The Rotten Lady Rosa Wants to Watch Over Love from the Shadows Translation

11. The Rotten Lady Rosa Wants to Watch Over Love from the Shadows

Chapter Eleven: Rosa Craves Danger (III)

“They’re here!” There was a loud thud as a powerful kick knocked down the door. What followed was the arrival of a certain man.

If one looked closely, however, they could see that he was a boy—close to Rosa’s age—rather than a man. He had a lovely face and blond hair that glistened in the moonlight.

“Elder sister!” Bernardo breathed a sigh of relief as he entered the room and spotted Rosa.

“Oh my! B-bernardo! What are you doing here?”

“I followed you. What else could it be? Rather, what are you doing he—?” Bernando furrowed his brow before he could finish his sentence after noticing the pirates’ fingers in his sister’s hair, as well as the bruises on his sister’s wrists, most likely caused by ropes.

“Elder sister, what did they do to you?” Even though Bernando’s voice was still that of a child, he sounded extremely terrifying.

Shivers ran down Marta’s spine, even though she had been through her fair share of frightening situations.

“What da big deal pal? Ya one of their friends?” With a grin on his face, one of the pirates said, clearly underestimating Bernando.

Bernando’s tone, on the other hand, was calm. “Move those filthy hands away from my Elder Sister!” Bernando’s pupils shone as he spoke, and a fierce wind blew. The wind drew a silver ark, precisely aiming and slashing through the pirates’ guts.


The wind, however, continued to surge around the area, pushing the knocked-down pirates against the walls and knocking barrels over. The whole room was filled with the pirate’s miserable cries. The wind died away after a while, and the room fell silent.

“Elder Sister.” Rushing to his sister, Bernando said. He took his stunned sister’s hand in his and continued to speak.

“Please tell me. Did they do anything to you?”

“Huh? Well…” Rosa, on the other hand, had her shoulders trembling, as if she feared her angered brother.

‘M-M-M-M-Moe Bern?! W-W-W-W-When did you magic awaken?! Rather, why in the world did you follow me?! Why are you acting like a top!? Rather…. NOOOOOOOO! Moe Bern found me just as I was about to enjoy that upcoming scenario!’ The sensation Rosa was experiencing right now, was the same as the sensation of having your family walk in on you while reading a dirty magazine. ‘W-W-W-W-Why?! Shouldn’t you be at home packing your stuff?! I didn’t even manage to raise my magic power! Moe Bern will become further disgusted with me and leave the house now that he’s seen me like this!’

Rosa was flustered because her lovely brother had had a glimpse of her soiled character.

Rosa spoke slowly since she didn’t know what to say and was under stress. “U-Um… I-I came to the port because I thought that you had left the house… B-But when I came here I found these people and I just… The rose lo… fortune… I’m not sure how to put it. I had intended to return home straight away, but I suddenly felt compelled to witness this immoral scenario to the end…!”

“Immoral scenario?” With his brows furrowed, Bernando said.

His face suddenly became scary. Marta, who had regained her composure, couldn’t stand by and watch Rosa become even more afraid, so she spoke up.

“Hey! I appreciate your saving us, but don’t you think it’s inappropriate to grab a girl’s wrists and forcefully ask her a question after the ordeal she’s just had? Can’t you see that she’s terrified?”

Bernando instantly let go of Rosa’s hands after being chastised by Marta.

Marta motioned for several of the women behind her to come forward and help Rosa calm down, while she grabbed Bernando’s arm and dragged him to the corner of the room.

“Are you her brother?”

“That’s right.”

“I’m gonna ask just in case, but is that girl, is Rosa the one known as Langheim’s Rose Angel?”

Bernando, who was under a lot of stress, became quiet for a moment before nodding. “She is.”

“I knew it…” Marta breathed a sigh of relief when her predictions were confirmed.

After all, she’d never expected to see the Rose Angel about whom she’d heard legends throughout her stay at the brothel.

“As you can see, we are women who were either kidnapped or bought by the pirates. After we were abducted and were about to be sold, this girl, who had also been kidnapped, used her magic powers to release us from the ropes.” Marta said, quickly glancing at Rosa, after which she continued her explanation. “She did all of that with that frail body of hers. Furthermore, despite her option to flee on her own, she chose to remain with the rest of us. All in the sake of sabotaging the rotten deeds of that wicked father of hers.”

“Rotten deeds?”

“That’s right. Some of us were to be sold to Rosa’s Father. To that pig, Count Langheim.”

Bernando’s eyes went wide after hearing that. However, he didn’t doubt what he had heard just now. His assumptions that the count was a scumbag were proven correct.

“Rosa herself said it. She said that she had come here to fulfill her duty as the Rose Apostle.  Isn’t her nickname Rose Angel a symbol of morality and generosity? Don’t you suppose she came here to confirm that her father was committing heinous crimes?”

“That’s…” Bernando said, falling in thought.

If one were to go by chronological order, Rosa would have arrived at the port in search of Bernando. However, after having arrived here and having found that her father was involved in the sale and purchase of slaves, her sense of justice had erupted. This was a very likely situation.

She’s the type of person that’s willing to sacrifice herself for others after all…

Rosa, unfortunately for Bernando, was doing this for no other reason than to satisfy her vile desires. Bernando, on the other hand, was utterly oblivious to this because he was already completely engrossed in Marta’s story.

“Elder Sister.” After having calmed himself down completely, Bernando spoke to Rosa. “I apologize for acting that way just now. I was also surprised that my magic power suddenly erupted like that.”

Rosa turned around, visibly relieved, after hearing her brother’s soothing and innocent tone, which she adored. “O-Of course you were! It was a truly powerful display of wind magic power. Is your body okay? Are you feeling pain anywhere? Do you feel light-headed?”

“I’m fine. You’re the one I’m worried about Elder Sister. It’s gotten so dirty…” Bernando said, his hand this time, gently running across Rosa’s hair.

Rosa’s hair was filthy and covered in fat as a result of the pirates’ filthy hands touching it. Rosa abruptly stepped back and looked down, visibly embarrassed.

“I-I’m sorry for being this filthy…”

“What are you saying?! I’m not blaming you, Elder Sister!”

“R-Really? A-Are you really okay, even knowing that I’m filthy?” Rosa apparently felt as if she had been tainted simply because the pirates had toyed with her hair. Or rather, all of her years of self-denial had led up to this point.

Just thinking about those things made Bernando want to rip both the pirates who had driven Rosa and her father to shreds.

Rosa had only stated all of that to see if Bernando would be turned off by her filthy character, but Bernando had no way of knowing that.

“Of course, I am. Dear Sister, let’s punish these pirates severely. While we’re at it, let’s do the same to Father as well.”

“Huh? U-Um… I guess you’re right. They’ve been doing some bad stuff… W-Wait, what? Father as well?! I don’t have anything against that, but please make it such that they can eventually be rehabilitated…”

“No. These people are already a lost cause. I might as well take care of them right here.” Bernando smiled, lightening the mood, but he did not change his mind concerning his decision.

‘I’m not going to let anyone hurt her ever again. I’m taking back what I said about leaving the mansion. I, myself, want to protect this person. And in order to accomplish so, I’ll need the appropriate authority and status to remain at her side.’ Having made up his mind Bernando looked straight at Rosa’s eyes.

“You still haven’t taught me anything about the court system in the territory. So could you please, for as long as possible, teach me?  And not just in terms of the court system, but in overall?”

“…! Bernando do you mean…”

“That’s right. I want to stay by your side, Elder Sister.”

Rosa was ecstatic when she heard Bernando remark that.


Rosa had been considering her options after seeing Bernando change towards a top and even come face to face with her true self. However, she was now at ease after discovering that the first had been a one-time occurrence and that Bernando had no objections with her true self.

Rosa was overjoyed that Bernando had embraced her peculiar taste preferences.

Rosa, on the other hand, was so overjoyed with the prospect of securing Moe Bern that she entirely forgot the matter about punishing their father.

“Thank god…! I’m so happy! I’m really, really happy!”

“I’m glad, Elder Sister. I’m sorry that I put you through so much trouble. I really am.” Bernando said, lowering his head. Rosa, on the other hand, saw him as much more lovely as a result of this.

Her heart even skipped a beat when she noticed that his hair whorl was turning counterclockwise.

‘What an open-minded, and lovely boy. Phew. Since this is the case then I might as well come out about my tastes and get serious about Moe Bern’s bottom training…’ Just before Rosa could finish her thoughts, she saw Bernando raise his head.

“However, Elder Sister, please do not do anything like this ever again.”

“By ‘this’ are you referring to…”

Rosa was positive that Bernando was referring to her kidnapping, as well as her forgetting to flee owing to her fascination with the pirates’ imminent scenario.

“Me spending my time in the pirates’ base?”

“That’s right. If this happens again, I’m scared I’ll become so enraged that my magic powers will become uncontrollable. Or, more accurately, I’ll make sure to stop you before you do something daring again.”

“WHAT?!” Rosa let out a wailing scream of agony.

‘Moe Bern, just what does this mean?!’ Her brother didn’t appear to reject her tendencies, but if he saw her expose her fetishes again, he would become so enraged that his magic power would run wild.

Wouldn’t that imply that he rejects them in the end?

Rosa reflected on it further and understood that Bernando may actually hate being underestimated owing to previously being labeled as cute within down, due to his attractive appearance.

If such was the case, then the thing that Bernando couldn’t accept wasn’t Rosa’s tendencies, but the fact that she had arbitrarily labeled him as a bottom and had tried to pair him with other men.

‘B-But…! He’s a perfect bottom! One that comes once a thousand years! I can’t just let his talents go to waste!’

In the end, it looked like Rosa was unable to abandon her plans for Bernando.

After all, at the monastery, she was already refraining from writing books about Rose Love. She would be going against her nature if she had to abandon all of her filthy activities as well.

‘In this instance, all I have to do is operate without attracting Moe Bern’s attention. What an impossible mission this is!’ Rosa sulked just thinking about how difficult things were going to be from now on.

With a sulky expression on her face, she tried to persuade her brother, but it didn’t work.

“Even if you look at me like that, a no is a no. Please don’t anger me.”

“O-Okay…” Looking at Bernando’s lovely face, Rosa couldn’t do anything but give up.

Bernando breathed a sigh of relief when he saw his sister reluctantly nod.

Of course, the thing he had prohibited her was to sacrifice herself and be injured for the sake of others. It was a fantastic representation of a brother concerned about his older sister and an older sister being reprimanded by her younger sibling. Their smiles could be seen from the side as they managed to end the night’s drama peacefully.