The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

167. Radea’s Bakery (8)

The little girl was firmly holding her purse.

Did she want to buy some strawberry jam bread? Unfortunately, Yuna had just heard that the last strawberry jam bread had been sold. In other words, that particular bread was sold out.

While leaning slightly, Yuna spoke to the stunned girl.

“I’m sorry. It seems that we’ve run out of that one…”

“E, even though I was looking forward to that one the most…”

“It must have been due to the crowd. I’m sorry…”

The girl shook her head.

She probably came in search of truly delicious bread. Many of the guests, especially women, were looking for His Majesty the Emperor rather than the bread. When asked for their order, some customers persistently sought the emperor. Yuna couldn’t help but smile when she realized the little girl came solely to buy bread.

Yuna’s tone naturally softened.

“Um, the strawberry jam bread is indeed delicious, but so are the others. As for sweet-tasting ones, I recommend this one. The apple was boiled down as it is. I recommend it due to the crispiness of the dough. Although, it may be a little hard to eat…”

“Oh, you’re right, it looks delicious…”

The once dejected girl brightened up a little.

“There’s also the most popular product—it’s called ‘Oath Croissant.’”

“What’s that?!”

Yuna presented the product to the astonished girl, wondering if she had never seen a croissant before.

Then, Yuna connected the ends of the crescent-shaped croissants into a circle. With plenty of candy-like sugar on the surface, it was both sweet and popular with the children.

“This isn’t only easy to eat, it’s also sweet and delectable. Not to mention, crispy.”

“…I’ll refrain from that one.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes. Uhm, the strawberry jam bread isn’t going to be made anymore…?”

With puppy-like eyes, the girl confirmed that with Yuna.

Did the girl wanted to eat it that badly?

Yuna considered checking if there were any leftovers of that bread.

“Wait a minute. Just in case, I’ll ask the baker.”


With a small voice, the girl tensed once again. Looking behind herself, she saw that Hadith had just emerged with a new batch of bread. He was staring at them.

What great timing!

However, when Yuna was about to bring up the issue with Hadith, she realized that something was wrong with Hadith. Hadith was tense. He blinked, his eyes trained towards the girl.

The girl was petrified like a stone. Whether or not the girl was aware that Hadith was the emperor, freezing before someone so fine-looking should be understandable.

But, amongst everyone surrounding them who kept calling him, “Your Majesty the Emperor!” Why did Hadith decide to focus on that particular girl?

“She came to buy strawberry jam bread, but it’s sold out.”

For the time being, Yuna decided to explain the situation to Hadith. Hadith smiled back. Yuna blinked.

For some reason, she felt that his current smile was different… To be precise, it felt sly.

“Is that so? Welcome.”


Instead of answering, the girl averted her gaze for some reason. When he saw it, Hadith laughed and said;

“Ms. Yuna, we still have the bread that grandma baked, right?”

“W, we do, but she wants strawberry jam bread…”

“It’s alright. Let me pay for it.”


While she was confused, Hadith, having placed down a basket of freshly baked bread, took one of the pieces of bread and prepared a bag himself.

“It comes with a stew. I recommend eating them together. I think the combination will be delicious.”

Whether or not the girl was nervous due to being spoken to, she didn’t answer.

Yuna also had a hard time closing her mouth.

Do we even serve any stew…?

“To be more precise, this is exactly the reason why I made the stew. Therefore, please try them together.”

Hadith offered the girl a bag of the grandma’s bread, which Yuna always sold.

“…Strawberry jam bread.”

The girl muttered begrudgingly. She clutched the bag of bread within her arms, which caused Hadith to laugh mischievously.

“It should be fine, right? You can always eat my bread.”

Their surroundings grew noisier. From the little girl’s head, steam seemed about to erupt. But she soon pursed her lips, raised her head firmly, and placed a bronze coin on the long desk.

As that was the exact price, she received no change.

“Stupid Your Majesty!”

Then, the girl proceeded to run away with the bread in her arms.

Next to the stunned Yuna, Hadith concealed his mouth and began to laugh. The old lady came forth from behind.

“What’s wrong? Hadith-chan, what happened?”

“Of course. Even though I didn’t plan on skipping tomorrow’s greeting. I wonder if she really wanted bread. My wife was among our customers.”


Hadith didn’t care about the fact that his surrounding could hear him. He spoke once again.

“Isn’t she cute? That little girl is my wife.”

Hadith gently laughed, his gaze chasing after the runaway girl.

She was the wife of His Majesty the Emperor—Her Highness the Dragon Princess. The new grand duke who controlled the Dragon Princess’ sacred treasure and who had saved Radea.

The 11-years-old Dragon Princess.

Many words came into her mind. But above all, Hadith’s eyes spoke of his love for her. She was sure that he felt happy.

“But instead of coming to me, she lined up. I guess she really wanted to eat some.”

Hadith appeared to be concealing his laughter, but Yuna shook her head a little.

I wonder if she was curious about how Hadith is doing and came to visit him…

While the part where the little girl wanted bread might be true, Yuna didn’t think that was what she was most concerned about.

But Yuna decided to keep silent. She felt sure that the little girl was embarrassed at being found out by Hadith. The little girl must had been frustrated and was in agony. Yuna knew because she was also a girl.

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