Translation Until Countess Mareena Westmont Attains True Happiness

1.2 What Mareena Thought was Happiness

Mareena had come to the westernmost part of the mansion, an area which was normally not used. She was at the landing of the stairs for the second floor where some of the less frequently used rooms were lined up.

The rooms used by the servants were located in a separate annex. It was also quite strange to be hearing voices at such a time. Cautiously, Mareena approached the source of the voices. When she reached before the room where the voices originated, she had to close her mouth with both hands.

After all, the voices sounded familiar.

“Fufu, Mason, you are so sly~”

“What, why?”

“Despite your wife being unwell, here you are, doing this kind of thing with me~”

The intertwined breathing of a man and a woman, alongside the creaking of a bed, could be heard amidst the conversation.

Who…? Mason? And the other person is… Cameron? What? Why… Huh!?

Heat gathered on her face all at once. Her heart was beating rapidly while her hands were trembling. Her breath was stuck in her throat.

“She asked me if you came to see her, so I answered as I was told.”

“I see, so that’s what this morning was about.”

“You should thank me. It’s hard to please your wife.”

“Of course, thank you.”


Mareena couldn’t even move. Her body trembled. She couldn’t stop crying. She desperately tried to kill her voice.

Did he betray me? Since when? How long have those two been in a relationship?

The gentle Mason. My lovely husband who always supported and encouraged me.

The cute Cameron. My adorable little sister who sacrificed herself for the sake of her parents.

I loved you. I loved the two of you…!

“You’re being too rough—”

“Now, now, you’re exaggerating.”

“How many times do you think you’ve done it?”

“Since you’re young, it shouldn’t be a problem?”

Fufu, how charming.”

“I can’t find any satisfaction with Mareena.”

“Despite her great body?”

“It’s just her body. Other than that, she’s a dead fish!”

“Come to think of it, she didn’t drink that tea today, did she?”

“Well, it’s only once.”

“Hey, can people really die from that tea?”

“Don’t speak nonsense.”

“Nobody’s listening.”

“Well, as long as she drinks it for a long time.”


…Tea? What? What did they say about the tea that I drink every night? …S-somebody!

As she heard the sound of the bed squeaking violently, Mareena left the place as if crawling.

Someone, help me! Father, mother…!

While praying so repeatedly, she desperately grasped the railings, supported her body, all the while trying to suppress her sobs. Then, without any destination in mind, she walked away unnoticed.

***T/N: Oh no, I can’t even joke about it. It’s actually terrible and also terrifying, having people plotting to murder you.

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