Lady Villainess Philia D’la Love’s Mistakes Translation

11: The Elder Sister, Younger Brother and the Dinner Banquet (Part Two)

Viscount Kaffro’s household was my mother’s family.

It was a small viscount household in noble society with nothing special worth mentioning, so many people tilted their heads at the family’s name when my mother got engaged to my father.

The closer you were to the royal castle in the royal capital, the more powerful nobles lived there. Our duke’s household was just a stone’s throw away from the royal castle, and Viscount Kaffro’s house was about thirty minutes away by carriage. 

When the carriage stopped, my father got out first and held out his hand to me, just as he had done earlier.

I also followed and was about to get out, but the hand wrapped around my waist pulled me back, and my body tilted backward.

It was a close call, but I didn’t fall over as Luca held me in his arms, and I ended up in his lap.

“Geez. Don’t pull me like that, Luca…”

As my hair was tied up, I felt his breath on my exposed nape, and I cut off my words.

Hugging me tightly from behind, Luca buried his face on my nape and whispered.

“Please promise me, sister. Don’t let other guys touch you. Don’t smile at them, and don’t make eye contact with them.”

“You must know that’s impossible. I have to greet them at the very—”

Luca’s wish was impossible to be granted as no matter what I did, my hand would be taken, their lips would touch it, and if the person were even more familiar with me, the greeting would be nothing less than a light embrace followed by a cheek to cheek greeting. I didn’t think I would be able to greet only women, so I flatly refused.

I didn’t want to stand out, but neither did I intend to act rudely.

“Then, at least…”


Luca’s lips slid down my neck and kissed noisily behind my ear. I tried to twist and escape from his clutches as I was embarrassed by the difference in elevation between the cutesy kissing sound and the coquettish sensation. However, I couldn’t run as Luca’s arm was still tightening me cautiously.

As my skin became sensitive after the multitude of light kisses, a dull pain ran through my skin abruptly.

“It… hurts.”

“Although we will have to act as siblings once we get out of the carriage, please don’t forget you’re mine.”

Flustered, I asked Luca, who looked satisfied after marking me.

“Wait a minute, that mark…”

“It’s alright. It’s in a barely visible position after all.”

As I was fidgeting on Luca’s lap, my father, apparently frustrated, leaned into the carriage and grabbed my hand.

“Phily, get away from this impatient kid… good grief, didn’t I say to be careful, Luca?”

My father took me by the hand, and I climbed down. Luca also followed soon.

“I have been careful enough. From here on, it’s the sister and brother act, as usual, OK?”

Luca took out a pair of black gloves from his pocket, put them on, and held them out to me.

“Please take my hand, sister.”

The words and gestures were polite, but the cold eyes and stern face were devoid of emotion.

I couldn’t help but blink, sensing an uncomfortable feeling when I saw him switching so magnificently.

That reminded me Luca was much more familiar with high society than I was; I guessed that much was natural for him.

My father said he wasn’t worried about me, but I wasn’t sure.

I couldn’t help but turn around to look at him. As if he had seen through what was going on in my mind, he smiled encouragingly at me.

“Don’t worry, Phily. We are here for you.”

“That’s right, sister. You just have to ignore the royal family’s affairs when the time comes.”

Luca’s expression didn’t change, but I laughed, hearing the words that sounded just like him. Supported on both sides by my father and my little brother, we headed to my grandfather’s house.

“It has been a while, Your Excellency The Duke. Hello, Phily and also Luca.”

The person who greeted us at my grandfather’s house was neither my grandparents nor my uncle and his wife, but an unexpected face.

“Lord Cesari?”

“Don’t be so polite, Phily. You can call me Lau.”

The jesting man with the long reddish-brown hair tied up in a single ribbon and disheveled knight uniform was Laurenz de Cesari. He was strongly aware of himself as the eldest son of Earl Cesari, the foster brother of the crown prince. For me, as now his capture target, he was a knight and a womanizer.

Because I’d kept a careful distance from the crown prince, I’d had minimal contact with him, and, of course, we didn’t have the kind of relationship where I called him by his nickname.

As I gawked at his unexpected appearance, I thought I heard a click of a tongue to my right. It must’ve been my imagination.

“Then I will take upon your words and will call you Lau without reservation.”

If there was anything called pompous cheerfulness, then it would be my father’s attitude right now.

Laurenz smiled similarly without being intimidated by my father, who took a half step forward as if to hide me. 

“It may be unfortunate, Your Excellency. I have no intention of letting anyone other than the people I serve or cute girls call me by nickname.”

“I see, then I was impolite. I’ll call you whatever I want, kid.”

As expected, Laurenz’s eyebrows twitched as he laughed and called him a kid.

“Why are you here? This dinner is a gathering of my family and close friends.”

“The daughter of my father’s second brother’s wife’s sister is engaged to the eldest son of the Viscountess’s brother’s grandson. That’s why I was invited.”

“Such a relationship is usually called a stranger. It’s a pity that young people these days don’t even know how to talk to each other.”

He seemed to be enjoying himself, but I wanted to turn around and run away as fast as I could.

Laurenz turned to look at Luca and me, probably thinking he couldn’t deal with my father anymore.

“The rest of the guests have already moved to the banquet room. All of the viscount’s household is now busy with them, so I have been given the responsibility of welcoming you.”

“We are a bit late. I feel guilty for causing problems to you, Lord Cesari.”

“That’s all right. I wanted to talk to you guys without other people around.”

Laurenz took my hand in his and lightly touched his lips to the back of my glove-covered hand. In the meanwhile, his ashen purple turned to look at me as if to watch out for my reaction.

“Congratulations, Phily. It’s a shame to think that another attractive woman will become someone else’s.”

“I beg your pardon. But, this topic—”

“I know. That’s why I was waiting here.”

As expected of the prince’s close aide, it seemed like the story had been conveyed to him too.

“How long are you thinking of holding her hand, Cesari?”

“Oh my, Luca, are you jealous? You really love your elder sister, don’t you?”

“Of course. It’s the little brother’s privilege to keep away any frivolous man from approaching their precious sister. Sister, please sterilize your hands later properly.”

“Are you saying that in front of the concerned person themselves? You really are childish.”

Probably because Cesari was talking to me while holding my hand, Luca interrupted us impatiently, to which Laurenz responded, implying something in his words.

I thought it was just my father, but he seemed strangely at odds with my brother. Did he have a problem with the men in our family? 

Although curious, I couldn’t bring myself to listen to the duo’s boorish and scheming skit. 

“Lord Cesari, let’s not have my grandfather wait any longer.”

“Ah, that’s right. Your Excellency, may I escort the young lady?”

It was indeed difficult for my father to refuse when he was asked this question head-on.

In the end, Laurenz took my hand, and I walked into the banquet hall, sandwiched between my father and brother in front and back. The presence behind me seemed extraordinarily sinister, though.

I greeted my grandparents in the banquet room, and the dinner began without a hitch. 

Since there was no other royalty there, my father was given the highest ranking seat. Luca and I were treated as relatives, and we were seated at a lower rank since we were still young. The younger generation inevitably occupied the seats. There were a lot of young ladies in their early adulthood for some reason among them. Furthermore, the woman sitting opposite Luca and Laurenz glared at me over her shoulder because Laurenz was always looking at me. But that was just venting out anger on another, as it was Luca that Laurenz was messing with.

I felt as if my seat had been turned into a pincushion, and I was only gulping down water without putting food in my mouth.

“Sister, you don’t seem to be eating well.”

“Truly. Phily, are you feeling sick?”

When I didn’t eat much, even when the banquet was at its final stage, my two neighbors, who seemed to notice this, raised their voices of concern and peered at me.

I was thankful for their concern; however, these two were the cause of my problem in the first place. It was certainly not because of the corset.

“I’ve eaten enough…”

“Can you really say that when there’s dessert afterward? I heard it was the chef’s latest creation. I have heard it’s something new the chef has made with devotion.”

“I’m really sorry to him, but I can’t eat anymore.”

“How about walking around a bit and see if it can make your stomach light enough to eat some? It’s about time I got a seat at the table, so I’m going out with you.”

If it were a formal banquet, I wouldn’t have been able to leave my seat until the end, but since it was a family banquet, I could see people getting up and breaking the seating order to chat.

When Laurenz stood before I could reply, I gave up on my hesitation and stood up. Since I couldn’t refuse the invitation, I thought Luca would come after me. But before he could get up, someone approached him from the upper seat.

“Hello, Master Luca. Long time no see.”

“Hello, Count Bartoli.”

“You’re an adult, right? I would love to introduce you to my daughter tonight.”

“My name is Antonia, Master Luca.”

From the conversation behind me, I understood that Luca was being held back by someone he couldn’t ignore.

Pulled by Laurenz, I had no choice but to go out to the terrace with him. The garden, where the lingering scent of the flowers that had bloomed during the day drifted in the dim darkness, was moderately cool and pleasant.

“Phily, night luminescent flowers are in bloom.”

It was just as he said; white flowers that seem to be faintly glowing were blooming in one corner of the garden. When I saw the flowers, I suddenly remembered a scene from the game. This womanizing knight, concerned about a commoner upbringing heroine who was not accustomed to night banquets, took her out of the hall and showed her these luminous flowers.

When I thought it was already that time of the season, curiosity about what was going on with the heroine welled up inside me.

“Lord Cesari, I wonder if His Highness the Prince is feeling fine.”

“Huh? It’s unlike you to ask about Al.”

After saying that, his face suddenly changed as if he was holding his laughter.

“Al is in his bed. He couldn’t endure the pain of heartbreak after all.”

“What? Already?”


“Ah, nothing.”

I couldn’t help but shout. Still, I dodged it with an ambiguous smile.

What has the crown prince done to be heartbroken already so soon after the game’s beginning? He was a pompous character in the game. However, he was the same in reality, too, so I had always looked at him with tepid eyes. Still, thinking about his looks and social position, he should have been good partner material for any ordinary woman.

“I’m sure there was a point deduction after that.”

“What did you say?”

“Oh, nothing. Please tell His Highness to take care of himself.”

“Pffft… F-fine, I will convey it.”

The man, who laughed out in rudeness at my serious manners, nodded, pulling a corner of his mouth.

“By the way, can I ask you something? Why did you choose Luca, Phily?”

“You are asking a very rude question, you know.”

“I’m just simply curious about it. Like you could have been the future queen, so why did you choose your younger stepbrother with no particular benefits whatsoever.”

“Hearing this makes me believe you think marriage is about calculation, right?”

I didn’t want to say something cliche like marriage is about love or anything, but Laurens’ way of speaking was offensive.

When I knew my brows furrowed in displeasure, Laurenz just shrugged his shoulders cheerfully.

“Most people have their own self-interest at heart. Especially women. They are more desperate since their lives would change depending on the partner they choose. Is it the same with you, Phily? I guess you didn’t want to change your lifestyle from the Duke’s household. And if your partner is a man from relatives with inferior bloodline, you will be able to do anything you want, right?”

This man was really making me mad. I knew this very well, but I could feel my eyes growing stern.

“I understood in our short conversation that your view of women is distorted.”

“I guess you are mad because I hit your sore spot… didn’t you think of running to find an exciting playmate if you got a convenient husband who listened to you?”

“I don’t need one.”

Spitting out my words unemotionally, I turned around on my heel to return to the room when he grabbed me by the waist from behind. Switching our bodies around, he pushed me against terrace handrails. Surrounded by the handrails and his arms, I glared at the tall man coldly.

“It seems like you didn’t properly understand who I am and where you are.”

“I’m thrilled to see your gaze that seems to be inviting me, you know? Luca isn’t enough for you, right? I’m sure I can do many things for you that you don’t know about…”

As I didn’t have any place to escape, his sturdy body pressed on mine. Then the scent of unfamiliar perfume surfaced.

Even when his lips grazed past my hair, forehead, cheek, and down, I didn’t move.

“Aren’t you going to… run away?”

He whispered so closely that I could feel his breath on my lips, and his grayish-purple gaze looked right at me as if they were searching the depths of my eyes.

He suddenly stopped just before he tilted his face to touch my lips.

“Please keep your teasing only that far.”

The light leaking from the banquet room made the silver object on Laurenz’s neck glow dully.

“A human can be killed even from a cutlery knife, you know. Do you want to try it?”

“I… politely refuse.”

As expected, Laurenz wasn’t flustered or anything, but his face slightly stiffened. I thought my face had done the same.

I had confirmed Luca was there because the light leaking from the glass window was slightly shaded. I thought he would help me, but this way of stopping was slightly unexpected. 

I wondered if only I hoped to stop him a bit more peacefully.