Translation We Dwell at the Base of the Dragon’s Peak

81.2 Inside a Locked Room

“Niina, even now Ernea-kun seems to be trying to deceive us, wa.”
“Yuffie-onee-sama, Ernea-kun seems to be trying to deceive us, wa.”

Umumu, it’s like they’re seeing straight through me.

I accept the situation and admit knowing about the dragon spear.

“Ernea-kun can use dragon techniques?”
“Onii-sama said Ernea-kun can use them, wa.”
Eetto, who is this onii-sama of yours?”
“Can Ernea-kun use them?”
“Ernea-kun can use them, right?”

The twin ojou-sama don’t seem to have heard my question. Instead, they brim with excitement as they hold my hands and happily stare at me from atop of the bed.

“Dragon techniques?  Yeah, but only just a bit.”

Looks like the fact that I can use dragon techniques has been exposed to the twin ojou-sama. But even with that said, I don’t think there is any need to talk about Old Sleigstar or the Dragon Forest.

“Could you perhaps be familiar with Gild-sama of the North?”
“That gentleman, he too is a mysterious person capable of using dragon techniques.”

Hearing them mention Gild-san’s name surprises me. At the same time, I’m convinced that the twin ojou-sama do not know his true identity. If they did, they wouldn’t have referred to him as something like a mysterious person. He isn’t a mysterious person, he is a dragon king of the Dragon Tribesmen. Although, that’s his former title now.

That’s when something occurs to me. I spent the end of last year having matches at Gild-san’s place, and that place is close to the northern ramparts and fortress. I might have been spotted from the top of the walls. Someone with good eyesight could probably pull something like that off. I can’t deny the possibility of someone maybe seeing me during that time.

“I received teaching from that very same Gild-san.”

I make a small lie. While my true master is Old Sleigstar, the guardian dragon of the Dragon Forest, explaining I learned dragon techniques from him would be a bit problematic. Hence them knowing Guild-san is just perfect.  That is how I explain it to the twin ojou-sama to avoid raising their suspicions.

“So you are Gild-sama’s disciple.”
“So that is how you learned the path of dragon techniques.”

Apparently, they seem to have accepted my explanation. I sigh out while patting my chest in relief.

“So, I wonder how many techniques it is you can use?”
“You stopped our Boisterous Dragon Spear Dance, wa.”
“You also looked like you teleported, wa.”
“You spoke with that magical beast, wa.”

Right, now how do I lie about this?
I desperately try to come up with a lie.

Deceiving the twin ojou-sama is painful, but I seriously can’t tell them the truth. These two in particular, if I tell them, I’m afraid they would joyfully sneak into the Dragon Forest.

The first princess, Yufeilia, and the second princess, Niina, these two give me the impression of having wild personalities.

Eetto, I can only strengthen my body a little.”

Ristia and the others all already saw me strengthen my body during the magic sword incident at the ruins, so there is no point in hiding that here.

“The dragon spear of your two esteemed selves was stopped by the magic beast. That magic beast is very strong.”
Ara ma, for our Boisterous Dragon Spear Dance to be stopped, isn’t that really terrifying?”
“For what reason did that magic beast come to the royal villa, I wonder?”
“To be honest, that magic beast is an important friend of mine.  He seems to have located me with a type of divination and then came… He is a really good guy.  He seriously doesn’t attack people.”

In truth, that great wolf magic beast used to chase me all over the Dragon Forest.

“Niina, Ernea-kun says a magic beast is an important friend.”
“Yuffie-nee-sama, Ernea-kun says a magic beast is an important friend.”

Yep, Yufeilia-sama and Niina-sama are totally twins. Their words and gestures are complete mirrors of each other. Incidentally, they look exactly the same to my eyes and are dressed with the same garments. I can’t tell them apart. It’s only because they call each other’s names when they talk that I barely know which is who.

“Ernea-kun came between us to help an important friend who is a magic beast.”
“Ernea-kun didn’t care about the danger and instead defended an important friend who is a magic beast.”
“Ye- yeah, that’s right.”

The twin ojou-sama become excited for some reason and approach me.

“Ernea-kun is a much kinder child than we heard, wa.”
“Ernea-kun is a much cuter child than we heard, wa.”

Then, I am once again crushed by the weight of their esteemed breast-sama.

Ahh, just why is this heaven such a hell?

“As expected, I’ve decided on this one, wa.”
“Yuffie-nee-sama, that’s unfair. I like this one too, wa.”
“In that case, let’s share between the two of us.”

Hieeehhh, just why in the world are these esteemed two ojou-sama assaulting me with their allure? Someone, save me! If not, then I’m going to end up losing myself!


In that desperate moment where I was reaching my breaking point, the door to the room is blown open. Bursting into the room are Ceries-sama and Ristia.

“Return Erneeaaaa!”

Furious, Ceries-sama rushes forward.
That is my first time seeing such a dreadful Ceries-sama approaching me.

Kyaa, Ceries, what are you doing?”
Kyaa, Ceries, how terrible, wa.”

Ceries-sama frees me from the vile clutches of the reluctant twin ojou-sama, no, from the evil esteemed chest-sama. Ristia follows up to shield me.

Onee-sama-kata, Ernea is an ordinary person. Please refrain from dragging him into something dangerous.”

Ceries-sama intimidates the twin ojou-sama by placing her hands on her waist. 

“How cruel, wa. Even though we were just doing something nice with Ernea-kun.”
“How cruel, wa. Even though we were just playing something fun with Ernea-kun.”
“You got carried away.”

The despondent twin princesses-sama try to act innocent, but are shut down by Ceries-sama 

Saa, Ernea, this place is getting dangerous, so let’s go somewhere else.”
“I will go without complaint.”

Ristia whispers that into my ear as Ceries-sama takes the lead to leave the room.

“That’s fine, we won’t tell Ceries about Ernea-kun’s charm, wa.”
Fufun, we won’t tell Ceries about Ernea-kun’s good points, wa.”

With the twin ojou-samas’ peeved voices at our backs, we leave that room behind.

“I- I’m safe.”

Truthfully, I am a bit regretful, but being rescued was the correct answer. If that had continued without Ceries-sama and Ristia coming to rescue me, I have no doubt it would have become a major problem.

“My apologies. My onee-sama-kata are awfully whimsical ladies.”
Ahaha, I don’t think they are too bad, though.”

Ceres-sama stares at Ristia who makes a wry grin.

Ha ha ha ha ha.” I can only make a dry laugh.

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