His Highness the Crown Prince Knelt and Begged, “Please Don’t Abandon our Engagement!” Translation

15.2 What I’m Capable of

“Your Highness shall be executed here as a rebel.”

His Highness and I froze—

Rebel? Execution?

That shouldn’t be. His Highness wasn’t trying to incite a rebellion.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s true or not. His Highness Alexander attempted to revolt against the kingdom and appealed the Viscount of Kholmogory’s help. However, the loyal viscount refused, and on the contrary, killed him on the spot. If I prepare such a scenario and report it to the royal capital, I’ll be able to gain merit. The people in the royal capital also want to frame His Highness—and I have connections with some of them. With this, I’ll be rewarded, and even be granted a title!”

“…Through such treachery, the viscount’s territory will not be enrichened.”

In that life-threatening situation, His Highness, whose face was deep blue, still tried to argue.

However, George just smiled.

“Who cares about that? Whether the serfs suffer or the miners die, it has nothing to do with me.”

I had a bad feeling. We seemed to have met with the worst sort of person.

Surrounded by soldiers, we couldn’t escape. Anastasia had a crying face. I had the feeling that there was what Anastasia wanted to warn us about.

What should I do?

If nothing were to be done, His Highness would be killed.

Such an end… I absolutely couldn’t let that happen.

His Highness needed me. His Highness wanted to be with me to the point he knelt. His Highness said he loved me.

I won’t let him get killed.

We had just come to the territory of Arkhangelsk.

To develop the territory, we could hardly behave like a couple…

…We still had more we wanted to do together.

His Highness said that he’d protect me no matter what. I also wanted to help His Highness, no matter how difficult it was—or even if it’d even cost me my life.

Then, what could I do in the current situation…?

I was sure there was something I could do.

His Highness was trembling. He knew that we were about to die.

He kneeled to George and pleaded to him.

“You can kill me… but please let Alisa live.”

“Don’t worry. I won’t kill the daughter of the Duke of Tchaikovsky. I’m not going to turn that influential aristocrat into an enemy. Besides, she’s the sister of Prince Mikhail’s fiancée.”

George said that and unsheathed the sword on his waist.

Perhaps, he had intended to kill His Highness as it was.

However, when I heard George’s words, I realized something important.

I stood in front of George in an attempt to shield His Highness.

Then, I spread my hands.

George eyed me warily.

“What are you doing?”

“Over my dead body.”

“Didn’t I just say it? I won’t kill you.”

“That’s right, if I die, it’ll be a big problem for the Duke of Tchaikovsky. My father may not love me, but still, for his daughter to be killed by a mere viscount… Do you think he’ll just stay silent afterwards?”

It was a matter of face for a house. If I died there, my father would surely retaliate.

One of the most influential dukes in the kingdom whose son-in-law was the crown prince, Mikhail. If he were to turn such a presence into an enemy, the viscount’s territory would be erased from the map.

The faction that wanted to eliminate the first prince wouldn’t dare to protect George after that.

Which meant George couldn’t kill me. If I were to risk my life and protect His Highness, George wouldn’t be able to kill him, either.

Because if he were to kill me, the viscount family would be over.

George thought of the implication behind my words and turned blue.

I stared straight at George, unrelenting.

“If you try to kill only His Highness, then it’s useless. Once you do that, I will kill myself. What meaning is there in remaining alive in the world without His Highness? It’ll just be meaningless.”

His Highness needed me, and I willingly went with him to the frontier.

For the first time, I felt like my life had meaning.

His Highness gave someone like me, someone who had always been a tool for political marriage, meaning. It was impossible for me to be the only one alive without him.

If I committed suicide there, George would be suspected of murdering me.

The viscount family—or rather, George, would be ruined.

I turned towards His Highness. He was staring at me.

Finally, he mumbled.

“Alisa… you’re really strong…”

“If I’m strong, it’s because of His Highness.”

When I smiled, His Highness whispered, “Thank you.”

“I’ve always had a grudge against God. Everything about me is inferior to Mikhail, as such, I have a grudge against Him. But… He has given me an opportunity to meet the best fiancée in the world, which is Alisa… just like that, my resentment towards Him has been blown away.”

“Your Highness is exaggerating.”

I smiled a little. His Highness shook his head and made a gentle expression.

“It isn’t. In this world, nothing is more important to me than Alisa.”

I was the happiest I had ever been when I heard that.

I was… helping His Highness. I was able to keep my vow.

After smiling at His Highness, I turned towards George once again.

I fiercely glared at the sinner who attempted to murder His Highness.

“Sir George, whether or not you want to kill His Highness and me and ruin yourself along the way, or choose another path, the decision is in your hands!”


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