The Rotten Lady Rosa Wants to Watch Over Love from the Shadows Translation

10. The Rotten Lady Rosa Wants to Watch Over Love from the Shadows

Chapter Ten: Rosa Craves Danger (II)

“Hey, kitties, how ya doing?” The door opened with a loud thud and one of the pirates entered. He was the one previously referred to as ‘captain’ by the others.

Rosa was astonished by the captain’s arrival, as she had previously assumed him to be a bottom.

The other girls hastily concealed their freed hands behind their backs as well. Fortunately, the interior was dark, and the inebriated captain didn’t see that their wrists were not bound.

With a mischievous smirk, the captain, whom Rose had previously taken for a bottom, replied. “I have some good news for ya, so listen carefully!” He said as he kicked over a nearby barrel and put his foot on top of it. “At first, we intended to sell ya to those fat pigs, nobles, or one of those greedy brothels. But my cute mates over there wouldn’t stop begging me, and as the benevolent captain that I am, I decided to let you join them in making some wonderful memories.”

A group of men emerged from behind him with excited grins as soon as the captain finished speaking.

Marta and the other girls’ faces drained as they realized what was going to happen.

“Ya see, we’ve been at sea for a while now, and we’ve been hungry for women… I believe ya can see where I’m headed with this? So I decided we might as well let ya experience heaven before we sell ya off. We’ll show ya what pirate style is all about!”


All the girls shuddered when they heard the captain mention that. There wasn’t one of them who didn’t realize what was about to happen.

“D-Do you mean that…!” At least there shouldn’t have been.

‘Will they truly show me a scenario of rose love in which they go after their pals since they’ve been without women for so long?’

Only one of them had ridiculous thoughts running through her head. Only Rosa misinterpreted the captain’s comment because her rational thought process had flipped to the rotten plane.

‘That’s definitely it! I mean, that’s what usually happens when they don’t see women for a while, right?! That must be what he meant when he said “experience heaven”!’

Rosa’s pulse quickened despite the situation. Her body trembled as a result of the influx of blood in her heart.

‘Just what will they show me?! Will it be a hug? Or some short play? Maybe they’ll even kiss?!’

“Well then, those of ya who want a special seat come forward. We’ll let you have the whole experience. Ya’re free to choose by yarselves. So, who’s it gonna be?” As soon as the Captain asked his question all of the girls stepped back.

Huh? Why is everyone retreating? Rosa believed that it was only natural that one would want to watch at the front seat. Her mind wandered to the possibility that they were doing it to thank her for rescuing them.

She was a little apologetic for seizing the chance for herself, but she couldn’t take it any longer and spoke up after she had made up her mind.

“I-I will…”

Hearing Rosa say that the remaining girls instantly froze.

Marta went pale with surprise, and she even murmured something.

“That idiot…! You’re still so young so why…”

Rosa overheard her and deduced that Marta was likely the type of person who valued hierarchy based on age.

‘I’m sorry Miss Marta. However, I cannot let you have this.’ Rosa turned to nod at Marta, whose body trembled, with renewed strength in her gaze.

Rosa felt Marta’s behavior was due to the shock of being betrayed.

The other girls’ gazes drifted between the pirates and Rosa as well, as if they wanted to look away but couldn’t.

‘I know how you’re all feeling. All of you must be quite excited as well.’

After all, there wasn’t a girl that hated rose love. Rosa was certain that this was the explanation for their actions, but she couldn’t have been more wrong.

‘I cannot believe this…’ Marta’s heart, for example, was on the edge of bursting from the shock she had just experienced. ‘To think there really was a girl like her…’ Marta, who had been sold as a slave when she was a child and wound up as a prostitute, did not believe in God. She also scoffed at the idea of merciful nobles. The heavens wouldn’t help slaves. Marta was convinced that the weak were just there to be exploited by the strong.

The only things she could believe in were herself and women who had suffered the same fate as her. That was how Marta had lived up until now.


‘She’s so beautiful…’ The figure of the tiny Rosa heading straight at the pirates moved Marta’s heart. That angel-like face. That blond hair.

Rosa’s pupils, whom Marta had assumed were weak, now glowed with a mysterious purple tinge, indicating their strength.

Rosa had been the one who had sweated and used her magic power to set them free. Rosa had been the one who had calmed them down with just one word. Rosa, although being the only noble among the girls and the youngest, was the one who had sacrificed herself for the sake of the rest.

Her slender back spoke more than words about her dignity and kindness.

“What do we have here? I didn’t think ya’d be the one to show up missy! Hm? Ya were blond?!” When the pirates saw Rosa step up, they all smiled disgustingly and joyfully extended their arms.

They started fiddling Rosa’s hair with their foul fingers without holding back. Marta tightly clenched her eyes as she watched the pirates clutch and pull Rosa’s hair.

‘Damn it!’ Despite her admiration for Rosa, Mart couldn’t bring herself to help her. It was simply too terrifying for her.

She was well-versed in the terrors that males could inflict.

‘God! Somebody!’ Marta prayed for the first time in her life while cursing her miserable self. She prayed for something to save this girl. Whether that would be God, an angel, or maybe even destiny.

Something happened just as Marta cupped her hands.

“They’re in here!”

There was a loud thud—a powerful kick knocked down the door and arrived a man.