Everything you Acquire in the Future Shall be Thrown Away by Me Translation

18. I Know Because I Died Once—That you Only live Once

I wonder if they are jeering at me.

As I was a new duke and a woman, it was inevitable for me to be disliked. Moreover, despite being a nobody, I was in the company of His Highness and was exchanging many words with him.

“—I heard about it.

I excused myself from His Highness Weiss and escaped from the venue. Then, while I was relaxing in the garden, I was surrounded by three ladies. Most likely, they followed me.

A young lady with red hair, green eyes, and a striking red dress. Her fierceness was reflected in her face. She was the daughter of Marquis Viztoire.

In my previous life, she was aiming to be the fiancée of His Highness Vitoselk, the first prince. However, His Highness Vitoselk chose Marquis Leones Yushka. Up to that point, my present was no different from that world.

His Highness Vitoselk and Lady Leones were already married.

In my previous life, Viz attempted to poison Leones. As His Highness Vitoselk noticed and dealt with it immediately, instead of an attempt at poisoning, it was considered a felony against the crown princess.

Originally charged with a death penalty, she was banished thanks to Leones’ aid. Albeit of course, she found it unwelcome.

The same woman spoke to me, “After being thrown away by His Highness Wagner, you seem to have switched your sights onto His Highness Weiss.”

Viz seemed to be aiming for the throne of the princess.

In my previous life, His Highness Weiss wasn’t anywhere in the kingdom. Hence, Viz hadn’t given up on her desire to marry His Highness Vitoselk.

“An utter disgrace like you unfitting of His Highness Weiss.”

“Proper reflect on yourself and kindly step down.”

Two ladies supportting Viz rebuked me. In my previous life, the moment Viz was banished, they immediately showed their true colors.

They might also be aiming to be His Highness Weiss’ fiancée. As of the present, they were merely working together to do away with a common enemy.

“If you’re interested in His Highness Weiss, I believe approaching His Highness Weiss himself instead of hindering me would be wiser.”

“My, look at how high and mighty you are. Is it because His Highness Weiss treated you a bit nicely? Do you realize that he’s merely pitying you?”

As she looked down on me, Viz basked on a feeling of superiority. But, I noticed it—a glint of frustration within her eyes.

In a place she was deported to, Viz became a doctor and made a name for herself in history. Viz said that she desired to become a doctor to save her sickly brother. It was a famous story that even reached me, someone who was being secluded away.

A thought occurred to me.

Mayhap, she truly intended to become a doctor instead of a royal fiancée.

Regardless, her father was an ambitious person who was also power hungry. He was keen on marrying his daughter to the royal family for power. That was even the reason for her existence. At the same time, he had a sickly, anxious, son, who he dismissed and regarded as a pitiful existence.

I could order my servants to take care of the minimum.

Viz was acting so aggressively against me because she thought that marrying into the royal family was everything. She might be afraid of being cut off like her brother if she were to fail.

She was probably too afraid to disobey her own father.  I didn’t think doing so would be a waste, though.

For her to become a doctor renown in many countries, she had to be very talented. It was unfortunate that the environment she was born and raised in had twisted her.

“Are you listening to us? Don’t think it’s a good idea to ignore us just because you’re a duchess.”

“It’s as Lady Viz has said—we’re also influential aristocrats.”

Lady Dora Xavier, one of Viz’ entourage. She was a woman who easily switched sides once Viz’ situation stopped looking good.

“Being friendly isn’t a loss?”

I had to suppress my laughter when Dora said that.

If I was a shy and weak person, I’d surely adhere to their words.

“So what if you’re a duchess?”

Dora chortled. She seemed to forget that she was merely a countess. She was a stupid vixen who thought that being around Viz made her invincible.

“Aren’t you ashamed of ascending to the title of a duke despite being a woman?”

There’s nothing to be ashamed of!”

Dora recoiled in surprise, perhaps because I had stared straight into her eyes and confidently declared that.

Viz stared at me, her eyes wide open.

“I’m the only direct descendant of the Duke of Lark. Therefore, there’s nothing strange about me inheriting the Lark family, regardless of gender. So what if it’s a man? What if it’s a woman? It’s much more shameful for you to narrow your horizons merely because of sex.”


Ignoring Viz’ warning, Dora slapped me.

She probably disliked the fact that she was refuted by someone she had disparaged.

“No matter what anyone says, I have no intention of giving up my title as Duchess! I’m the Duchess of Lark! Countess Dora Xavier, do you realize whom you’re speaking with? The person you struck is different from servants and lower aristocrats who can only silently suffer through your violent tendencies!”

“W, what are you going to do about it—!?”

I had already grasped what kind of person she was.

In my previous life, she oppressed those below her and would curry favor from those above her.

She also looked down on me, someone who was always meek despite having a higher rank. As such, she’d always scream at me.

She’d always ridicule me for being abandoned by His Highness Wagner. She’d spread negative rumors about me—saying that my fiancé left me because I was flawed as a woman.

“I strongly advise you to re-educate yourself. Talk to your parents, ask them to pay for it. Until then, you should refrain from socializing. I’m saying this so that you’ll avoid embarrassing yourself any further.”

Looking away from Dora who was stunned into silence, I stared at Viz.

“Lady Viztoire, even if I were to get married, I won’t surrender my title as duchess. Anyone who can’t understand that won’t be welcomed as my husband. That fact isn’t going to change. Even if I ended up becoming a laughingstock, even if I were to spend the rest of my life alone—life only happens once. No one else will take responsibility for my life. Come what may, for I believe it’s utterly preposterous to ruin your life for the mercy of another’s irresponsibleness.”

—Lady Viztoire, you too, should follow your heart.

You don’t have to be compliant to such a moronic parent.

For you’re already a wonderful person on your own.

I wanted to say that, but I couldn’t.

I already knew the future, but she didn’t.

My actions were also gradually deviating from my previous life’s. Therefore, it’d be arrogant to point that out when I, myself, didn’t even know what the future might bring.

That’s all I can do.

The rest was up to her.

I couldn’t force her to improve her talents as a doctor. I couldn’t take responsibility for her life, either.

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