The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

168. Radea’s Bakery (9)

Jill, who left along with her subordinates, didn’t even glance at them until she reached a street corner some distance away from the bakery.

Jill shouted.

“Camila, you lied! You said that His Majesty didn’t serve customers! You said that he wouldn’t notice me even if I were to line up with the customers!”

“It wasn’t exactly a lie~? His Majesty doesn’t, in fact, serve the customers. He just comes out from time to time with more bread.”

“B, but he served me!”

“Well, of course, since your captain.”

Due to Zeke’s blunt answer, her face once again turned red. She lamented her situation while hugging the bread to her chest.

“…I, in the end, His Majesty saw me.”

“That is a problem, isn’t it~? Well, apart from that—”

“—It isn’t! Not to mention, they ran out of the strawberry jam bread!”

It was as if she snuck to her husband’s workplace. Even thought that wasn’t the case, it was still embarrassing.

Zeke took the bag of bread from Jill’s arms.

“Why are you so upset? Shouldn’t you be proud instead? Don’t you like the special treatment?”

“It’s because His Majesty…”

In front of the public, he shamelessly stated that Jill was the best.

Remembering that, Jill covered her flustered face with her hands. Instead of explaining, she groaned once again.

Back when she was in line, she felt excited. She thought she had outsmarted Hadith and could eat his bread. Although, she heard that he occasionally stepped out of the kitchen with more bread. Regardless, she was worried that he might be overworked. But the fact that he was good-looking worked in his favor. The appearance of Hadith, who meticulously continued to work no matter how high the demand was, was quite refreshing. It was unlike the emperor version of himself.

Jill was happy to discover another side of Hadith that she hadn’t known.

All that time, she failed to realize.

The special way Hadith would see her, would react to her, or would speak to her.

Upon being discovered by him, she froze. More than that, she was exposed a strange atmosphere. Hadith had exuded it the moment he saw her.

Of course, that was the Hadith Jill knew.

It was only then she realized Hadith was only like that when he was with her.

His Majesty also told me that I can eat his bread anytime! That’s more like it!

She wouldn’t have noticed Hadith’s ‘strangeness’ had she only been informed of it.

On the other hand, she also recalled the childish line she cries out as she fled the scene. She felt ashamed.

“Oh no, what will those people in the store think…”

Even though she had been kindly served, she wasn’t able to even thank the person properly. Due to her embarrassment, she forgot to thank the people who had taken great care of her husband.

“Everything’ll be fine~ I’m sure they’ll understand~”

“Not necessarily! I blew up! How do I show my face for tomorrow’s greetings?!”

“If you’re worried, then you should apologize.”

“You are being foolish, Zeke~ Jill-chan wanted to play the role of the perfect wife to that pretty girl who worked with His Majesty~”

Camila’s statement pierced Jill’s chest.

Zeke scratched the back of his head in annoyance.

“I mean, what’s the problem? It’d have been worse if captain had actually acted like her usual self.”

“That’s not what I’m saying! Being able to show her cuteness once in a while is a good change of pace, too~”

“…Camila, it’s as if you’re saying I usually have no cuteness at all…”

Ara, Jill-chan, that’s merely your imagination~”

“Uh, Your Highness the Dragon Princess…!”

A call was made to the three. Instead of a soldier, it was a young man from the city. Zeke stepped forward to protect Jill, while Camila responded with a smile from beside her.

“What do you want~? Could you be a resident of Radea~?”

“Oh, yes, pardon me… I was wondering, if you could…”

The young man acted as if he had encountered a bandit. Intimidated by Zeke, the young man almost couldn’t speak.

“What’s wrong? If you have something to talk about, speak!”

While Zeke intimidated the man, Camila reassured him so that he’d speak.

“Earlier today, some unknown people were talking in the bar—by the way, I’m the bar owner.”

“Unknown… maybe they were some sort of bandits.”

“I have no clue, but I overheard them talking about targeting a baker and threatening His Majesty the Emperor… I felt like I should let you guys know…”

“I understand.”

Jill stepped forward from between Camila and Zeke. She smiled so that the flustered young man could be assured.

“Calm down and tell us your story.”

“Alright, are you sure? It could be just a misunderstanding…”

“It’s alright. I’m the Dragon Princess. It’s my duty to protect the Dragon Emperor.”

Therefore, feel free to talk.

With a relieved expression, the young man bowed his head.

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