Everything you Acquire in the Future Shall be Thrown Away by Me Translation

19. I was Watching from the Shadows

POV: Weiss

Sofia, who was clad in my colors, was so outstandingly beautiful that I wanted to lock her in my room so that no one else could lay eyes on her.

I clung to the thread of reason that was about to leave me and restrained myself.

She chose to be independent.

Despite wanting to make her mine, I swore to not disturb her. When I saw how determined she was to become a duchess, I had decided. From then on, I shouldn’t let her say that she owed her achievements to me.

But, still…

“I will eliminate those cretins for you.”

The father and son that previously approached Sofia… They didn’t even bother to treat her with respect. Instead, they openly mocked her and even tried to take advantage of her new title through an engagement. That couldn’t be overlooked at all.

“Take care of them.”

At my quiet instruction, Leon and Oz immediately left.

First of all, that baron.

After that…

“An utter disgrace like you is unbefitting of His Highness Weiss.”

“Take a proper look at yourself and kindly step down.”

After escaping from me, Sofia ended up in such a situation.

Sofia, illuminated by the moonlight, was so beautiful that she’d shame the famous goddess, Aphrodite.

Two flies were flocking to her.

“Aren’t they… Marquess Cynthia Ostinato and Countess Dora Xavier?”

I rummaged through my memory.

“If I’m not mistaken, Marquess Cynthia Ostinato had a child with her servant out of wedlock. As a result, her fiancé demanded a massive compensation which her parents had to pay. Thus, she was disowned.”

The servant, who was in love with her, was given corporal punishment by the marquis for having impregnated a noble lady. He subsequently died.

I didn’t know how Cynthia lived with her daughter afterwards, but the child died. A noble lady, who didn’t know how to adapt on her own or understand the concept of frugality, couldn’t be expected to lead a decent life as a commoner.

As such, the daughter probably died overwhelmed by despair from the Hell she arrived at.

“Count Xavier, Dora Xavier’s father, was a gambling addict. He must’ve been in great debt.”

The count would want his daughter to marry into a good family no matter. It was so that his debt could be repaid. For the count, his daughter was nothing more than a tool that’d free him from having to take responsibility for his addiction.

To not realize that, what a stupid lady. She misunderstood the dresses and jewelry given by her father as a symbol of affection.

“…As for Viztoire, we shall see.”

I was annoyed by all the derogatory remarks she threw Sofia’s way. However, Sofia seemed to care about her. The moment she heard Sofia’s advice, she seemed to have been freed from the curse of her stupid father. In time, she’d surely undergo a tremendous evolution. An evolution that would benefit both this kingdom and Sofia.

Surely, she’d later be grateful towards Sofia.


“Let me give her a warning.”

What if she still attempted to do something to Sofia?

“Sofia, I will eliminate all these pesky insects, so please take your revenge without any hesitation.”

Adley had fallen.

“All that remains is Aries Heldin and my foolish brother.”

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