The Rotten Lady Rosa Wants to Watch Over Love from the Shadows Translation

9. The Rotten Lady Rosa Wants to Watch Over Love from the Shadows

Chapter Nine: Rosa Craves Danger (1)


Looking through a tiny window at the night sky where the white full moon was beginning to rise, Rosa let out a sigh.

It was a series of unexpected events…

Her thin hands were firmly bound with hemp rope. Her legs were restrained tightly as well, leaving only enough room for her to walk half a step at a time. It was the type of restraint often used to transport criminals or slaves.

Rosa was now crammed into a dark warehouse built on the outskirts of the harbor, along with food and water.

“Wah, Wah… Almighty God…”

“… hic”

And incidentally, some sobbing women were together with her.

They, like Rosa, had been tied up and confined within that warehouse. Most of the women were young, but their skin tone and hair color varied. Some were so weak that they didn’t have the strength to cry, while others were seasick, indicating that those girls hadn’t been caught here, but brought here by boat. Perhaps they were temporarily shoved into that warehouse to evade inspection at the port.

Abduction or human trafficking. Rosa was added to that party as part of her visit to the port.

It’s been a wild ride…!

With the rough plan of getting into a pinch to increase her magical power, she changed her hair color with magic just in case and stopped for a short visit of half an hour at the port. The first thing Rosa saw was a group of ruffians cheerfully raising their cups of liquor by a ship… Men that were wildly toned and well-trained, something that was rarely seen in agricultural farmlands.

Their skin tanned from exposure to the strong sun. Thick arms to manipulate hemp rope and sails. Their appearance, the way they clapped their friends on the shoulders with their thick hands and laughed loudly had a different kind of masculinity musk than the farmers who confronted the cold soil. Masculinity was not equal to “attacker” nature, but it was still a close approximation.

Hohou… All of them, their attack value is abnormally high.

In front of them, Rosa involuntarily ‘ooh and aah’-ed with a meek look on her face.

Until now, she had visited the farmlands frequently for observation, but rarely the port because it was a distance away, and even much less at night because of her noisy surroundings. That’s why she had completely forgotten about the existence of the seasonal global-dock-series workers… to put it bluntly, pirates.

I’m not quite there yet, am I? I can’t believe I hadn’t taken such delicious existences into consideration.

For the past few years, Rosa had been eagerly searching for the ideal “receiver”, but now she realized that by introducing an “attacker” with a high absolute level, she could relatively enhance the “receiver’s” degree of “receiving”.

All the men that clanked cups in front of her had stunning physiques that could easily overwhelm any man in the street. Their eyes were intimidating, imposing presence. Even other men would follow, ruling, they are men among men.

I see?

Rosa nodded with a straight face.

Moreover, and this was important, during voyages… apart from female slaves who were treated as “cargo”… there was generally no feminine presence on board. This is because pirates’ crews are basically made up of only men. In other words…

Indeed, I see?

Rosa nodded profoundly, but then shook her head.

No, I can’t. There’s no need to unreasonably force “relative enhancing” within this group! They are all defined as purely “attackers”, and with their introduction, the “receiving” value of the men of Langheim is strengthened. That’s the correct application method!

Either way, it was rotten. Moreover, Rosa’s feverish staring and vigorously shaking of her head at the men made them aware of her presence.        


The smallest man among them stood up and pulled Rosa out of the shadows with the strength of a drunken spirit.

“Avast, look!! I just plunder a beautiful young lady!”

“Aye! A fine loot!”

Instantly, a flurry of red-faced men burst forth. In no time at all, Rosa was taken into the crowd of men, who were staring at her unrestrainedly.

“Cap’n. Can I have this one for myself?”

“No, Cannot. There’s not a lot of ‘cargo’ this time. From her looks, she’s a very fine young lady. She will sell well, so do not touch her and ‘save her'”

“Eeeh…! No quarters! I, my junk is already feeling lonely!”

“Shut up. Then shove a fist up your asshole.”

Eh! What did he just say!?

The pirates’ vulgar exchanges were fully loaded with phrases could never be found in any book Rosa had ever read. When Rosa’s eyes involuntarily widened and she turned her head to look at them, the men interpreted it as, “Oh, poor thing, she’s frightened,” and started grinning.

“Don’t yer worry. That warehouse over yonder is brimming with Miss’s hearties. Depending on Cap’n mood, I be going to visit yer later, so just relax and wait!”

He then tied Rosa up in a skillful manner and pushed her into the warehouse.

It is not like, I had a lapse of judgment and was careless! It is just, that I’m acting in accordance with my intended purpose to experience a pinch and increase my power.

Rosa made excuses for herself as she stares at her cruelly scraped skin.

Indeed, it was necessary to encounter these dangers for the sake of her objective. It’s not that she wanted to rank these pirates in terms of “attaker” attribute or that she wanted to observe them a little more closely, but instead saw a surprisingly well-organized group of pirates. No, she briefly though about it, but that should be a legitimate desire as a believer of the Rose Faith and should not be censured.

…But, even in a pinch like this, there’s no sign of any increase in power…!

However, that explanation didn’t work as an excuse because Rosa didn’t feel a sense of impeding crisis, even including the current situation where she was restrained by ropes. Because if she applied her healing power… in other words, her healing magic that accelerates maturing, she could rot the plant-based rope, or escape by rotting the wooden door. After all, rottenness is all-powerful.

The existence of an “seme” with a high absolute value was thrilling, but… as I thought, not as much as when I see Moe Bern’s Moe-Moe speech and behaviors. This isn’t going to make me die a noble death at all, or rather, is not even stressing my heart!

She already got a body that doesn’t respond to anything but Bernard. She couldn’t help but laugh at herself.

And then,

“What, did you just laugh? Aren’t you surprisingly calm?”

A stunned voice came from right beside her.

Rosa turned around and saw that the owner of the voice was a bewitching older woman. At first glance, it was obvious that she was a professional in her line of business, and she shrugged lightly as she seemed familiar with ropes digging into her skin.

“Instead of forcing yourself to laugh, why don’t you just bawl to your heart content, why don’t you take this opportunity to let it all out? It would be a nuisance for all of us if you were to vent up in the cramped ship’s hold.”

She seemed to be used to traveling by ship. When Rosa looked back at her, she briefly introduced herself, saying, “I’m Marta,” and skillfully brushed back her black hair with her bound arms.

“I’m a flower seller. I was caught skimming money from the brothel and was sold to them. Well, I was once a slave, and this isn’t the first time I’ve been bought and sold like this, so it doesn’t really matter. But, most of the others are young ladies who have been sold to pay debts, or kidnapped. Their crying is so noisy.”

Marta frowned, but when she looked at Rosa, she tilted her head questioningly.

“But, you are not weeping, right? Aren’t you scared?”

“I see, not really. If anything, I would say that my sense of duty as a Rose apostle is stronger…”


“Ah, no, never mind. My name is Rosa. “

She was about to inadvertently make a rotten remark from their first meeting, and Rosa hurriedly restrained herself.

“Everyone: you are all being held as merchandise by them, aren’t you? Are we all going to be sold somewhere?”

At the same time, Rosa couldn’t overlook this situation, so she ask her about it. Marta’s answer was clear, probably because she had previous experienced.

“That’s right. Most of them will be sold to the brothels in the royal capital, ya know? But I think some of them will be unloaded off here!”

“Do you mean they will be released?”

“No, the opposite. They will be sold here! After all, this place… is called Langheim, right? There’s a Pig Count here, who is famous for his fondness for women, ya know. In exchange for overlooking the pirates’ entry and exit from the port, they would offer up one or two of their women each.”


Rosa was mortified. Without a doubt, Marta was speaking about her father.

That pig meat…tsk! How dare he!

Recently, she had been so absorbed in raising Bern that she had been neglecting monitoring her father. Perhaps he took advantage of that gap and came up with the idea of buying an unexperienced woman at a bargain price.

Buying slaves is not illegal, but in the case of kidnapped young girl, it is a different story.  Moreover, nowadays, the purchase of slaves for sexual purposes is banned.

Slave play is only allowed in 2D!!

Although she was rotten, no, because she had persisted in the rotten way to some extent, Rosa burned with fierce anger at her father. That pig meat, would be slaughter latter.

However, Marta raised her red lips to an arc and smiled at Rosa.

“Hey, I hope you get bought here, too. Living in a brothel is inconvenient, but as a sex slave of a nobleman, you can become his mistress if you’re clever. From the looks of it, you’re the cream of the crop. Why don’t you work with me and get us both unloaded here together?”

“No. In the first place, we all should not be bought.”

Her words trembled with anger at her father. Upon hearing this, Marta raised both her bound hands, fluttering them in the air to persuade her.

“Impossible, you don’t really believe that someone is going to save you, do you? Nonsense, nonsense. You see, there is no Almighty God who can save women of bad character like us. You have to seize a better environment by yourself. A nobleman’s mistress is the pinnacle we can all aspire to.”

She speaks with strength, she really seems to have set herself apart as a disadvantaged person. But at the same time, she seems to have a friendly personality. In addition to the look of exasperation in her dark, glazed eyes, there was a hint of genuine concern for Rosa peeking out.

“It’s especially bad if the people on the ship take a liking to you. You, are bat at defying men, aren’t you? They really are the worst. You know, pirates are a lump of lust, but there’s a shortage of women during voyages…”

“Because there is a shortage…?”

Rosa pondered with a pounding heart. No, she knew the rest of the story.

It means, they go towards love between fellow gentlemen, right!?!

The blood rushes surging to her heart in a burst of excitement. When Rosa quickly paled on her side, Marta cut her words with care and nodded with a demure look on her face.

“… Well, that’s how it is.”

Of course, the intention of Marta’s statement was that “she would be used as a plaything by the pirates who were thirsty for women.”

“… So that’s the way it is, huh?”

However, Rosa had taken it in the wrong direction.

What should I do…? I’m finding it harder and harder to leave this place.

After all, the man who was called the captain would be the first one to “attack”. No, perhaps the chief navigator is the “attacker” and the captain is the “receiver”. I see, the captain has excellent leadership skills, but he also has a weakness that can cause him to lose his emotional balance at a moment’s notice. Probably. Then, the chief navigator, who is usually a calm person, sometimes shows a beastly side, but he snuggles close and supports him. She’d be happy if that were the case.

The rottenness gushed out bubbling from inside her body, and Rosa hurriedly expelled it in the form of magical power. It sped up the “maturing” of the hemp rope, and caused it to rot.  It was an escape that used rotting power.

“You, that power…! And also, that hair…!”

“Eh? Ah, it is magical power. If I use any other magical power, my disguise will come undone. I apologize for startling you. Ah, I can do the same for you, Marta, if you would like.”

Marta squealed in disbelief at the supernatural power that only noblemen could have, and the blond hair that softly shined and changed color. Rosa remained on top of the situation and exerted her rotten power to free the nearby young girls.

Indeed, they would visit some brothels while they are at port, so I wonder if I could observe their Rose Love behavior… Ah, but, that could cause a crack in the pirate couple.

Rotting ropes. Let it rot. Keep rotting.

“I knew you’d prefer a woman” the “receiver” would spat and turn away. However, the thick arm is grabbed by an even more robust arm from the “attacker”. Shakes it off, no, he can’t shake it off. The “attacker” says it in an annoyed tone: “Damn, in the end I couldn’t buy a woman with your face.”…!

The girls who were unbounded from the ropes blinked in surprise. It was the magical power that only noblemen possessed. And, to use it without a chant, and for the sake of a group of low-class women. Rosa whispered sharply to all the girls, who were all buzzing and rustling in the face of that miracle.

“Shhh. Be quiet.”

That was because right now, she was in a very good place.

Surprised “receiver”. However, he couldn’t be honest with him right away. He manages to shake off his arm and scamper away across the deck. The “attacker” is chasing! Both sides attack and defend furiously! And it all finish with a hug at the mast! “You’re my only captain.” The course of love at starboard, hooooraaayyy!!

She was so excited, her heart raced, and she began to sweat rottenness. Clinging to the girls’ wrists and gasping for air, surely she looked like a splendid pervert.

“You… You, are you alright….”

Marta muttered in a fearful manner. She seemed to be suspicious.

Rosa wiped the sweat off her face and falsely said “I’m fine”. She was not a pervert, it was fine.

And that’s when it happened.

“Yo-ho, have yer be a good girl?”

The door opened with a violent sound and a pirate man stepped in.