Translation Until Countess Mareena Westmont Attains True Happiness

2.1 Mareena’s Determination

She wanted to scream, but found herself unable to do so.

As of the present, Mareena was inside the equipment storage a short distance behind the stables. During her childhood, she liked to hide there. Upon scrambling into the warehouse, Mareena grabbed a clean towel and proceeded to scream into it.


What a betrayal! Traitor! Even though I love you! I loved you! So why—!?


She pressed her face against the towel and just kept crying.

She cried and cried. Those were the most tears she had shed her entire life.

She wanted to throw something. She wanted to break something—to mess them up. But she knew she couldn’t do that. In the end, Mareena dug her nails into her skin. She screamed so much that her throat was raw.

By the time her voice died, her tears had dried up.

Her throat and eyes hurt. Her nightwear was covered with dust.

For her to wail in the darkness of a quiet night, it must had been a horrific sight.

By the time she noticed it, the towel was soaked with tears, saliva, and mucus. That was when she decided to draw the line on her regrets and sorrows that entire filled her body black.

All that remained was a bitter smile.

After all, her personality wouldn’t allow her to brood forever.

“…Who would’ve thought that I’d be betrayed simply because of that.”

That’s enough.

I’ve cried enough because of them.

Perhaps, she was feeling better because she hadn’t drank the tea that day.

Cameron asked if the tea could kill a person. Mason affirmed it.

They were trying to murder her.

Why? Do they want to take control of the count family? But Mason doesn’t have the blood of the Westmont. Assuming control of the Westmont family isn’t something that you can just do arbitrarily…

…Afterwards, how would he plan to extend the family? Even if I die, without an heir, Mason can’t inherit the title.

“Not good. I can’t put my thoughts together as of right now.”

Let’s confess to Johan tomorrow. Johan will absolutely help me.

She had an absolute trust in Johan, the man who had served her family for generations. He raised Mareena as if she were his own ever since she was a child. After she had inherited the title, Johan had assisted her in any manner possible.

Thus, Mareena stood up and quietly returned to the mansion. While staying away from that bedroom, she made her way to her own bedroom.

However, upon reaching her bed, she had a difficult time falling asleep. She was so anxious that her eyes were clear. Upon finally checking the time, she saw that it was already 3 o’clock in the morning.  The employees would be starting their work in a few hours.

What a harrowing case.

The two people she had treated with utmost affection in her entire life were having an affair and plotting her murder.

What the hell did I do? Did I mistreat them? Have I ever hurt them?

The more she thought about it, the angrier she became. She felt repulsed and regretful. Thinking about it, she could’ve just barged into the room and drove them out while they were still buck naked.

…No, that would have been a waste.

With that in mind, Mareena was able to calm herself. She finally fell asleep as the sun began appear.

She only woke up after 3 P.M. Johan, who was worried about her, seemed to have visited Mareena numerous times.

“He seems truly worried about Lady Mareena. It’s a relief that Milady finally woke up.”

What kind of gaze did she make as she stared at Cameron? Mareena wondered so herself.

Upon seeing the face of her maid, Mareena felt like throwing a cup at her. But somehow, she managed to suppress the urge.

“I understand your worries. For some reason, I slept very well yesterday… Perhaps it’s because I didn’t drink that tea yesterday?”

She glanced Cameron after speaking those words. However, the maid’s expression didn’t change.

“I wonder about that? Chamomile has a relaxing effect that helps provide a good night’s rest. Maybe, Lady Mareena is ill-suited with that tea.”

“Perhaps. From tonight, I’ll be drinking plain hot water.”


There was no doubt that it was a relaxing tea. Everyone knew that chamomile was effective for insomnia. However, that tea had a lot of blends within it. The complex scent suggested that it wasn’t merely chamomile tea.

Previously, Mareena had never bothered to confirm the ingredients. However, with plain hot water, the taste, color, and smell couldn’t be deceived.

“Would you summon Johan for me?”

“Yes, I will call him for you, soon.”

With that said, Cameron left the room with an unchanging expression.


The lady’s education, which taught Cameron to not easily reveal her emotions on her face, had been put in good use.

The same went for Mareena. I wonder if she’s actually upset?

I won’t be killed that easily.

Now, I just need to for my body to improve.

She heard a knock at the door, and Johan entered.

“Lady Mareena.”

“Johan, thank you for coming.”

“I am truly relieved to find that you’re awake.”

Johan seemed to be weeping. He was truly worried about her. He was on her side.

“Cameron, I have something to discuss with Johan. Therefore, please leave.”

“Only the two of you?”

“Yes, what’s the problem?”


“Fufu, it’s certainly awkward to have a man and a woman alone in the same room. But there’s nothing wrong with talking to a vassal about business-related matters.”

“Cameron, follow Mareena’s instructions.”

“…Yes, I understand. I’ll be staying in front of the room. If you have any issues, please let me know.”

“I understand, thank you.”

That said, Cameron left the room.

“How are you feeling?”

“Pretty good, actually. At the same time, I feel terrible.”

“What happened? Did something happen for you have to summon me?”

As expected, Johan had good intuition.

Or, is it to be expected?

She rarely summoned him to her bedroom. But as of the present, considering Mareena’s bedridden state, his being summoned there wasn’t that strange.

Mareena sighed.

“I was betrayed by Mason and Cameron.”

***T/N: I, is it a good idea to provoke the attempted murderers like that? To hint that you know something’s up? In every thriller movie ever, this will just lead to them snapping and murdering you, no?!

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