above all, the grandma looked happy. When she was lined up on a bench in the corner with Hadith, Yuna felt at home.

“Yes, the Dragon God has always been with me. Currently, he’s beside grandma.”

“Thank you very much. If grandpa were still alive, he’d keel over from joy.”

“…Grandma’s husband was a soldier, right?”

“That’s right. Meanwhile, Hadith’s wife is the daughter from the Saber Family.”

Yuna, who was drinking cocoa across from them, was shocked at by those words.

If I’m not mistaken, that’s a family from Kratos. A really influential one at that…

While she was thinking, the grandma laughed.

“If grandpa were to know about that, he’d take out a spear and say, ‘The enemy is attacking from the other side of the Rakia Mountains!’”

“…Does grandma hate the Saber Family?”

“Well, Hadith-chan… In the Rave Empire, only a few people would say that they like them. Especially when you live in the border. For those of the Rave Empire who have to protect Noitral, Leirzatz, and Radea all at once, that family may as well be a den of monsters.”

After sipping her tea, the grandma continued.

“If we could get along, then that’ll be encouraging, but…”

Hadith, who had been contemplating her words for a moment, said—

“I’m sure they are fighting for Kratos, as well. All in all, it’s a difficult issue.”


“First of all, I have to find a way to prevent anymore fighting.”

“Can you do that?”

“For a thousand years, it’s been an unattainable dream. A lot of people have died because of it.”

The grandma suddenly lifted her gaze.

“While the empire is important, war is miserable…”

Yuna also looked up at her grandma’s distant gaze. Beyond the darkening sky were the Rakia Mountains—the border separating them from the Kingdom of Kratos.

“If Hadith-chan says that he can do it, then I will believe him.”


On the other hand, there was something difficult she needed to ask. It was quite important.

“Can I meet your wife?”

“Of course.”

Basking in the light of the firewood, Hadith laughed. Towards his knowing gaze, Yuna lifted her head.

“I will bring you some food.”

“Alright, thank you.”

After she sent off, she went towards a table full of food.

I see, the Dragon Princess hails from Kratos…

The skirmish with Kratos happened a long time ago. Yuna, who hadn’t experienced the war, didn’t feel like it made sense for Kratos to be considered an enemy kingdom. Nevertheless, not too long ago, there was a fuss concerning exactly that. Recently, she also heard that Kratos had intervened in the escape of a particular aide.

On the other hand, when she recalled the girl she saw during the day, she thought that the girl was quite pretty.

It was a very difficult situation. She sighed and then went to pick up a tray.


The tray fell to her feet. Before she realized it, a knife was being drawn to her neck. Her scream alarmed the people around her.


Only when someone yelled in her ear did she realize that she had been caught. An arm was squeezing her neck. She was at a loss.

“Where’s the emperor!?”

“If you still value this girl’s life, don’t move!”

Several men, mainly the man who seized Yuna, took out their weapons and shouted. He must had disguised himself as a resident. She could see that her grandma’s face had turned blue.


“Grand… ma…”

“Listen up, cancel tomorrow’s coronation ceremony, then—”

Suddenly, her view was obscured. When she felt that the arm restraining her was gone, she dove to the ground. She raised her upper body as she turned around. The man who grabbed her had collapsed. A small silhouette descended from the roof, unto the head of the man who previously seized Yuna.


The men who were pointing their weapons towards everyone suddenly turned them to the girl who suddenly appeared within the circle of men.

“It’s alright, stay still.”

The girl, who looked into Yuna’s eyes spoke and shook her left hand in circular motion. In a flash, the armed men fell over as if their feet had been scooped up from under them. It had been caused by a golden whip. It tied around ankles of the fallen men to create a string of beads.

“Zeke, Camila, catch those who escaped! Help the soldiers there to detain them! Raise your weapons!”

After the girl who stood up dashingly declared her instructions, she extended her hand to Yuna.

“Are you injured?”

“N, no..”

“That’s a relief.”

She felt a little doubtful due to the girl’s small stature, but she was grateful for the help. Naturally, she remembered the face of the girl—

The Dragon Princess…

While she was still disoriented, the Dragon Princess even helped her tidy her clothes.

“Thank you very much…”

“I understand the shock you are feeling.”

“Are you alright!?”

Hadith ran through the noisy crowd. Yuna turned around and nodded.

“I, I’m alright, the Dragon Princess helped me.”

“I have to go and lead the soldiers!”


In front of the surprised Yuna, the girl tried to leave. However, Hadith grabbed her by the collar and picked her up—


That was her name.

At the same time, that was also Yuna’s first time hearing the Dragon Princess’ name.

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