Lady Villainess Philia D’la Love’s Mistakes Translation

19: The Merits and Demerits of Drinking or the Fifth Division’s Disaster (Part Two)

Was I mad or glad? I didn’t even know which feeling was more intense.

When I looked at my step-sister, also my fiance, who was snuggling in my arm coquettishly, she immediately noticed and gave me a sweet smile… Cute.

Her usually calm and gentle expression had come off due to alcohol, and my heartbeat sped up due to her slightly childish laugh. Not only my heart but my entire body was profusely pulsating, and I felt like if I lost even a bit of my self-restraint, I would end up attacking her here.

However, when I think about how such a vulnerable and sweet smile was shown to another man, burning rage in the pit of my stomach surged out. I already hate it that she was exposed to other men’s eyes, yet approaching them in this state and showing such an exceptionally cute smile was really infuriating.

Even if I made a small, no, a huge concession and forgave Julio Fidel, considering he is her friend, I would never allow her to be so defenseless in front of a man who was so obviously filled with lust.

Even though I was afraid of what I might do at the time if something happened, I was also irritated by my beloved person, who did not seem to understand the gravity of this fully.

On our not-so-long way home, I somehow reigned on my boiling emotions, and with a wave of my hand, I dismissed the butlers and servants who greeted us and headed straight to the room.

“We’re back. Ah, I’m so tired.”

“Elder sister, your dress will get wrinkles if you sleep like that.”

“Ah, that’s right… Angie? Where is Angie?”

“I dismissed the maids since it was already too late. I will help you.”

I stopped my elder sister from going to her bed with a somewhat unsteady gait. Her tone of voice was much more casual than usual, and her words and actions were like a child’s. I hadn’t had the chance to know this before, but it seemed that she acted like an infant when drunk.

As I loosened her bodice, it fell to her feet with a thud. She turned away, wearing only a corset and her drawers.

“Take them off too, Luca.”

Corsets were troublesome to remove due to straps intricately crossing in the back. Even if she didn’t wear foundation garments, her ample breasts were shapely and full, and her waist was thin enough to break, so I wondered why she needed it. I didn’t like them since I couldn’t enjoy her softness when I hugged her.

Ah, but I guess they were still necessary when going out. There was no need for another man to see her soft womanly curve. Rather, wouldn’t it be awful in case someone touched her accidentally? 

I could understand the medieval anecdotes about knights going off to war and having their wives wear iron chastity belts that they would leave at home. However, it was ultimately useless considering the possible betrayal of the blacksmith who made it. Still, if it were me, I would never let her betray me. More like, if it weren’t for hygienic reasons, I would have immediately prepared one in reality.

As I untied the string while thinking if I could somehow prepare something similar, her white stainless back became bare. I also untied her hair which was tied up in a knot, and her magnificent blonde hair flowed down. 

Relieved, she took a sigh of relief and fell on the bed, but of course, I couldn’t let her sleep like that.

“Elder sister… Please don’t sleep yet.”

As I took off my coat and hastily covered her with it, her ice-blue eyes, usually calm and serene, looked up at me with glossy moisture.


I couldn’t help but gasp at the unusual atmosphere of my beloved person that was different from unusual, her thin arm wrapped around my neck. It wasn’t like the power behind the pull was strong, but my body continued to be pulled closer as if being sucked in her thinly open and soft lips.

Our lips touched each other, and as if waiting for that moment, our lips became entangled. Soon, our kisses were so intense I could hear slurping sounds. As I was absorbed in bliss, she pulled on my arm and, in response to a silent request, changed position.

Her tender body piled on top of mine, which felt amazingly good, but it was also frustrating. Indifference to my restlessness, who desired more and quickly, she grabbed both of my cheeks and gently caressed them.

“They are as smooth as always. They have lost their springiness, but they still feel good.”

This was torture, not pleasure. I could feel her soft butt and thighs on my waist as her white breasts swayed in front of me, yet she was only caressing my face.

Annoyed, I grasped her thin waist and pushed my lower against her to remind her of my throbbing desire. 

“Please don’t tease me too much. Do you want me to act roughly?”

I was frantically controlling myself to resist the urge to rip off the underwear and connect with her, yet, my beloved didn’t understand that.

“But you are entirely unfair all the time. I also want to touch you, Luca. Remember, you would let me pat you a lot when we were kids.”

The unfair part here was her staring at me with a sulking expression. Faced with such an expression, I couldn’t put up and fight anymore. 

“Take this off too.” 

She tugged at my shirt and bared open it with somewhat shaky hands from too much excitement. Then a small feminine hand slowly roamed from my exposed abdomen to my chest as if caressing it.

“I had no idea Luca worked so hard.”

“I have learned multiple martial arts to take care of my appearance. I still do some light training.”

“Oh? Don’t do anything dangerous.”

“Ah, sister.”

Her soft body was piled up on top of mine. She kissed me like a child, and my body shivered from the amazing but vexing pleasant sensation as our bare chest touched.

It was hell to let her take control and tease me like that.

I got closer to her to hug and change our position. Then I kissed her roughly as her eyes blinked in surprise from the sudden posture change and grabbed her breasts, which frustrated me so many times, and kneaded them. The soft shape of breasts that were too ample to be held in my palm changed shape, and her nipples were teasingly pointing out. When I scratched them with my thumb as if to crush them, the body in my arms jumped wildly.

“Ahh… Stop… It hurts.”

Probably because she had become oversensitive due to alcohol, she shook her head as tears pooled up in her ice-blue eyes. I didn’t want to make my beloved cry, but I was in a sadistic mood tonight.

She had to be punished for flirting with someone else in front of me and annoying me.

“Does it hurt, sister? But this place is soaking wet…”

When I thrust my finger into her wet crack through her underwear, her back bent backward, exposing her white neck. The beautiful contour of her collarbone from the nape of her neck trembled as if to lure me.

“L-Luca… Don’t be mean.”

“You’re the mean one. Even though I have been enduring since he’s a friend, even to other men…”

“T-that was Lord Chimenti…”

“Please don’t call other men’s names in front of me.”

When I bit on her nipple as punishment, a single tear spilled out of her eyes from the pain. I scooped up the tear with my lips, wanting all of her to be mine. Every part of my beloved’s body was sweet, and these tears were sweet enough to numb my tongue.

No matter how much I devoured her body greedily, no matter how much she said she loved me, the demon of greed inside me kept screaming that it wasn’t enough. Even though I wanted her to keep smiling like a flower, I also wanted her to suffer and cry. I was afraid I’d eventually devour this precious person.

As I was trying to control my overly savage impulse somehow, I suddenly felt a gentle caress on my hair. As her slender fingers combed my hair, she laughed in annoyance.

“But, Luca, it’s also your fault here, you know? It’s because you kept calling me sister that person thought we were siblings.”

“That’s… But I’m sure that insolent man would have approached you still even after knowing you’re engaged.”

“I wonder about that. Even though I have been showing my face at many evening parties to spread the news about our engagement, it doesn’t ring true when you’re treating me like your sister, does it?”

I couldn’t help but keep silent at my drunk sister’s sound argument, which was strangely persuasive. For me, she was only a woman, and I hadn’t once considered her my relative.

The only reason I hadn’t changed my way of calling her was partly because that was how I had called her since childhood and also because of embarrassment. However, more than that, it was only my privilege to call her “sister.”

Some people called her Philia, some Phily, but she was my elder sister.

As I wondered how to express my childish thoughts, she tilted her head and persuaded me further.

“Do you intend to keep calling me sister even after we are married? See, now… it’s OK if you get a little out of control, so why don’t you practice?”

She seemed to remember that I had told her before that calling her by her name excited me, and she couldn’t help but smile at my hesitant but determined expression. 

It was certainly a fresh feeling to call her something different from usual, but I was sure I would be reckless in front of her no matter what I called her. 

“You’re right… Philia… Phily?”

“Hmm, it feels a bit unnatural… how about you try calling me Phi?”


“Yes, Phi. It’s easy to say it… Only you can call me this, OK?”

My chest brimmed as I looked at her, who smiled embarrassingly after saying that. I wondered how she always knew what I wanted. 

She was a kind person who still gave me everything, even if I did nothing except covet for her and forcefully take her.



“I love you, Phi. I adore you.”

“I too.”

We looked into each other’s eyes and softly piled up our lips. I fondled her breasts gently this time and stroked between her thighs.

“Sister… Phi, feel it more.”

Her body that had already reached the height of sensuality soon climaxed when I gently caressed her, and her white body trembled bewitchingly, power slipping out of her body.

Just as I took off her underwear that didn’t have any use anymore and sought a deeper connection, I heard a gentle sigh of sleep.

I was speechless at my fiancee, who was soundly sleeping while her thighs were wet from the nectar overflowing and smelling so good that her whole body was begging to be eaten.

She was certainly more aggressive and sensitive than ever tonight. Although I hadn’t seen her drink much, if that was the alcohol’s effect, that was wonderful… But this ending was too much.

If it were a while ago, I would have forced myself to hold her while she slept. I could barely reason that I should not force her more than this, she who loved me and was trying to respond as much as possible to this avaricious man. However, the painful part still didn’t change.

“Fifth Division, I’ll remember you…”

I decided to direct my resentment at the men I couldn’t stomach, but for the time being, I just hugged her soft body and slept.

That, too, I had to endure until morning.


When I woke up to a sweet, nasally voice, I didn’t immediately recognize it as my own. I moved my stiffened eyes vacantly.

I could feel the bed, but I was clearly naked. Additionally, a man’s arms were wrapped tightly around my chest and waist. My back was also sweaty and warm, and I knew that I was held from behind.

It was obvious from the unsettling movement of fingers that I was not just being hugged gently.


“Umm, good morning, Phi. You finally woke up.”

“What do you mean by finally? What are you doing…”

“Obviously looking to continue from where we left off last night… Don’t say you don’t remember anything.”

I wanted to pretend that I had forgotten everything, but, of course, I remembered. It seemed like I had unintentionally drunk alcohol and gotten myself drunk. 

In my previous life, I was called someone who even transcends the colander, but this body’s alcohol tolerance was unknown. I carefully avoided drinking because this body held a secret I couldn’t divulge to anyone. But here I was, drinking, and on top of that, so weak that it is funny.

What was even more troublesome was that I remembered everything. I firmly recalled the feeling of stroking Luca’s cheeks, hair, and abdomen.

My secret desire to cherish Luca once more, who was like an angel in the past, and my desire as a woman to touch through the tempered body of my lover intertwined, and I was looking at it so closely and caressing it that it pulled back my reasoning… Was I an immoral woman?

Plus, I also faintly remembered that only I felt good and slept afterward. It was natural for Luca to be mad, and I could see him probably compromising by only hugging my sleeping body. 

However, this stimulation was too much for me, who had just woken up. He was hugging me from behind, and I could feel a thick thing wiggling behind as if tracing down my butt crevice. As expected, I panicked by the momentum that felt like it would stab me from behind just like that.

“W-Wait, Luca. It’s too sudden…”

“It’s all right. I have spent the whole night unraveling it. I will be in soon.”

“W-Whole night!?”

Speaking of which, I felt like I had an awful wet dream and was wondering if it was half real. No, for the sake of my heart, let’s assume it was just a dream. 

During the brief moment I was trying to escape from reality, my thighs were lifted, and a hot stake suddenly pushed in me from behind.

“Ah… It’s really soft.”

It’s just like what Luca muttered vacantly; it was the smoothest insertion I have ever had. However, the feeling of being filled to the brim doesn’t change. Moreover, maybe it was because of a different position. Unlike other times, it caught me in a strange place and stimulated me unexpectedly.

“Stop… Luca…”

The sensation was awfully amazing, but I was scared for not being able to see Luca’s face in this position. I was familiar with the embrace and the rough breathing spilling on my ear, but I couldn’t calm down from not being able to see emerald green eyes.

Perhaps he noticed my frustrated attempts to twist my body because Luca pulled me backward once and then pushed me against the bed. We embraced each other and once again connected deeply.

“Luca, I like you…”

“Sister… My Phi…”

Amidst the refreshing morning sunlight, we embraced each other tirelessly.


One week later.

The dormitory building of the Fifth Division, whose base was set up in the royal capital, where mainly bachelors lived, received an attack at early dawn. 

“I can finally sleep… Hey, the guy hidding over there, who the hell are…”

“It’s just as I was told. This place is brimming with beautiful boys.”

“Are you a woman… no, a man!?”

“My my, the boy here has a nice body…”

“It’s a knight’s order, so there are many to choose from. Which one should I start with?”

“Let’s taste them from one side. We will leave the settlement for our monkey ally.”

“You’re right. Let’s go, everyone!”

It was said that the dormitory building of honorable chivalric order was filled with pandemonium-like screams that night.

Originally, in a major incident where the heart of the chivalric order, the national army, was invaded, the offender must be subjugated with the banner of the army’s honor.

However, the incident didn’t become public because the victims were tight-lipped. 

But it was said that in the Fifth Division, an unwritten rule of “Never touch the Duchess of d’la Love” had been followed even more strictly than military rules.