I’m the Cruel Saint, but I Want to Help my Dear Husband. Translation

8. My Husband Looks Good at Night

After acquiring a massive harvest—namely, the name of her beloved, Charlotte parted with the old man and wandered around the mansion until nightfall.

When she sensed the presence of someone, she’d hide quietly within a hallway so as to not scare the maids. Thanks to that, no one was able to find her until night, and she was able to complete her exploration.

Thus, she returned to the room with a sense of accomplishment. In front of the room was a serving table with her meal.

The same thing occurred during the afternoon—which she was grateful for. The food was still warm and delicious, perhaps due to the use of magic.

Although dinner felt lonely, Charlotte’s appetite was still satisfied.

I hope I can thank the cook who made it and the maids who delivered the meals to my room despite their fears…

While thinking that, she stared at a certain small paper—on which she wrote, ‘Thank you.’

She managed to procure a pen and an ink from the desk in that room. However, there was no blank paper to be found. Thus, she carefully cut the paper napkin by hand and wrote a message on it.

After leaving the message on the serving table that had been brought to the corridor, she returned to her room. After her exploration, she discovered that in addition to the walk-in closet, she also had a bathroom. When she looked inside, she found a bathtub filled with hot water.

Charlotte, who finished bathing and changed into a night dress, sat down on the chaise lounge while doing other things.

Then, after opening the first page of her diary, she glanced at the letters she wrote on the unused part of the paper napkin.

…It seems that the handwriting is mine, after all.

She compared the word ‘enemy’ in the diary with the word she wrote on the paper napkin.

Sandwiched inside is a portrait of Oswald. The message below Oswald reads as ‘enemy’? But for whom… Normally, for my former self, it should refer to the existence of Oswald, someone able to seal her divine power.

While furrowing her eyebrows, Charlotte gazed at her notebook.

Perhaps, we didn’t get along before.

I mean, why else would I come up with such a word for such a beautiful portrait!

When did she first meet Oswald? What kind of clothes was he wearing and what kind of expression did he make at that time? However, instead of writing down such things, only the word ‘enemy’ was written.

…My former self should’ve written something more useful… such as, information regarding Oswald!

Even if she were to shake her diary, no change was likely to occur.

There might be something after the second page, but it wouldn’t open through normal means.

Maybe if I repeat what I did this morning and try to tear this notebook apart, I might trigger my divine power once again. If that happens, Oswald might rush here…

Although she desperately wanted to see him, she also didn’t want to be a bother.

I couldn’t afford to cause him any trouble—after all, I’m his loathsome wife…

With a painful expression, Charlotte looked down at the diary.


Then, she looked around.

After making sure that no one was there, she took the small portrait of Oswald and embraced it tightly against her chest.

Uuh, it’s like a life force!

Even if it was merely his portrait, Oswald was still beautiful. Of course, it couldn’t match the splendor of the real thing, but Charlotte still favored it.

Even if I’m hated, I’m his wife! I may never see him again because I’m hated, but I’m his wife!

She stood up from the chaise lounge where she was sitting and clenched her fist.

That fact alone grants me immense strength from within.

I’ll try to aid him in secret!

She didn’t need anything else.

While thinking about that, she slipped the back portrait inside her diary.

I don’t need anything else, but at the same time, I also have to get what I can get!

This is my personal belonging—my personal belonging from before I lost my memory…!

Besides, there was one more thing she obtained.

“…Oswald Ralph Langheim.”

Merely muttering his name warmed her from the bottom of her heart.

…That old man also told me that he’s a duke! I’m so glad I learned so many things and not just his name…

She basked in happiness.

It was then that a knocking sound echoed—



Charlotte screamed in surprise.

“Why are you screaming? …Oi, open it.”

“O, oh, oh, oh…”

Due to the sudden appearance of the person in front of her, she collapsed.

“Oswald looks too good!!”


In front of the door, Oswald, who was hundreds of times more beautiful than the portrait, stood with a confused expression.

“…Let me ask you this.”

It was as if he was eyeing a strange thing.

“Just now, did you scream because an emergency occurred?”

“Oh, an emergency has occurred, alright! Oswald, who I am seeing at night, has a completely different atmosphere from the Oswald I saw during the morning…! I want to keep staring at you without blinking… Ah, the feelings of wanting to look straight at you, and the sense of crisis that I have no heart to do so, what a throbbing antinomy…!!”

“I see, I don’t think you’re unwell.”

As Oswald closed the door behind himself, Charlotte covered her mouth with her hands.

In a closed room, we’re together, all by ourselves…!

She trembled with confusion and joy. She couldn’t speak even if she wanted to.

However, as Oswald sat on the chaise longue, she sat up with a sense of duty.

It must’ve been difficult…! I have to hurry…!

“…Wait, what are you doing?”

“I’m lining up all the lamps in this room around Oswald!! I want to see Oswald’s from all 360 degrees!!”

“Stop that! It’s as if I’m in the middle of a new ritual of some kind!”

Oswald, who seemed tired, told her, “Sit down opposite of me.” She thus sat in the chaise lounge that was facing Oswald. She was dizzy at the joy of being allowed to remain by his side.

***T/N: Back then she’s the peerless saint, and now she’s the peerless SIMP. (for Oswald anyway)

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