I was Invited to the Wedding of Former Fiancé Despite my Engagement Being Annulled. I Couldn’t Refuse, so my Brother’s Friend Accompany Me Translation

18. The Battle Begins

As Count Orfels’ mansion drew near, I became nervous.

That day, I was dressed in the most beautiful way possible.

…But, I didn’t think I overdid it. After all, the necklace and the earrings were the only accessories on my person. Not to mention, the makeup was done so skillfully, I looked like an entirely different person.

Thanks to the expensive cream, my skin was clear. However, nothing could be done about the shape of my fingers which were rugged due to various tasks.

Besides, I had done all kinds of farm work and horse riding—as such, I had a lot of muscles.

Among the aristocratic ladies, my shoulders were the sturdiest.

…Moreover, as it was, I was as tall as the average man.

…At that rate, I’d just stand out.

“Lucia, right now, you’re overthinking things, aren’t you?”


I honestly nodded.

It wasn’t like I could deceive him.

Phil had guessed everything, already.

“Do you feel out of place?”

I averted my gaze.

Beyond the window of the carriage was a beautiful cityscape. At its corner were various aristocratic mansions.

“Do you doubt Tiana’s ability? She’s quite famous in the royal palace for her make-up skill. The dress also looks good on you. Tiana chose your outfit with utmost consideration, so you won’t stand out.”


I knew that Tiana did her best.

I was sure that I was the pretties I had ever been… still.

“Don’t you think that I’m too tall?”

Phil sighed softly.

“Hey, who do you think your escort is? I’m taller than you. My body is trained, as well. Since I was a child, I’ve honed my escorting techniques. As long as you’re by my side, you’ll be the most beautiful queen amongst the guests.”

Phil reached out towards me and lightly pinched my chin.

He then lifted my face and looked straight at me.

“Hold your back straight, raise your face, and just look ahead. That’s all you need to be beautiful. Do you understand?”


I was still at a loss, but in the end, I just nodded.

The carriage slowed as it passed through a magnificent gate.

We appeared to have arrived at the mansion of Count Orfels.

Phil withdrew his hand and proceeded to tidy his silver hair once again.

“Now that we’ve arrived, the battle has finally begun.”

He muttered as both corners of his lips raised.

Phil’s expression was terribly fierce, as if he was going onto an actual battlefield. At the same time, he looked immensely beautiful. I couldn’t help but stare at him.

On the other hand, I also felt that his thoughts were somewhere far away.

The carriage had stopped.

Before I could stand up, Phil tapped my shoulder and stood up first to open the door.

Phil casually alighted from the carriage.

The aristocrats who were walking together abruptly halted and turned their gazes towards us.

They were fixated on the carriage for some reason.

“U, uh, I can feel everyone’s gaze…”

“Is that so? Lucia, you can take my hand.”

Looking back, Phil showed his usual smile.

As I slowly descended the steps of the carriage, he extended his hand. I had almost jumped out due to my usual habit. I quickly regained my composure and took Phil’s hand.

I gently stepped down the stairs.

When my feet reached the ground, I felt relieved.

I was able to get off safely without stepping on the hem of my dress. Thus, the first trial had come to a conclusion.

Next, I had to move to the venue where the wedding would be held…


While holding hands with Phil, I looked around.

All the aristocrats were looking at us. Everyone looked astonished.

What happened?

…What are they looking at?

“Let’s go.”

“O, okay…”

Phil laughed happily.

When I nodded reflexively, Phil started walking with my hand in his.

Phil’s hand felt very warm.

I felt shy, and had the urge to release his hand. However, despite the fact that he was casually holding my hand, I couldn’t seem to let go.

Is this one of his escort techniques?

When I was escorted by my own brother, I didn’t seem to experience that…

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