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17. The Eventful Unveiling Party

A dark green mermaid dress with an amber jewel attached to its chest. As the dress was slightly revealing, I wore a cardigan made of light green lace.

My short hair was adorned with a baby’s breath flower ornament.

That day, His Majesty would bestow upon me the title of the duke.

“Milady, you look very gorgeous.”

Selena, who did my makeup, stared at my reflection.

“The dress is such a perfect fit for today’s occasion. I’m sure everyone will be taken aback by Milady.”

Lily exclaimed proudly.

After the duke’s award ceremony and the subsequent unveiling of the new duke, I wouldn’t be returning to Weiss’ residence, but instead my own. Therefore, I had to say goodbye to those two. I’d miss them.

Still, I couldn’t take them with me for they were the servants of His Highness Weiss. Moreover, I didn’t intend to impose the path I had chosen upon them.

“Selena, Lily, thank you so much. Thanks to you both, I had a pleasant time.”

“We’re underserving of such praise. To be able to grant a peaceful respite for the young lady, the pleasure was ours. It was an honor being able to tend to Milady.”

“It’ll be very lonely, for sure. But once Milady and our master get married, we can serve you again! I’ll be patient until that day.”

I laughed at Lily’s words.

While saying goodbye to them, there was a knock on the door.

Upon being welcomed by Selena, His Highness Weiss entered the room. However, upon seeing me, he froze.

Does it not suit me?

Selena jabbed His Highness Weiss’ abdomen with her elbow.

Despite seemingly almost fainting due to a violent coughing, the startled His Highness Weiss showed a dazzling smile.

“You’re so beautiful. For a moment, I thought the goddess has descended.”

“T, thank you…”

Since I had grown accustomed to His Highness Weiss, I almost forgot that complimenting a lady was considered the minimum etiquette of a gentleman. As such, I mustn’t be swayed.

That was what I kept telling myself. In fact, I had almost fell for it.

Before I knew it, His Highness Weiss was standing in front of me.

His Highness Weiss lifted my short hair and then kissed it.

“I’m not praising you for formality’s sake. They’re my true feelings.”

“U, uhm, I, that’s…”

—Do you understand?”

His eloquent movement made me blush. To his most recent question, there was nothing I could say. Then, all the heat that had pooled on my face cooled almost all at once.

Somehow, I managed to reply, “Yes.” Someone had to absolutely praise me for that.

After all, if I were to give any other answer, I’d surely be the bad guy. I felt as if I had just overcome a life-threatening scenario.

Selena and Lily, who were watching us, immediately averted their gazes the moment I turned to look at them.

“It’s about time. Let us depart, Sofia.”



The lady who had inherited the title of the duke after she had accused her father.

Those who were curious about me. Those who look down on me for being a woman. While receiving various gazes, I received the title of the duke form His Majesty.

We’d proceed to the unveiling of the new duke.

As a duke, I’d have to greet many people and make connections. I also had to show dignity so as to not be underestimated.

I had no fiancé. Therefore, some houses approached me with marriage proposals. As a prerequisite to be engaged with a duke, the other party had to be of a higher rank than the counts of the frontier. Of course, in some cases, a lower-ranking aristocrat could be considered an option, but only if they had some benefits to offer.

“The duchess will need a successor while she’s still young.”

A fat pig and a piglet with the title of baron approached me. They spoke as if they stood above me.

“It’s none of your business, Baron.”

“You should be grateful. I am going out of my way just to offer you my assistance.”

“I appreciate your kindness, but it’s uncalled-for.”

“You’ll regret it.” Said the piglet.

“Don’t be obstinate, Duchess. Do you honestly think that anyone would give a damaged lady like you a second glance?” Said the pig. “You should accept the offer while I’m still kind.”

“The duke’s husband isn’t a cheap position. Especially considering the level of education a mere baron can afford.”

“Are you making fun of us?”

“I’m merely stating the facts. I can’t believe there exists a madman in this kingdom who deems himself as much more of a superior than someone whom His Majesty granted the title of the duke.”

“It is as she said, Baron.”

His Highness Weiss appeared next to me and casually wrapped his arm around my waist. My surroundings became noisy when they saw that.

“You see, I’m in the middle of courting her. To try to snatch her away, know your place.

At his words, I felt as if I had been buried underground.

He left earlier when I said I’d be giving my greetings. I was quite relieved.

Then, during my dispute with the baron, I was glad that he wasn’t present

But then he came, and dropped an outrageous bomb. 

…He was definitely aiming for that opportunity. I was completely caught off-guard.

“Your Highness Weiss, you have to be joking. She’s a damaged woman. She’s undeserving of someone as excellent as you.”

This pig is truly heroic.

After all, he argued head-on with His Highness Weiss who looked ready to unsheathe his sword at any moment.

That would have been impossible for me, for I still cherish my life.

“‘You have to be joking.’—That should be my line. What’s right and what’s wrong—it’s for me to decide, and certainly not some baron. Lower your head. She’s damaged, alright—her heart has been wounded by my foolish brother. Even more so by you, an illustrious baron who’s polluting the wonderful evening party as of this moment.”

No, it’s not like I was hurt by the baron…

“What are you doing—?”



Due to the murderous aura of His Highness Weiss, the pig fainted while frothing from the mouth. The piglet soon followed suit.

“Get rid of them quickly.”

His Highness Weiss coldly ordered such of a nearby escort.

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