Lady Villainess Philia D’la Love’s Mistakes Translation

10: The Elder Sister, Younger Brother and the Dinner Banquet (Part One)

A lady’s preparation took enormous effort. It was no exaggeration to say this was a trial.

Beginning with undressing, cleaning, massage, plucking off unwanted hairs, and finally, the hair was tied up in a bun.

In addition, this thing they call a dress comes up with three side effects of hot, heavy, and pain. Even in this world, many voices addressed health problems caused by corsets in recent years. Although steel or whalebone corsets, which were akin to lethal weapons, were no longer employed, even then, ladies still used cloth corsets to correct their shapes. I wondered if it was women’s fate as correction lingerie was greatly popular in my previous life.

While I was thinking about such insignificant things, Duchess d’la Love’s young miss outing version was completed.

My appearance projected in the full-length mirror had a light makeup so as not to overemphasize my bewitching looks, my flamboyant golden hair was tied up very simply, and I was wearing a neat pale blue dress that did not expose too much.

Although the dress wasn’t flashy, it was sophisticated and pulled out the best of Philia’s appearance.

It took us 21 years to reach this point due to an everlasting clash between me, who just wanted to remain inconspicuous as much as possible, and the desire of the ladies’ maid to prepare the daughter of their master’s family.

It was a considerably tough battle due to the father taking the maid’s side, but now we were both satisfied with the result.

“You look magnificent, young lady.”

Angela, one of the ladies’ maids, who had been bubbling and polishing me with an ogress-like expression not long ago, praised me with a clear smile.

“Thank you, it’s all due to Angela… but if you could loosen this corset by another three millimeters, it would look even better.”

“It can’t be loosened. Any more and it will spoil lady Philia’s perfect curves.”

“But tonight’s banquet is hosted by grandfather, right? I don’t think this can hold anything other than water.”

“It’s completely perfect. A lady should be ashamed to eat in public.”

“But the herb cooking of grandfather’s chef is so exquisite…”

Angela showed me a role model-like smile when I told her that, as my appetite won over the fact of my dress getting a bit out of shape.

“Isn’t this the reason why your stomach has a little fat? And hence why your dress is tight.”

“Five millimeters is within the margin of error…”

“Speaking of which, your arms are also fuller.”

As expected of an excellent maid, she succeeded in making me speechless easily.

I had been taking care of my beauty by relying on my previous life memories, but I had to admit that my body would have become a fat ball easily if I hadn’t. I was grateful my cheeks hadn’t gained any fat, but my arms, stomach, and thighs were getting increasingly fuller in places I didn’t want them to be.

Knowing my body better than I did, Angela said this, so I was sure she was right.

“In addition, your breasts have grown a little larger, so I’ve made you a new corset. It was hard to get it done in time for tonight.”

If you wanted to mumble out your complaint about this, you should’ve talked to Luca. For my size to become bigger, Luca should’ve… no, I would not say it. So I opted to remain silent and endure Angela’s complaint silently. Somehow, I was saved by a sudden knock.

“Sister, are you ready?”

Before I could permit the person to enter the room, the door opened, and Luca, also dressed in semi-formal attire, entered the room.

Before reproaching him for his rudeness, I was taken aback by his well-prepared appearance.

His black outfit could be considered a rather plain attire. But the dark color brought out Luca’s platinum blond hair and white skin, and his emerald green eyes shone brightly. He was wearing a simple white shirt with pale blue tie and lapis lazuli cuffs, something probably made to match my dress.

For a moment, he looked like a stranger as Luca seemed more mature than usual, probably because his bangs were styled up.

Unlike me, Angela was calm.

“You shouldn’t enter a lady’s dressing room without permission, Master Luca.”

Angela, who worshiped our father and my late mother and served me, their daughter, had been a little hard on Luca since the incident.

There were times I shuddered at her strictness, but Luca didn’t seem like he cared much and always ignored it.

Rather than saying he didn’t want to retort back, he was staring at me as if he didn’t hear anything.


He’d been very expressive in front of me lately, so it was a little scary to have him stare at me expressionlessly for a long time.

However, if I put distance between us just because I was scared of this little brother of mine, then he would push me more into a corner. No, more like he would prey upon me.

That was why I approached him slowly with a gentle calm not to stimulate my opponent.

“What’s the matter, Luca?”

I tried to ask him while making eye contact, but unusually, he averted his eyes from me this time.

I couldn’t help but stand still. I was more shocked than expected to see the same kind of reaction when I had been so blatantly avoided.

“Let’s stop here, sister…”


When I asked him back in nervousness, Luca exhaled a little as if he was annoyed.

“You don’t have to attend a dinner party. Let’s not go.”

“What are you saying? Even though grandfather has always looked forward to this banquet every year.”

“Because you are too beautiful, sister.”

This time, my little brother spoke a little sulkily. For a moment, I did not understand what he meant.

As I stared at Luca’s face unblinkingly, I thought faint blush began to creep on Luca’s face. Still, it was tough to decipher because of the lighting.

Maybe… he was shy?

“You are always beautiful, but not tonight. You’re too beautiful.”

“Y-You see, Luca…”

“It will be blown out of proportions if you go out for a banquet like this. Please change your clothes immediately.”

“Hold on, Luca, calm down…”

Suddenly a long arm reached out and hugged me to his broad chest. My vision was filled with the black of his jacket.

“I don’t want anyone to see this…”

Luca’s painful murmuring reached my ear as he brushed his cheek against my hair. I felt a chill down my spine at the seemingly intense obsession hidden behind his sweet words.

Luca’s now ungloved hand stroked up my neck to the base of my chin. He made me look up, and our gazes entwined. Luca’s eyes were shimmering with heat, and I knew he wanted to kiss me.

Just as I was about to close my eyes reflexively, a fan that young ladies used was inserted between us.

“You can’t go any further, Master Luca. If the young lady’s lipstick comes off, I will have to ask His Highness to forbid you from the young lady’s room for one month.”

“Shut up… My sister isn’t going to participate in the banquet. So it doesn’t matter if the lipstick comes off or the dress gets torn. You should also leave the room already.”

Aside from the lipstick, I wondered why the dress would be torn. Or rather, what would he do.

Luca ordered Angela to leave with a privileged class person’s air and haughtiness, but the bold lady didn’t get even slightly perturbed. On the contrary, she was smiling, which scared me.

“By the way, today’s dress was drafted by your father and sewn by the Queen’s personal seamstress. Are you planning to make enemies of the first and second most powerful people in this country? Leaving that aside, it would be troublesome if the two of you would disobey them.”

It was a shame that there was no one here to make an upright retort such as, “Our country is a monarchy, so isn’t His Majesty the King the best?” or “Are you intending to disobey him if he’s the only one to become your enemy?” Of course, because Luca still held me at his chest, I would not say anything excessive.

“There’s no other choice… sister, father is already waiting downstairs.”

“You kept father waiting? Oh my God, we must hurry.”

“I just wanted to monopolize my beautiful sister. I don’t even want my father to see you. That’s right, how about you wear my coat?”

“Geez. Don’t be so selfish. Let’s go.”

I took his hand, and he reluctantly escorted me.

Luca’s hands were bare, and I was wearing thin lace gloves appropriate for the season. I felt his body heat through his hands. His hands were freezing when I touched them for the first time. Still, they were a little colder than my body temperature even now, but I could feel myself rapidly adjusting to their touch.

“I’m glad the banquet is only tonight…”

“Huh? How so?”

When I heard his mumbled words, Luca touched my hand on his arm and squeezed it tightly.

“If it were a ball, I would have been troubled to hold myself back from cutting down the hands of the man touching your hand.”

“Oh my, such a joke from you is… it is a joke, though, right?”

I reflexively turned to look at him, to which he just showed me a smile without saying anything. Taking this as a confirmation, I returned a stiff smile.

Recently thoughts that maybe my little brother was the so-called extreme character prone to violent fits of jealousy crossed my mind, but I decided not to think about them deeply.

After all, it was not like there was any disadvantage if the game character Luca transformed from a cool misogynist to a doting character. Someone else had that behavior. Of course, I realized that this world was not the same as the game, which represented a certain reality for me. Still, I really hoped this was the same as the game.

As the two of us walked down the front stairs together, my father, who was standing in the large entrance hall, looked back at us. Father was dressed similarly to Luca, and as expected, he looked more comfortable in that attire than Luca, who had just come of age.

His evening attire fit perfectly with his thick body, which was appropriate for his age. The way he stood with his back straight naturally drew the eye. Although his slightly quirky brown hair, dark green sharp eyes, high nose bridge, and elegant facial features were not as stunning as Luca’s, he looked handsome enough, becoming increasingly attractive with age.

I had always had a soft spot for a mature, austere man to which my father qualified as one in his outward appearance alone. Still, maybe because I had been born as Philia that my heart never fluttered looking at him.

This was not simply because they were father and daughter, but because his attitude did not allow him to be admired.

Even now, as soon as his eyes met mine, the corners of his eyes dropped, and his mouth relaxed. The dignity of a gentleman crumbled cruelly.

“Phily! My little princess, you look so lovely.”

“I’m honored by your praise, Sir father.”

The sweet words that sounded like spitting sand had become second nature after hearing them every day since I was little.

I ignored him as usual, but as if that wasn’t enough, he came up to me and scrutinized me from various angles.

“Your golden hair looks brighter than a fairy queen’s tiara just by tying it up. The selection of pearls as jewelry is even more exquisite. Although it’s not a match for your pristine skin, it doesn’t mar your beauty.”

Father squinted his eye in bliss when he looked at me. I smiled, ignoring him unassumingly.

“As expected of my little princess. You’ve made a good choice, Angie.”

“Thank you for your praise, Your Highness.”

My father knew exactly whose choice it was and praised Angela too. She had prepared me meticulously for this moment, and she seemed satisfied.

“And this dress looks perfect on her. I was quite spiteful for borrowing the help of the Queen’s seamstress, but the cut and stitching are perfect for bringing out your beauty.”

“Father, please don’t stare. Even if you are my father, it’s rude to a lady.”

Luca pulled on my arm as if he couldn’t stand it any longer and shielded me behind him. I hadn’t minded, as I never did, but something about it made me uncomfortable.

With a look of realization, which couldn’t have happened, my father gazed at Luca, and his sloppy expression returned to its original noble and arrogant one.

“Hey, Luca, you’re quite the man too, aren’t you? I’m sure you will be greatly popular with noble ladies tonight. Well, no more than me, that is.”

“I don’t want to be approached by any woman other than my elder sister. I’m not like my father, who’s good with women.”

“Well, you are still a child. You see, noblewomen hold a hidden power in society. It is a gentleman’s skill to incite them, to roll them in his own hands, and to use them to the fullest to protect those he loves.”

“Don’t teach Lucadubious things, father.”

Although Luca was quite a handful to deal with, he was still an innocent person at his core. I hoped he didn’t become an old fox like his father. My father might be a bit crazy in front of me, but he was still the first member of the House of Lords. Rumors had it that his influence was so great that anyone who defied him couldn’t live in this country.

After teasing Luca for a while, my father was satisfied; they didn’t get along badly after all. Then he suddenly turned serious.

“By the way, Luca, you know what to do, but don’t try to show off tonight.”

“I know.”

Unlike me, who looked up and smiled at my childish little brother, Luca became a bit sulky. It was probably because he was in front of my father. However, my father raised his eyebrows and turned stern.

“Your engagement hasn’t been officially announced yet. Phily’s marriage affects even the royal family. Right now isn’t the time to make it public.”

“I told you… I understand.”

It was just as father had said. Ever since we stopped being siblings, we got his permission to get engaged, but this was a secret among a few of us.

I was the leading candidate for the crown princess because of my family background. My engagement would immediately change the situation for choosing the crown princess and even the next queen.

I wasn’t worried much. I kept the game’s heroine, a young countess, in my mind. Still, the reality was that as soon as I disappeared from the candidate list, a battle royal between other characters ensued. So the royal family, who had discreetly been informed about the engagement, had asked to keep it confidential for now.

When an aristocrat got engaged, they first held a banquet notifying their friends and acquaintances. In the past, it took place in a church. Nowadays, the engagement period began when the marriage was publicly announced in the newspaper.

The public announcement of marriage was a system that asked a wide range of people whether the marriage between two people who had declared their engagement was legitimate and whether they were anyone of significance. It was said to have been used in the past to prevent incestuous marriages and bigamy.

The public announcement was made for at least thirty days. For royalty, the announcement was made for a year to be conveyed to foreign countries. Our family was second only to the royal family in terms of family status, so it would take at least three months.

Luca, who was in a hurry to make the announcement and get married, listened to the royal family’s notice with scrutiny in his eyes. I couldn’t hear what he was muttering, but I thought I was better off without hearing it.

I took Luca’s hand to pacify his agitation and faced my father.

“I know what I’m doing, Sir father. You don’t need to worry.”

“I’m not worried about you, Phily. Even though you are so cute, you still opt to remain inconspicuous.”

My father, who always interrupted our sweet words and smiled, turned to gaze at an eerily silent Luca.

“The problem is you, Luca. If you continue to coil around Phily like this, others will doubt if you really are a normal sibling. I’m not obliged to go along with the royal family’s condition request, but I wouldn’t want them to think I have leaked the secret. Be careful.”

“Sir father, who usually does as he pleases even with the royal family, is being very kind. Does this mean you are getting old too?”

“Regardless of that, I also agree with the idea that it’s not yet time to announce this. An announcement of an engagement without laying the groundwork would be too sudden and lead to a lot of speculation.”

My father gave a strained laugh, not seeming to mind Luca’s sarcasm in the slightest.

“It will raise the suspicion that something is wrong with Phily. Like she isn’t suitable to marry in the royal family. It’s also a sore spot for you, isn’t it?”

Luca grasped my hand tightly without saying anything.

“Whatever the facts, it is not your intention to tarnish Phily’s name, is it?”

As expected of my cunning father, he knew how to handle Luca using my honor as a chaste lady. I just listened to them as if it was someone else’s matter.

Maybe because of my memories of Japan, I didn’t have that fixation on chastity. I was unsure if it was a correction, as it was an R-18 dating sim game, but sexual morality was not too strict in this world, and premarital sex seemed to be a thing.

However, as expected of nobles, they gave unusual value to their faces and honor. Hence, no matter how much you indulged in licentiousness, it was part of the lady’s etiquette to smile at this subject as if to say, “I don’t know what you are talking about.”

When Luca became completely silent, my father smiled brightly as if nothing had happened.

“It’s about time we should go. Seems like the carriage preparation is done too.”

“Yes, you’re right.”

I softly caressed Luca’s arm and urged him to follow. I was a little worried about his gloomy expression, but I entrusted my body to my little brother, who escorted me gracefully like always.

My tall father nimbly got into the large carriage, which had the House of the Duke’s crest shining radiantly. Luca escorted me up the steps, and my father held out his hand to me.

“Thank you, Sir father.”

I thanked him and tried to pull my hand, but my father kept grasping it tightly.

“Come on, Phily, sit on your father’s lap.”

I thought I wouldn’t be surprised by my father’s speech and conduct anymore, but I was indeed taken aback by this request.

Getting in after me, Luca looked at my father with a gaze frostier than ice and spoke calmly.

“What a pervert Sir father is.”

I wondered where my little brother learned to say that.