Lady Villainess Philia D’la Love’s Mistakes Translation

12: The Elder Sister, Younger Brother and the Dinner Banquet (Part Three)

“Luca, put it away for now.”

Laurenz didn’t flinch as even a slight movement might’ve injured him. Luca wouldn’t move either.

Just as I thought I ought to do and say something about this situation, Luca answered while glaring at the back of Laurenz’s head as if eager to stab it.

“It’s fine. I can’t kill him after all. But I think it would be better if this man experienced a bit of pain.”

“Whoa! Isn’t it righteous to court a lady as pretty as your elder sister? Being stabbed for that is rather intolerable, wouldn’t you say?”

“Cesari, you can court any woman you fancy, but I will not forgive you if you do that to my elder sister. Besides, what’s even more intolerable is for you to use her to take revenge on me.”

“Oh, you noticed. Just what I expected.”

I couldn’t make much out of their conversation, but it seemed like Laurenz knew what he was talking about. He smiled, harboring something in his expression.

“When I thought you were just a little boy, I had been brilliantly deceived by you for three years, isn’t that so? Thus, of course, I will not let you go easily for mistreating me.”

“You were deceived because of your incompetency, or so you would have normally said, right? If you want to vent your anger for your incompetence, take it out on me and not my elder sister. But only if you’re prepared to have the tables turned on you.”

“You’ve really been hiding a lot.”

As I was also of the same opinion and couldn’t help but mutter that he was too good-natured, Laurenz turned his back without caring about the knife put against his neck.

Luca instantly retreated his hand but maybe because the blade edge was put against his neck, where a thin red line was left on his skin. 

“It hurts… did you get cut a bit? I knew it was behind me, but I didn’t expect a blade, even if it was just cutlery. I misread it again.”

It seemed that there was discord between these two I was unaware of.

As soon as Lauren’s big body put some distance between us, Luca swiftly pulled me into his embrace. Feeling the familiar smell and embrace, I breathed a sigh of relief as power left my body. It seemed like I was also unconsciously nervous.

“I’m withdrawing tonight as it has completely defeated me, but there will not be a next time, Luca.”

“Of course, there will not be any next time. You and I will have nothing to do with masters and servants in the future.”

“Well, that may not be the case. Someone somewhere who’s asleep in their bed will not sit back and just let this happen. There are lots of enemies, Luca.”

He seemed to be having too much fun, but it looked like his character was much worse than the game.

I could only pray that a heroine could rehabilitate him. If Luca messed with him here, my brother would end up being a criminal.

“Whoever or whatever it is, I will not let anyone take away my elder sister… If you ever touch her again, I will make sure you will never be able to cause any mischief to a woman again.”

Luca pulled my hand, spitting out a threat even more dreadful than killing that womanizer.

“Hey, one last question. Phily, do you like kittens?”

“You don’t have to answer, sister.”

Luca said without turning around and holding my hands even more tightly.

I raised my voice when Luca pulled me inside a different room, passing through the terrace and not the banquet hall.

“Luca, dinner isn’t over yet.”

Luca ignored me and continued down the hallway, away from the hustle and bustle. 

We had been frequenting this mansion since childhood, so both he and I were well aware of the layout and allowed to go anywhere. Still, this could turn out to be quite bad.

“Hey, Luca!”

“It’s all right… I have given our father a cue about this. He will be able to manage even if we don’t return.”

“If we don’t return…”

Without hesitation, Luca walked up the stairs and opened the door to a room on the upper floor. My mother used this room before she married, and I also used it when staying here. The room was neatly prepared and well lit; I was planning to stay here if the banquet ran too late tonight.

It was much smaller than my room in the Duke’s mansion, as the living room and bedroom were combined. A small, canopy-less bed in the room’s corner was neatly covered with sheets.

Luca pushed me on top of it silently. 

“Um… Luca.”

He grabbed me by both wrists and sewed me to the sheets. His body leaned on me with great force as his pupils swayed like will-o-the-wisps, reminding me of that day.

“Where it is?”


“The place that man touched. Don’t hide it. Just tell me everything.”

Luca touched my chin, lips, and so on as if he was checking something. The gloves were still on his hand, and I couldn’t calm myself down from feeling he wasn’t like his usual self.

“Hey… calm down. It’s not that big a deal…”

“You’re going to keep hiding it? Then it can’t be helped.”

The time limit from question to answer felt too small.

However, Luca straddled me, making me unable to move. He ran his hand over my collar fringing with thin lace. Just as I was thinking this couldn’t be happening, I heard the sound of fabric ripping.

“L-Luca, the dress! The dress is…”

“When I think about it, I really hate the idea of anything touching your body given by any other man, even if that person is our father.”

“But the Queen is involved in the making of this dress, isn’t she?”

“Such details…”

Luca flashed a vicious smile and pulled out the knife from a while ago from the inside of the coat. The combination of the silver-colored weapon and his smile that was half suspicious half pretty drained the blood out of my body immediately.

“It doesn’t matter. If we can’t live in this country anymore, we’ll go somewhere else.”

“Wait… that’s—”

“It’s fine. I will not let you get injured even if I have to die for it.”

The sound of a sturdy cloth corset being ripped open made me stiffen.

I didn’t think Luca would hurt me. But the idea of using the knife to remove the corset scared me. When the clothes safeguarding my waist were removed, I could finally breathe easily.

“I had to clean up the place touched by another man. Since you won’t tell me, I have to cleanse your whole body… right?”

Luca’s gentle kisses fell on me as I lost any will to resist him.

The voice I was frantically stifling overflowed from my lips as the pleasure from inside overwhelmed me. My body became limpid like a mollusk as Luca’s finger moved on the obscene spot between my thighs.

Luca plucked his finger from the spot where it made an embarrassing wet noise.

Luca had torn off the corset, leaving me with little to cover my upper body except for the remnants of my underwear, but there was almost nothing to hide. And yet, when Luca held my legs up, my lace stocking covered my vision, and I almost died of shame. What kind of torture was this, to tear off the loose-fitting drawers covering my lower parts but leaving behind the lace stockings and the garter belt? 

Luca grabbed my knees and bent them into a posture that challenged the limits of shame, like changing a baby’s diaper, and tilted his head with narrowed eyes.

“You look like a present decorated in lace, don’t you, sister?”

“No… don’t look at me.”

And please, stop tilting your head cutely. 

Perhaps it was because I knew him when he was a child, but even though Luca’s eyes were moist with lust, there was still a certain immaturity about him that made me feel guilty even though I was being forced to do something that made me feel very lewd. 

Luca’s fingers and lips played with my skin, making me gasp hotly, like a lustful woman. I was still embarrassed by the way I was still dressed, but the place where Luca’s gaze was focused throbbed terribly.


Did I call Luca’s name to make him release me or urge him to continue? I didn’t know, and Luca accepted it while squinting his eyes.

“Sister… I also can’t hold it anymore.”

Luca’s hard scorching length pressed against my wet and soft honey pot. The intercourse, which had been awkward the first time, was no longer lost on Luca, but it was still tight and painful. 

I tried to soften the impact by bending over, but Luca held me back and advanced deeper forcibly. 

The insertion was a little rough. Perhaps he was trying to make my body familiar with his length forcibly. Luca covered my stomach. Both of his hands covered my chest as I was desperately trying to adjust myself, gasping for breath repeatedly and bumping our foreheads.

“I want to remain like this… forever.”

He whispered words of wistfulness as he exhaled his breath, disordered in lust.

I’d been through a lot of scary and painful times with Luca, but when I heard his voice like this, I couldn’t push him away. I didn’t know what to say, so I put my hand on Luca’s back. Luca blinked a little and smiled suspiciously. 

“You also felt the same, didn’t you?”

“Huh? Ah, a little…”

“Then I will not hold back anymore.”

My words of protest of him not holding back from the very start vanished before I could even speak. I was being toyed around by Luca as he suddenly started to move.

He began to move back and forth as if to gouge my insides with smooth movements, nothing like the roughness on our first time, inside the stimulation that should have only been pain mixed with a sweet spine tickling sensation. 

Looking at my appearance at first, Luca gradually lost his composure. I was swept away by a wave of violent, pounding movements.

The bed was making even more creaking sounds than in our home, but I didn’t have time to think about it.

“Sister, sister… together…”

“Ah… sto—”

The heat rose quickly as Luca repeatedly rubbed my weak spots with a look of urgency.

The sensation as if I was thrown into the air erupted, shaking my body to the core. At that moment, Luca also burst inside me.

After admonishing my little brother to take contraception seriously, I told him something that had been bothering me for a while.

“Hey, Luca. You should stop calling me sister on occasion like this.”

“How come?”

I confided in Luca while hiding my embarrassment from him, who still seemed clueless.

“I-It’s embarrassing. Too embarrassing…”

“You’re cute, sister…”

“H-hold up! We really have to talk properly about this!”

I insisted, barely controlling my little brother, whose eyes were glimmering once more.

“Listen, although informal, we both are engaged. After we get married, still calling me your sister will be strange, don’t you think?”

“But you are my sister… how about calling you lady sister?”

“That’s not… I’m talking about names. Like Philia, even Phily is fine.”

Luca’s eyes widened as if he had just been told something he didn’t expect. He took a moment to think about it. 


Luca’s fair skin flushed red as soon as he muttered my name softly.

“It’s not possible, sister. I really can’t call you that.”

“That’s why if you practice a little bit… Hey, where are you touching me?”

“When I called you by your name, it was so…”

“W-wait a minute…”

And so I gave up on my plan to have Luca call my name that night.

I realized once more that I would rather endure the shame of being called sister than ask him to call my name if it would turn out like that every time.