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62. The Night Before

Raceton was a city governed by the adventurers’ guild.

It became a big city with people who decided to live by their own will instead of under the kingdom’s support.

What the people were looking for was freedom.

However, despite the freedom, the city wasn’t chaotic.

Even in freedom, there were rules.

The people who set and enforced those rules were the people of the guild.

Once every three months, the guilds who governed the city would meet at a certain place.

That was the ‘guild rally.’

It was a place for discussion between all the guilds of the city, including not only the large-scale guilds like the Sword of the Blue Sky, but also the small and medium-sized guilds.

The contents were mainly centered around the business report of each guild. At the same time, information relating to the entire city was also shared.

Previously, when Demon King Ibris visited the city, an extraordinary rally was held in secret and in a hurry.

Those who participate were basically the top guilds and various executives.

If they were to invite more people than that, the place would become crowded. As such, a small number of people was recommended.

“—Such is the guild rally. It’ll be held the day after tomorrow.”

“I, I see…”

At the dinner table after work, Grave informed me about the guild rally.

It wasn’t the first time I had heard of it. In fact, it was something that I had confirmed before.

If I recalled correctly, this was my third time having it confirmed.


“What is it?”

“If you’re already nervous from the get-go, I’ll worry about your performance.”

Even if he were to say that, I’m still going to be nervous.

After all, the guild rally originally had nothing to do with me, someone who wasn’t an executive.

Yet because I was about to open a store, I had to attend.

In addition to that, I also had to say give my greetings and tell them about my store…

“…I wonder if I really have to explain it?”

“Unfortunate, you do. If a guild official were to open a store, the manager is obligated to discuss it. Since it’s Liliana’s store, Liliana is the one who has to explain it.”

“That’s… Of course.”

Just by thinking about it, I exhaled deeply.

I understood the thought process and I thought I was convinced.

Regardless, I wasn’t good at talking in front of a large number of people. I was going to get flustered.

To be honest, I worried over whether or not I’d be able explain myself properly.

“Are you that concerned? Perhaps, are you nervous about what to talk about?”

“Yes, I think I should consult with Teresia…”

“Well, it’ll be fine. All you have to do is explain.”

“That’s difficult for me…”

I felt sorry for being bearish.

I felt that I had grown some since coming here, but there seemed to still be things I wasn’t good at.

I made a heavy sigh.

Then, Grave’s suggestion amazed me.

“If so, why not practice?”

“I do. I rehearse aloud before going to bed and taking a bath.”

“Then, why are you still uneasy?”


If it was merely reading aloud, then it was easy.

Memorizing was easy considering the knowledge all blacksmiths had to have regarding the many types of materials.

“Public speaking…”

“Then, let’s practice. We’ll start from today.”

“But what about Grave?”

“I’ll be the listener. Maybe we can also ask Anna to help.”

“Really? That would help immensely…”

I was delighted, but soon realized something else.

Grave tilted his head as he asked.

“…What is it?”

“Won’t that be embarrassing?”

I imagined a scene where I talk while being observed by Grave. Now, if I were to stutter in front of him…

…I became flustered merely by the thought.

“You shouldn’t be embarrassed before your opponent.”

“I know, but…”

“Then, this calls for an intensive training. From today, we shall practice every day until you no longer get embarrassed!”

“R-right, I will do my best!”

I clenched my fist to make it seem like I was enthusiastic.

From that night onward, I started practicing my demonstration with the help of Grave.

At first, it was only us two. But afterwards, Anna joined in.

After that, I asked everyone in the guild to listen.

It was a little reassuring because they were all people I knew. However, I was still embarrassed when I made mistake.

Thus, I kept practicing so as to not fail during the actual presentation.

If I thought about it, what I was doing was similar to blacksmithing.

As time passed, I realized the importance of practicing and getting used to everything—


The night before the guild rally.

I was called by Rigard to visit his room.

Teresia and Grave stood beside Rigard.

“Tomorrow is the guild rally. Are you ready, Liliana-chan?”

“Yes! For samples, I have kitchen knives and swords. I also have some decorations.”

At the rally, I’d also be introducing some of the products offered at my store.

Because I couldn’t display everything, I chose an ordinary sword that emphasized sharpness, a universal knife, and a lighting fixture that could be placed on the table.

I planned to introduce those three.

Thus, I lined the three items side-by-side in front of Rigard.

Asking for confirmation wasn’t necessary.

Regarding the products, I could say with confidence that they were perfect.

“I see. What about the presentation?”

“I think I’ll be alright.”

I gave a crisp reply.

I had gained some confidence by practicing with everyone’s cooperation.

However, I was still nervous.

“It’s alright, Liliana. You were able to explain it in front of everyone.”


“I can guarantee that you’ll be fine!”

“O, okay!”

Even Grave said so.

In response to his words, I gained self-confidence.

I felt like I was going to succeed.

I thought that it was going to be simple.

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“I’m fine. See you.”

“See you.”

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