Lady Villainess Philia D’la Love’s Mistakes Translation

17: A Villainess’ Exit and a Heroine’s Entry (Part Four)

The announcement of my and Luca’s engagement was made near midnight, when the evening party was at its peak and was blessed with applause from the whole audience, regardless of their thoughts.

We were now officially recognized as engaged by others.

The marriage announcement period was three months from tomorrow. Once that period was over, we would be husband and wife. Afterward, I sent back Angela and the others who had worked so hard until late and were now sitting in front of the dresser, combing my hair.

Philia’s face projected in the mirror was vaguely tinged with melancholy. Maybe because the corners of my eyes were lowered, the presence of her imposing aura had dimmed. Then I peeked into the mirror to see if I looked better this way.

As I was looking at my face from various angles, a reserved knocking sound resounded.

“Sister, are you asleep?”

Luca called out to me in a low voice, even though he had been barging through the room without permission recently.

“No, I’m awake.”

“May I come in?”

“It’s something you must not do even though you’re my fiance, but… you can.”

I thought I had become lenient towards Luca in the end, easily forgiving him when he forced himself on me or when he slyly came to me like this. Thinking about it since when I had become like this, I realized I was always weak to Luca. I used to enjoy making him look like he was about to cry, but in actuality, whenever his teary eyes stared me down, I felt so cute and pitiful that I wanted to do anything to help.

Entering my room silently, Luca was wearing a gown over his nightgown just like me and was getting ready for bed. Because his gaze was cast downward, I couldn’t see his emerald green eyes, but instead, his dark, long eyebrows were emphasized.

I moved from in front of the dresser to a single-seat chair and urged him to sit on another chair, but he just stood there and shook his head. Looking at his strange appearance on the night of our engagement announcement that he had been eagerly anticipating, I became worried.

“What’s wrong?”


Luca knelt and shook my hand that was placed on my lap.

His hands, always rather cold, were freezing today. I’d recently learned that Luca’s hands got cold when he was nervous or overthinking things.


“Do you regret it, sister?”

“Huh? What do you mean?”

“Don’t you regret announcing your engagement with me?”

“Again… why are you asking that?”

I was so surprised by what Luca had said in an overly worried manner that I instead replied flatly. Maybe because he wasn’t satisfied with my answer, he raised his face that was downcast until now and gazed at me as if glaring.

Strong emotions were flickering in his emerald green eyes, blurred as if tearing up.

“But, sister, you have been acting strange ever since you talked to the Crown Prince… You think I haven’t noticed that you have been absent-minded since then?”


When I realized what he was talking about, I awkwardly averted my eyes. 

“What did you think after you talked with the Crown Prince? That you were rash in your engagement to me?”

“W-Why are you saying that? There’s no way I’m thinking like this.”

Noticing that he was making a grave assessment, Luca shook my painfully clenched hand.

“You must have heard what His Highness and I had talked about, right? I couldn’t imagine marrying anyone but you.”

“But that’s because I stole your innocence…”

Squinting his eyebrows, Luca bitterly squeezed out his voice.

I was surprised that he thought that way. Maybe he was thinking much more seriously about my innocence than myself. 

“But… it’s too late to regret it. You are mine. I will definitely not hand you to anyone, whether it’s the Crown Prince or someone else…”

Luca’s emerald green eyes glittered with dark passion, and then he leaned towards me while kneeling. His one hand grasped my nightgown’s collar, and a tearing sound echoed.

“Wait! Luca, wait!”

I gripped his cheek with both hands and managed to hold him back from biting my throat. Staring at his eyes as envy, lust, and suffocating anxiety oozed out intensely, I kissed his lips as if being sucked into them. 

His eyes stared at me as if he was caught off guard, power slipping out from his hands.

I stroked his cheeks tenderly and said in a gentle voice.

“You have misunderstood. I can’t deny I was a bit absentminded thinking about something, but it certainly wasn’t about His Highness… I was only thinking about the things I am hiding from you.”

“Some secrets?”

“Yes. You see, Luca, you told me that you have always liked me but… I was always trying to get you to like me.”

“I… don’t understand what you mean.”

Not understanding after I had said so little was to be expected. After all, it was a confession to put myself at ease.

“It’s fine even if you don’t understand what it means. But being nice to little Luca, looking for his favorite things together and then presenting them to him, everything was my calculative moves to prevent you from hating me. I only thought if it was all right for me to hide this and receive your straightforward love.”

The reincarnated heroine Marika was me in a different form. I was thinking about the difference between Marika acting like Marika and acquiring the affection of the captured characters and I, acting like Philia and gaining Luca’s affection.

Even Luca couldn’t tell me everything. But I wanted to inform him that I had fallen in love with him and that my Philia actions started with calculation.

Luca knitted his eyebrows, listening with a confounded expression, and then suddenly tilted his head.

“I haven’t completely understood what you want to say, but… is it wrong to hide the things you must?”

When Luca asked me that, I also tilted my head, just like he had.

“I also have things I am hiding from you.”


I was startled when he easily confessed to me. I had never thought that Luca had anything to hide because Luca always confided his true feelings to me, even if they were embarrassing.

Luca smiled at my surprise and placed his hand on my hands that were wrapping around his cheeks.

“You have said that my love for you is straightforward; however, it’s not such an admirable thing as you have said. I also have unsightly feelings I can’t put into words or distorted emotions that even I am revolted by. There are many events in my past that I wanted to keep absolutely hidden from you.”

“I don’t think I can come to hate you at this point even knowing this…”

“Nevertheless, I want you to see the beautiful part of my feelings, even if only a bit… That’s why I am hiding them, but by no means do I think of it as bad.”

The eyes looking at me were aflame with the ardor of love. Even though I should have been scared of these unwavering emotions, I was surprisingly calm.

“No matter what kind of selfishness you have been hiding, the feelings I saw from you were gentle and warm. I’m content with that much. No matter what your feelings are, I won’t let you go now. I have said it before, didn’t I? I won’t ever let you go.”

When Luca talked so seriously, I couldn’t help but laugh.

I seemed like an idiot to even worry about this. Luca’s strong emotions brought me back to reality whenever I felt trapped in a previous life game. Luca was the one who freed me from the shackles of my villainess role and made me a normal woman.  

Following the surging waves of emotion inside me, I closed my face to his. When our lips gently touched, Luca blinked in surprise, and his eyes softly turned red.

I couldn’t get enough of the lovely Luca, who was embarrassed since he was the one who often kissed me forcibly and even did more than that.

“I love you, Luca… this is my request. Please don’t ever let me go.”

I once again brought my lips closer to my cute fiance, who stiffened in dumbfoundedness. 

I was embarrassed to say I was the one who invited him to my bedroom afterward. Maybe it was because he received the confession of a lifetime from me, but Luca couldn’t even look at me; he was that upset and embarrassed.

When I kissed him a bit forcefully, Luca’s tongue, which initially was a little confused, immediately became more intense, as if it was devouring me, and we both fell on the bed. He put his fingers in my hair, grasped my head, and kissed me deeply. I moved my hands around his back in response. 

Our body, clad only in soft nightgowns, overlapped, and Luca’s surprisingly sturdy chest pushed and crushed my breasts, causing my nipples to rub against it. I gasped between kisses at the unintended stimulation, and Luca pressed his lower body against me, aroused.

I could feel my lower parts getting wet just by Luca’s hardening desire rubbing on my thighs through the clothes. Luca spilled a hot breath as he tore my nightgown hastily and panted frustratingly.

“Sister… you are incredibly beautiful.”

Luca was gazing at my body with a glance filled with praise and blended with raw passion. Embarrassed by the feverish look in his eyes, I pulled on Luca’s nightgown instead of covering myself up.

“You too… take off your clothes, Luca.”

I was embarrassed to say it myself, but I wanted to touch Luca directly tonight. Luca had never taken off his shirt, even when our bodies overlapped. In his defense, he had said that it was his final self-restraint, but it was a bit unfair that he stripped off everything I was wearing and touched me all over while not exposing his own skin.

When I repeated strongly, Luca hesitantly unbuttoned his nightgown.

The gradually exposed skin was vivacious and smooth, revealing a trained body that was unimaginable from his slender and graceful figure. His abdomen was tight, with thin ridges of muscle.

Perhaps it was because I was staring at him intently that Luca averted his eyes as his cheeks flushed red.

“Please don’t look at me too much…”

“But you always stare at me, don’t you?”

“It’s because you are beautiful… I don’t want to show too much of my shameful face you want to see.”

I tilted my head while pulling his arm, as he looked so embarrassed that I wanted to ask him what kind of maiden he was.

“I don’t think it’s a shameful appearance, but isn’t it late for this? Haven’t you embraced me so many times already?”

What was more, he was quite forceful too, but it was due to my kindness that I didn’t say it aloud.

“That’s because I thought it was fine if you didn’t end up liking me… I didn’t expect you to love me, so it didn’t matter how you looked at me. But when you told me you love me… I became scared.”

Luca wasn’t accustomed to having his feelings returned by the person he loved because he had never been blessed with love.

Confused, Luca looked half sad and half lovely. I put my arms around his neck and hugged him. Our bare bodies touched, and I closed my eyes from feeling a comfort I couldn’t put into words.

“Don’t say that you’re scared… I will confess again and again until you aren’t scared anymore. I love you, Luca. You’re the most important person to me.”


Luca hugged me back as if clinging to me. 

His voice was wavering as if he was crying, but I couldn’t confirm the fact quickly as I was exposed to intense kisses and caresses.

Luca’s lips licked and moved around the bulges of my breasts and the nipples until they swelled up, then his lips moved down my stomach and my navel.

He kissed and sucked around my stomach multiple times, raised his head, and inserted his finger as if combing down the bushes in my lowers parts that were already soaking wet.


“I can smell your scent so strongly…”

Luca whispered as he rubbed his nose against my mound. I cowered, feeling his breath on my wet, sensitive spot, and the next thing I knew, I was surrounded by something warm and wet.


He pinned down my lower body that was writhing from intense stimulation and teased me as nasty slurping sounds resounded. His soft tongue sought out the small bud hidden in the obscene flesh, fluttered and teased it. A dizzying feeling of pleasure spread throughout my body from that spot, even though the stimulation was supposed to be faint.

I kicked the sheet with my toes repeatedly, trying to escape the pleasure, but it was no use. I couldn’t help but moan as a sensation similar to peeing swelled up inside me rapidly.

The world went blank, and my consciousness was sent flying.

“Sister, you look too cute.”

Losing himself in ecstasy, Luca gently touched my cheek and put his lips on it, then went to my mouth to suck my tongue sweetly. I didn’t want to think about why his face and lips were wet. I shook my head in disgust as the flavor of salt that was not like Luca’s usual kiss spread in my mouth.

I was quite reluctant to be kissed by the mouth that was licking around my wet place a moment before.

“I don’t want that… it tastes strange.”

“Is that so? I think it’s delicious.”

Luca’s sense of taste was strange.

When I said I disliked it, he didn’t continue but instead, he reluctantly crawled his lips to my earlobe and behind my ear. Luca’s breathing was hot and turbulent in my ear.

“I want to put it inside you. Is that… okay?”

I thought it was dirty of him to beg me for that while putting up with painful fierceness when he always pushed forward forcibly, even when I was reluctant.

His painful condition was obvious as his towering thing had been touching my thighs since earlier, but even if that wasn’t the case, I was already impatient as my wet place was shamefully tingling from being teased by his soft tongue.

“Luca… go ahead. Come on, please…”

As I invited him with a soft whispering voice, Luca gasped. His big hands that were softly touching me until now grabbed the meat of my buttocks strongly, lifted my lower body, and impatiently pressed his against mine.

His fiendish cock that didn’t match with his adorable face at all pushed its way in through the narrow entrance. The first time was always the tightest, no matter how many times we connected, and I had to exhale desperately to release the force. 

When his hot lump poked inside my deepest part, Luca’s white skin was covered with a thin layer of sweet. 

“Amazing… Your inside is coiling around me.”

“Don’t say such things, Luca….”

Even when my inside was painfully filled with Luca’s, the inside of my belly was contracting and wriggling as if it wanted more of it.

I was unbearably embarrassed from seeing how my lower body looked as if it had become a different lewd creature.

“Luca, Luca…”

I clutched at Luca’s shoulders, frustrated, wanting him to do something about it.

“If you said like this… I can’t act kindly… “

It should be painful to be pushed up so hard that you could hear the sound of beating flesh but looking at Luca’s distorted face as if he was holding in the pleasure evoked an itchy sweetness.

When the sound of wet flesh rubbing against each other and my unladylike flirtatious voice resounded in my ears, it intensified the shame and heightened the pleasure.


Luca’s body quivered and clung to me, tightly hugging me.

“Thank you… sister…”

I also hugged his sweaty back to convey that I also felt the same.

The next day, I was in a good mood.

“My my, you seem to be in a good mood, My Lady. What are you reading?”

“Why don’t you come and see, Angela?”

Carefully selected! Royal capital sightseeing guide? Didn’t His Highness give this to you for your birthday last time?”

“Speaking of which… at that time there was an article filled with Big announcement! Royal capital’s new famous place, Cat Cafe!, and I received it along with a whole day pass. I couldn’t stop feeling an odd chill that day.”

I shook my head to escape the disgusting memory I didn’t want to remember.

“Of course, I tore that article part and threw it into the hearth, but I kept that booklet because it was interesting.”

“If you don’t mind me asking this… well, there are certainly many places young women would like to go. My Lady, you don’t go out that much, but wouldn’t it be nice to visit places like this once in a while?”

“I also have the same thought. We have been officially engaged now, so I am thinking of going out with Luca.”

Even counting my previous life, this was the first time I had a fiance, and I haven’t had a boyfriend for a long time after one passed away years ago. I have finally broken free from my previous life’s fetters, and now I was filled with a desire to enjoy life with a compatible lover.

This world was just based on a dating game, and it seemed that there were many cute and pop-up spots in the royal capital. 

“You can’t miss this and… this cafe.”

“That’s really a pleasant thing to hear, but you will need a carriage to go there. Didn’t you once say that you didn’t like riding the carriage together with Lord Luca because he acted frisky… excuse me, I mean because he couldn’t calm down?”

“I mean, it’s normal for him not to calm down, but he was afraid of riding in a carriage because he is afraid of cramped places. But it’s all right! He’ll behave himself even if it’s just the two of us. After all, he’s too shy to make eye contact.”

“That reminds me, his behavior has been suspicious since this morning. I wonder if he is bashful.”

Angela said suspiciously, wondering if he was that kind of man.

It was true that usual Luca lacked a sense of shame. However, the Luca from last night was different. He was so maidenly that I felt embarrassed of him, and he seemed to be nervous about making eye contact or touching my skin. It was the first time we only did it one time, including our first time. Thanks to that, I was in good shape the next day. I was deeply moved by the fact that Luca had become a gentleman.

Angela was skeptical because I couldn’t explain such things to her. Still, I asked her to tell Luca to come to my room when he returned, to which Angela remarked that he would come even if I told him not to. 

“I’m back, sister.”

As usual, when Luca returned from outside, he came to my room first. I stuck out my cheeks since he always hugged me and gave me a kiss, but he instead grabbed my chin and kissed me fiercely.

I tapped his shoulders frantically and was finally released.

“L-Luca… what are you doing suddenly? You were so embarrassed last night.”

“Oh, I still can’t believe that you love me…”

The appearance of his blushing eyes and downward gaze made him look cute for an eighteen years old, but when he looked up at me again, suspicious light was dwelling in his green eyes.

“But I realized that I shouldn’t be afraid of you, even though you love me. I have to make an effort if I don’t want to lose you. Even last night, you asked me for so much… I shouldn’t shy away from showing my affection, right?”

I was sure I would have touched something had I reflected on it, but why was he trying to undress me with his unscrupulous hands? It was still peak daytime, and Angela was in the room too, but I wondered if he couldn’t see her.

“L-L-Luca, I have felt your love enough, so it’s fine…”

“No, it’s not enough at all. I have been only thinking about making you pregnant as soon as possible so that you don’t escape from me until now. Still, the act of union of two bodies originally is the act of confirming love, right? I won’t be as forceful as before, and I won’t be as timid as I was last night… Please, I will make sure you get plenty of my love.”

Luca hugged me gently with a smile I had never seen before. It was a maiden’s dream to carry a princess, but why did it make me feel like a cow being carried away?


I tried to hold onto my last day of hope, the lady’s maid behind, but she bowed her head with a look that said, “I told you so.”

“I’ll bring your dinner to your room, so please get some proper rest.”

“You’re unusually thoughtful. I have the whole day off tomorrow, so make sure no one comes here until I call you.”


“Do you think my ten years of love can be conveyed in one night, sister?”

That was how he decided thoroughly to remind me of his deep and heavy love. Normally, the one who fell in love was the one who lost, but why was it that I, the one who was supposed to have fallen in love with him, was being taken advantage of?

The day I would conquer Luca was still a long way off.